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Marriage Experiment Part 2

I just wanted to share that this following story was originally intended to be completed over six months ago but due to some unforeseen circumstances namely a death in my family, I just didn’t have the energy to complete this but I want to finish what I started because this was of great benefit to […]

Marriage Experiment Subject #1

Hello MH Readers, It’s been awhile since I have posted on this site, and since then I have been involved in an impromptu marriage experiment. I say impromptu as I never planned to do this, but instead, it came about after writing my last story Betrayal. I feel like this is an important topic for […]


Marriage Heat community, I just wanted to share this story and possibly open a discussion. Call me naïve, but I didn’t realize there were sites out there where you could share pics of your significant other in various states of undress. So recently a friend of mine was telling me about a co-worker we will […]


A few weeks ago Hopeful Wifey returned from the gym. She gave me a big kiss as we hadn’t seen each other since the night before. This was because, by the time I woke up that morning, she was already gone for work and after work she had gone to the gym. I had just […]

Staycation Part 1

So this story is written as a result of what happened in previous story Wife’s First Shave so please read this story first as some details in the following story may not make sense Recently wifey and I decided to take a vacation away from work but we just stood home and decided to just […]

Wife’s First Shave

The following are my wife’s words; I’m just typing as she recites the first time she shaved/trimmed her pussy (plus a confession that startled me). I wanted to surprise you with something new. I wasn’t always comfortable with how much hair I had down there. But I thought that you may not like it if […]

Friday Night Heat

So I was reading some of the stories I have posted on here with my wife. She pointed out that I never name her other than saying my wife, so we decided from now on to name her in all my stories. We decided to give her the name Hopeful Wifey to compliment my name. […]

Communication in Marriage is Key

I certainly can’t claim to be a marriage expert by any stretch, but in my 7 yrs of marriage I certainly can say that communication in marriage has always been what has helped my relationship with my wife. I can give you several examples, but the one that sticks out to me is how I […]

The Road to Discovery

I have written a couple of stories on this site already that have shown how my wife and I have had several firsts and explored our fantasies, but this has been a long road because my wife first had to overcome her own body image struggles. So lately when we have sex she is more […]

Going Down on Your Wife

So question for all the husbands and wives on going down on your wife. I saw a story on the site and few weeks ago asking the ladies how do they like to be eaten out. So my question is for both husbands and wives to have a open discussion on what we like as married […]