Bakery Fun

I should start off by introducing my wife and I.  We are both in our mid 30″s, fairly conservative, we have been married for almost 15 years and we have 4 children.  I have been very fortunate to have a wife that has given the last 15 years of her life to her family.  My wife cooks, cleans, helps the kids with their homework and does so many other things that I can”t even begin to describe.  Not only is she an awesome mother but she is an even better wife.  I find her to be the sexiest creature on the planet.

About a year ago my wife approached me and said that she would like to get out of the house for a few hours everyday and start working somewhere to help pay some of the bills.  After a lot of prayer we decided that this was a good idea and within a week she found something that she always wanted.  My wife loves to bake and is very, very good at it.  It turns out that the local bakery was up for sale and she wanted us to buy it.  She had been so awesome over the last 15 years with helping me to live my dreams at work that I decided to help her live dreams as well now.  Three months later all of the paperwork was signed, the store was renovated and we were open for business.  The next 6 months were a whirlwind of activity and were going very well but for one major item.

Our intimate times that used to be 2-3 times per week were now down to 2 times per month but we really did not have a lot of time to talk about it.  We finally got a chance a couple of weeks ago to talk and my wife apologized to me and promised to make it up to me.  I wasn”t upset with her at all but I appreciated her thinking about me as well when she was so busy.  All I have to say is that she definitely made it up to me last Friday but things did not go exactly as she had planned.  My wife always works late on Friday nights and I usually go down to the store at about 8pm after the store closes to help her finish cleaning up and close the store.

Last Friday as it turns out I was running behind with some errands at home so I did not get down to the store until about 8:30.  When I got to the store I was surprised that the door was not locked yet as the store should have closed 30 minutes before.  I locked the door behind me and put the closed sign out and then I heard my wife”s voice asking if it was me.  I said yes and then went to the kitchen.  As soon as I opened the door to the kitchen my wife was all over me.  She passionately kissed me and pushed me up against the counter in the kitchen.  It was when she started to undo my pants that I realized that she was already almost naked!

She still had her full length baking apron on but she had nothing else on at all.  I was about to ask her what had gotten into her but thought better of it when she took my quickly hardening shaft into her mouth.  She sucked me into her mouth and began using her left hand to fondle my testicles.  I held her head in my hands while she was doing this and directed what speed she should be going.  I also noticed that she had her right hand between her own legs and was pleasuring herself at the same time.  I could not believe how turned on my wife was.  This attitude was completely unlike her.  She is a great lover but she is generally very conservative and quiet when we make love.  After a few minutes of sucking on me my wife stood up, took off her apron and then sat on the counter, spread her legs and literally begged me fill her up.  I went over to her and entered her slowly with my hard shaft.  She then looked me in the eyes and told me she needed me to “fuck” her hard.

I was stunned by this point because I had never heard my wife use that word before but I wasn”t about to not grant her wish.  I grabbed onto her hips and thrust in as hard as I could.  For the next 5 minutes we had the most intense lovemaking session that we have ever had.  I finally got to the point that I could feel my orgasm coming on.  I told my wife that I would be coming soon and that seemed to send her over the edge.  I could feel the  walls in her vagina clamp down on my shaft as she came which caused me also to come with her.

We caressed each other for a few minutes before I finally asked her what had made her so excited.  She turned a little red with embarrassment and told me that she had a confession to make.  She said that she had been planning a special night for us for the last week or so.  Her plan was to have the entire store closed and cleaned up by the time that I usually got there at 8 pm to help her and she was planning on meeting me at the door naked and bringing me to the back of the bakery to her office for a slow lovemaking session.  I asked her what caused her to change her plans.  She laughed a little and told me that everything was going as planned and at 8 pm she went to her office and stripped off her clothes.

About two minutes later she heard the door to the store open and assuming it was me she went to go out into the main part of the store.  She said that just as she was turning the corner she looked up and saw the back of a man that was looking at the cakes that she had in the store cooler and she knew it was not me!  She scrambled back around the corner and looked for something to put on.  She couldn”t go back to the office because there is an open window that is in between the kitchen and store that she would have to walk in front of in order to get back to the office.  She finally saw her long apron laying on a chair that she quickly grabbed and put on.  When she had this on you can”t tell if she has clothes on or not.  She usually only wears a tank top and a pair of shorts under it since it is so warm in the store from the ovens.  The difference was this time that she could not turn around or the man would be able to see that she was naked.  She said she took a deep breath and went behind the counter to ask the man if he needed help.

She giggled again when she told me that he took a cake from the cooler and asked her if she could quickly write something on it for him with icing.  She took his order and walked backwards with the cake into the kitchen to finish his order.  As she put the icing on the cake she looked up at him and through the window and noticed that he was looking at her like he knew something was different but did not know what it was.  She said she finally finished the cake and then brought it back out for him.  He then paid for it and wished her a good night.  She then told me that without even thinking she said thank you, watched him walk towards the door and then she turned around to go back into the kitchen.

It was when she turned that she heard him cough a little and then ask if she had any birthday candles for the cake.  She said that she turned and looked over her shoulder at him and then realized that he was looking right at her.  He could now see her entire naked back side.  My wife quickly turned around, picked up the candles from behind the counter and handed them to the man.  The man just looked at her and said, “WOW!”.  My wife said thank you again to him and told him that this was not the usual dress code for the business.  He then laughed as well and wished her a good night and left.

My wife said that for some reason showing herself by accident to the man had really turned her on and that he had just left before I had come in the door.  She asked me what I thought.  Was I mad at her?  I smiled and told her I loved her.  I then took her hand and wrapped it back around my shaft that was getting harder again and asked her if I seemed mad.  She just smiled at me and we began another fantastic lovemaking session.

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