A few weeks ago Hopeful Wifey returned from the gym. She gave me a big kiss as we hadn’t seen each other since the night before. This was because, by the time I woke up that morning, she was already gone for work and after work she had gone to the gym.

I had just tucked my son in for the night and was playing with my phone on the bed. Wifey sat next to me and was drinking her usual post workout shake. She felt sticky from working all day and then going to the gym, so she wanted to take a shower. She undressed in front of me, and I couldn’t help staring at her butt. It looked so much more voluptuous than I remembered. I commented on her perky ass, and she said thanks with a mischievous grin.

I couldn’t honestly concentrate on what I was looking at on my phone because I kept thinking about her ass. So I started jerking off to the thought of what I wanted to do to her butt, visions of squeezing it, smacking it, and riding it were running through my mind. I must have gotten lost in my visions because next thing I knew I felt my wife’s mouth around my dick. When I opened my eyes, she looked up at me again with that mischievous grin and kept sucking. I told her to come up so we could 69 because I had a taste for her pussy. She giggled and placed her pussy right on my face and went back to sucking.

I grabbed her ass and started sucking on her pussy hard. She was wet, and it made me even more excited. I let out a load in her mouth, and she just kept sucking and swallowing my juices. She finally stopped and said, “Oh baby, that was hot!” She then sat on my face and said, “Now you make me cum.”

I was surprised because my wife is more submissive and not the dominating one. I was turned on by my wife’s confidence.  I ate her out like never before which made her moan. She started talking dirty in Spanish saying, “Come mi chocha papi (for the non-Spanish speakers eat my pussy daddy). Te gusta cuando juego con mis tetas ( do you like when I play with my tits)?” I had a mouth full, so she got a muffled yes.
Wifey kept up the Spanish dirty talk till she came in my mouth.

She got off my face and asked if I liked the dirty talk in Spanish. I said yes, and I told her I wanted her doggy style so I could grab her ass. So she got on all fours and said come and get it papi. Wifey could tell that the dirty talk was turning me on so she completely switched to Spanglish (mixing Spanish and English). And as soon as I entered her she said, “Si papi, me gusta tu penga dura come on papi cum in my chocha.” All I could manage was grunts and moans till I came deep inside of her.

After we had finished, she thanked me for making her feel sexy and building her confidence over the last two years. We kissed and fell asleep.

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11 replies
  1. CMLove says:

    Loved it! Thank you so much for posting, Hopeful Hubby! It’s great to hear from you and your wife again, and witness the hot sex and deep love you share! What a beautiful gift from God! Are either of you Hispanic or Central American? Or do you both just enjoy Spanish dirty talk 😉 I ask because my husband is from Guatemala and I think he would pleasantly surprised if I spoke some dirty Spanish to him!

    • Hopeful Hubby says:

      Yes Cmlove we are both Hispanic I’m Puerto Rican and my wife is mexican. Im glad you enjoyed the story, I love when my wife talks dirty in spanish and I know your husband would love to hear you talk dirty in spanish too 🙂

  2. REY Sony says:

    Great!! Dirty talk is always an awesome spice for the recipe of an amazing love making! really enjoyed your writing Hopeful Hubby.. looking forward for more from you God Bless You both!!

    • Hopeful Hubby says:

      Jonathan it’s something I learned to do early on in my life to only let as much cum as I want, it took a lot of practice but I can now control my cum.

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