Forgiveness and Healing in the Marriage Bed

We had argued. Or rather, I had gotten offended when Stacey expressed her opinion to me. She didn’t mean to make me upset, to hurt

By: Wendy

me, but that didn’t stop the burning in my heart.

The subject doesn’t matter – we all go through those moments – but the hurt was real.

We had been sitting in bed. I had been thinking all day about being with her, wanting her. She knew I had been. We’d retreated to bedroom to be with each other. Now the moment felt shattered.

My anger flared and – spiteful – I turned away. I bit my tongue, not wanting to lash out at her, knowing that would make it worse. But I couldn’t turn off what I was feeling.

I sat on the edge of the bed – alone – even though she was in the room with me. She knew I was upset. She let me rest. Not intruding; waiting; letting me cool.

Then, she slid her leg across to mine, her toes rubbing the outside of my thigh and hip, caressing me slowly.

My thoughts tangled at the touch. It surprised me. Then, it stoked my anger.

I’ll explain.

Stacey has always been opposed to the idea of “make-up sex.”  It is important to her that our times of intimacy be in moments of happiness and peace. I think she feels that being together when there have been emotions of anger would cheapen the experience, make it about base, carnal flesh instead of a moment of true union between souls. She insists on space, time, before we are intimate.

Now, here she is, reaching out to me when I’m angry. It felt…insulting.

How many times had I reached out to her in similar fashion only to be rebuffed? Why was it suddenly okay, now, when I was the hurt party? As if I could just forget and turn “on” for her? How could she? How dare she? She’s never been willing to let me approach her when the situations have been reversed, always carrying the grudge.

My pride rose and I could see my chance to return what I’d received. I shifted, opening my mouth to speak. I had the words all prepared, cold and harsh.

And then, a moment, a pause. As though the sun peaked through the clouds for the briefest instant. As my Heavenly Father gave me clarity. I felt light enter.

I could see the work of my enemy, laying a snare for me. Placing a wedge to drive us apart. Temping me to settle the score, to get even. It was all there. Plain — obvious, really.

But, but! part of me spluttered, trying not to loose traction, It’s only fair! You shouldn’t have to be the one to give in.

Your wife wants sex, the most practical part of me responded, Why would you ever turn that down?

I could almost feel the angel and demon sitting on my shoulders.

And into that gap, the peace of His Spirit spoke. Calm flooded into me. It soothed the pain, becoming a balm to my soul.

I reached out and caught her foot in my hand. The warmth of her skin under my palm breaking the last of the dam.

I breathed out, letting the tension drop away. I climbed closer to her, my hand running up her leg. I leaned over, dropping down to kiss her upturned lips – lightly at first and then passionately.

My cock stirred in my pants. I could see why people put so much stock in the idea of make-up sex. The sudden flip of emotions, desire mixing with adrenaline, was almost overpowering.

Now, she pulls me down onto her, pushes my head away from hers, pressing me to her breast. My fingers scrabble, pulling her shirt up, exposing her naked tit. I kiss, lick, suck, and suckle – nipple and areola and all over.

She moans, whispering my name. My hand snakes down her panties to her warm lips. She reaches into my boxer-briefs, capturing my hardening rod.

I slide my fingers down into her furrow, feeling the touch of her damp panties on my knuckles. The last touches of my anger evaporate as I find her wetness, the slick smooth or her pussy-juice coating my fingertips. I draw the wet up to the hard nub of her clit, flicking lightly, then return to dip and draw more from her well.

Over and over I go, until all of her vulva is lubricated. Making my middle finger stiff, pointed down while the others point away, I run it down the cleft of her mound. It slides over the top of her clit, the tip just barely entering the entrance pussy, teasing her with the promise of penetration.

Her hips thrust up to meet my hand, my palm slapping onto her trimmed bush.

She strokes my cock, pulling tight and releasing, dropping her hand down to massage my balls. I strain and thrust against her, the head of my cock trapped between her arm and my abdomen.

Rational and irrational thought are gone. The moment is for us.

She pulls her hand out of my pants and shoves her panties down. I rise,  removing my remaining clothes quickly. Positioning myself between her legs, my cock pulses as I see her opening to me.

She hooks her heels into my hips, drawing me closer.

As the tip of my manhood touches the warm embrace of her femininity, I shudder in the sudden realization of our unity. Of being one. Where only moments before we were separated – physically, emotionally, spiritually – now we join.

I’m not normally one to get religious while making love, but the events of this evening were too powerful and direct to ignore. I was being taught the healing power love. Though different in its expression, the same love as my Savior had for me.

In my heart, I cried out my thanks as I entered my wife.

