Power Outage

The time for desperate measures had come.

Jenn flicked the breakers, cutting off the electricity. The basement went black for just a moment before she flicked on her flashlight.

There. That ought to do the trick.

She was tired of all her husband’s attention being devoted to the computer. Adam’s work obsessed him. She was glad he liked his job, but enough was enough. They had the perfect opportunity to have some time together and she wasn’t wasting it.

She walked up the stairs, quiet as she could. The recent two-foot snow had stranded the kids at Grandma’s the past three days and prevented Adam from going into the office. It was past time they took advantage of the situation.

This sort of freezing cold, snowy weather called for one thing. Snuggling under the blankets. Warming each other.  She was going have it. No matter what devious measures she had to take.

His booming, angry voice was the first thing she heard as she stepped into the kitchen. “What happened to the power?”

“I suppose there’s ice on the lines. It happens,” she purred with innocence as she walked into his dark office. Sitting at his desk, he stared at the screen as if waiting for a miracle.

She placed the flashlight upright on his desk so it illuminated the room. Kissing the back of his head, she brushed her face across his dark short hair. She remembered when they’d gotten married. His hair had been so long. He would dangle it across her chest, trailing it across her belly, tickling her.

But things change.

She kneaded the tight muscles in his back and shoulders. “Adam, you’re tense.”

“I have a lot of work to do.” He leaned into her massage.

“You do.” She spun his chair around and stared into his eyes. “But not on the computer.”

“Oh?” Raising his thick, dark eyebrows, he questioned her with his sparking hazel eyes.

She ran her hand along his jaw. Stubble prickled the tender skin on her palms. Since he hadn’t gone to work, he hadn’t shaved the past few days. But she liked him this way, gruff and manly. She wanted to feel those coarse whiskers rubbing the tender skin on her thighs as he gave her head.

She licked her lips and pouted. “Your wife is neglected. The power’s out and you can’t work. Give her some attention.”

“Ahh.” His sexy, lopsided smile teased her.

Grabbing his head, she pulled it forward to nuzzle her breasts. His fingers found the buttons to her blue cotton shirt, and undid them. Shrugging off the top, she reached around and unsnapped her bra.

Adam cupped them, bringing her nipples to his mouth. Suckling them, her ran his hands down her spine. Sensation rippled through her, and desire wet her sex. She straddled his lap. The office chair creaked under their combined weight.

“Let’s break this chair.” Reaching behind her head, she yanked her hair from the ponytail. Long blond silky strands fell across her shoulders and into his face.

“You naughty, naughty woman,” he murmured with a deep laugh. Slapping her ass, he lifted her and set her on the plush carpet of the office floor. With deft fingers, he stripped away both their pants.

Jenn lifted her hips for him. With one hard thrust, he drove into her. She bucked against him, forcing him to ram in and out of her. They screwed like they hadn’t in months. Hard. Fast. Needy.

Her body writhed with ecstasy. Heat spread through her sex as it convulsed. Squeezing her pussy muscles, she rammed against him. An orgasm ravaged her body, shaking it with intense pleasure.

Adam followed her lead, jerking inside her as he came. When he finished, he rolled off her, cuddling her in her arms.

Jenn nuzzled against him, changing her mind. She had planned to flip the breakers on once she got what she wanted. But now that she thought about it, maybe she wasn’t done.

A little grin spread on her face. So long as she could keep him from calling the electric company, it was staying out.

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