The Massage

I lead you outside by the hand; you kneel, then lie face-down on a bed of soft while towels I have laid on the warm stone of the patio. Your strong, nude body is already glistening slightly with sweat on this warm day. I am also nude; the sun feels good on my back and shoulders, the slight, warm breeze feels good all over my body —  especially my breasts, free of their workday restrictions, as I stretch my arms to the sky, then relax.

I set the massage oil down beside you, then straddle you, my legs slightly touching yours, to work on your back first. Your warm skin feels so good as I spread the oil across your shoulders and back; your muscles feel strong under my fingertips as I begin stroking, and they begin to soften slightly to my touch.

My hands glide down to your lower back, then up your ribcage, to your neck and back down as I finish working on your back. The slight smile on your face tells me I’m doing a good job. I turn around, still kneeling and straddling, to work on your ass and legs. I like doing this part this way; sometimes with the long strokes, my nipples will brush your body as I stretch out. I work the oil into your tight, yet soft cheeks, squeezing and stretching the skin, smoothing and caressing, pressing harder from the tops of your thighs downward.

I sit up on my heels and raise first one leg, then the other to work on your feet. I kiss and nibble your toes, and bring your feet to my breasts, massaging them, using your toes to play with my nipples as a wave of pleasure surges through me.

You slowly turn over, and I drink in the sight of you, tanned, lean, relaxed. I run my fingers lightly through the hair on your chest and you smile, your eyes closed. Your penis lies stretched across the lower part of your belly, not fully erect but beginning to grow, its color deepening.

I straddle you again and gently massage your forehead and face with my fingertips, tracing your lips, spreading my fingers to glide down your neck. I work my way down your strong arms, kissing the palm of each hand when I finish.

I cup more oil in my hands and begin to massage your chest, first lightly, then deeply; I know you like this. As I work, I feel, through my fingers and through the other parts of my body resting against yours, some of your muscles softening and relaxing, others flexing and become harder. With the work and the sun’s heat, I’m beginning to sweat; I brush the hair from my eyes and a few drops fall on you.

I swing around and work on your legs, as I did when you were on your back. I take long, deep strokes along your thighs, my fingers gliding across your pelvis on the return stroke, my right hand grazing your penis.

I finish your legs, then kneel beside you and bless you with long, slow strokes, all the way up and down your body as it shines in the sun with an almost golden glow. You look wonderful. You feel incredible. You smell amazing. I love you so much. I need you. Your eyes are still closed; I reach between my legs, glide my fingers along my labia and bring the juices to my breasts, lightly massaging. My eyes close now, too, for a moment, and I arch my head back.

I reach for the other bottle this time — the flavored lube, the caramel cream that goes so good with the taste of you. It’s warm, slippery and aromatic. Still kneeling beside you, I gently cup your balls with my right hand, drawing my fingers lightly up toward the base of your penis, then back behind your balls along the perineum, my middle finger teasing the opening beyond, circling it. You moan and draw one leg up slightly, opening more space between your legs.

I support myself beside you on one elbow and keep playing with your balls, then your penis, with the other, using my fingers along the sides, then running my palm gently across your balls and upward along the bottom of the stiffening shaft. I reach between my legs again and add some of my own nectar to the lube, the aromas mingling and rising in the heat. I reach down again, and this time bring my fingers to your lips. Your eyes are still closed and it’s a surprise; you envelop my fingers with your lips, you suck and lick, you smile.

I raise from my reclining position and swing one leg over your body, my face directly over your manhood, my sweaty hair dangling beside my face. I play with the hair, swirling it around your penis, balls and belly. You smell wonderful. You draw up your knees slightly, letting your balls hang loose between your legs, your penis, fully erect, stretching up and back toward me.

I take your shaft in my right hand and bring it toward my face. It’s warm, and though it’s rock-hard it’s soft at the same time. I hold it against my cheek; I can feel the blood pulsing through it.

I dip my tongue into the small slit at the end, tasting a clear, salty bead of pre-cum. I swirl my tongue around the head, then up and down the sides. I bend farther forward and do the same to your balls, swirling my tongue, playing with their crinkly softness, sucking slightly. Even with my head between your legs, I can hear your heavy breathing, your sighs, your moans. I lower my body a little so it’s touching yours, and I can feel your chest rise and fall deeply against my belly.

My pussy is directly in front of your face now, as I continue to lick and suck. And I soon feel your tongue — your unmistakable, sensitive, strong tongue — exploring its lips, dipping inside, lapping lightly along my perineum as you grip my ass, spreading it so that you can explore more deeply. My own body becomes tense as my breathing becomes harder, deeper, rougher; you feel the heat of my breath between your legs, on your manhood.

You begin to buck and writhe on the soft towels as I begin to suck your cock deeply, rhythmically. Your grip becomes tighter; I feel your entire face between my legs, creating so many different sensations as you revel in my sex. I’m wet for you; it’s all because of you… I raise my head and arch my back. I’m coming….Aaaahhhhhh…….Ahhhhhhh…… Mmmmmmmm……

After my orgasms I feel the gentle after play of your tongue, then it parts from my pussy, for now. I dive back between your legs for real, using my hands and mouth together. Now it’s your turn. You start to move beneath me again, moaning, gasping, crying out. My mouth fills with the smooth, salty, tangy taste of your cum, accented with the caramel of the lube. My lips milk the last of it from your penis with long strokes. I let some of it escape my mouth and coat your penis again, then suck and lick it off again — first soulfully, then playfully as your erection fades. I lie limp atop you for a few moments; both of us spent, we play gently with each other in the sun.

I raise my body, turn and lie atop you so I can see your face once again. We caress each others’ face, we smile, we whisper loving words. We thank God for each other and his incredible gift of sex.

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