I slide in, slowly pumping and feeling her pussy grip me in response. I look down on her. Her eyes are heavy lidded, each stroke eliciting a small “o” from her lips. She places her hands on my chest, squeezing my pecs as hang above her. Her tits rise and fall with each thrust.

Deeper I drive, crushing my hips down onto hers so that the base of my cock rubs against her clit.

“Ohhh! Go honey, go!”

Her back starts to arch and she rocks her hips in time with my thrusts. Her fingers find and twist my nipples, yanking to try and force me to climax.

“Yes, yes! Ohh, yes. Go, go!”

I feel her spasm around me as she cums hard on my cock.

The extra tightness of her pussy and her squeals of delight draw me to the edge and I cascade over. My cock twitches in her, spraying my white cream all over inside of her.

“Uh!” I gasp, straining to bury my sword in her sheath, my sperm flowing into her.

Three more spurts course through my loins and then I am spent.

I collapse on top of her. My cock slowly deflates and I feel it pop from her.

I bask in the afterglow of our climax together. But also in the sweetness and humility of having been taught.

I know it was only one moment in the many millions that have been and are yet to come, but I am so grateful that I chose to be with my precious wife instead of following my fear and anger. That I chose to step closer to being one rather than choosing to be apart. I am so thankful that I could feel the power of healing and forgiveness that night.

Men, go to your wives. Hold them. Tell them you love and cherish them. Any hurt or pain that you may be harboring, give it up to Him and choose to be with the one you love.

Women, go to your husbands. Kiss them, squeeze them tight. Speak of your happiness with them, of the joy you find in them. Give up any irritation, sadness, or grief to Him and be with the one you have chosen.

Our love is precious.

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12 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Youngheart, what a well articulated testimony of what (I’m sure) many of us have experienced. You put it so clearly! I agree that we should do our best to resolve issues as best we can – having short sin accounts with our spouses. But, sometimes we find ourselves in bed without every “t” being crossed, and every “I” dotted. To have a standard that “we will not be sexually intimate until ALL is resolved” does not have to be seen as the standard.

    Many times, we have found that our sexual intimacy has helped to melt our hearts in a way that aids us to have “pillow talk” to complete our repentance or bring final resolve. Thus, verbal communication is not necessarily the most ultimate aspect of our marriage – just as sex is not necessarily the most ultimate aspect of our marriage. We have many aspects to married life and God works in us in ways that they all seem to wonderfully fit together in HIs sovereign hand.

    So, sometimes it seems to be His plan that verbal, communicative resolve comes before sexual intimacy. Other times, out spouse’s touch leads to sexual intimacy – which leads to verbal resolve. Either way, God is faithful to wrap a nice bow on the whole process and bring full reconciliation.

    He sure put a nice “bow” on your recent situation. What a blessing! Thanks again.

    • youngheart says:

      Agreed all around. There was a lot that both of us learned and I’m grateful we had this chance to find a new way to work through the differences that we felt.

      What I love is that He finds a way to teach us regardless of the paths we choose. Even though I had let myself become angered, He knew what would get through to me and in this case it was physical. Other times we have to reach peace with each other first.

      To Gina’s point, we have the no angry to bed rule too, but on our case that had only ever meant for sleep. We’ve not ever really used the other bed use. Now hopefully this will loosen things up a bit.

    • hornyGG says:

      Good for you youngheart! Go to bed angry, odds are no sex often happens. Besides there is nothing like make up sex! God bless.

    • youngheart says:

      Yeah, I can testify of the intensity of make-up sex – taking all that energy and channeling it into something edifying instead of being destructive.

      Enjoy the holiday season – Merry Christmas!

  2. doctemp2 says:

    Nicely done Youngheart! Its so important not to go to bed angry–even Jesus taught about not doing so. Thanks for sharing such an honest story of love, forgiveness and marital intimacy. Kay & K

    • youngheart says:

      Thanks for the comment. It was definitely good for me to be reminded of the importance of humbling myself and the experience helped to fix it in my mind, a touchstone to come back to whenever I’ve let my temper loose.

      Have a Merry Christmas and a sexy New Year!

  3. Blondie says:

    What a great story, youngheart! Totally loved how you wrote of your authentic thought processes on it.

    I wrote a story similar to this one called “Argument Sex” awhile back lol Josh and I know how much better it is to make love and not war!

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    • hornyGG says:

      Yep, and I believe I wrote a story called. ” Make Love Not War” a while back. I believe most if not all couples can relate to this story. God bless! BTW, haven’t read a story of yours yet Blondie that I have not enjoyed. Here!

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