Going Down on Your Wife

So question for all the husbands and wives on going down on your wife. I saw a story on the site and few weeks ago asking the ladies how do they like to be eaten out. So my question is for both husbands and wives to have a open discussion on what we like as married couples for example I like when my wife let’s me eat her out and she kisses me after because I still have her juices all over my lips and she just licks it all off. So let’s hear from some other couples.

What is your favorite position going down on your wife?

Have you ever used any food to boost the experience?

Any techniques or tips you’d suggest to others to try on their wife?

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64 replies
  1. marty and melissa says:

    Eating your wife out in any shape or form has got to be one of man’s greatest pleasures . And what’s even more hornier for a hubby is your wife telling you she wants her pussy eaten . Am I right ? There’s no wrong way once all her sensitive spots have been totally explored and pleasured . . Is there anything else hornier than your wife grabbing your hair in pleasure and grinding your face into her wet wanting pussy mmm mmm mmm . And it’s true the more you give the more you get in return

  2. Jake+Cameron says:

    Well I don’t really have a favorite position, we just go with the flow and see what turns up depending on how into it we are. For food I do like trying to eat grapes out of Cameron’s mouth, and of course out of other fun places. 😉

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Dear Cameron’s Jake (I assume there are other Jakes out there in the MH community, so I thought I’d better be precise lol), I suppose with “other fun places” you mean your wife’s lovely place… I can’t picture how that would work… I can picture the belly button but how can you eat tiny grapes out of her lovely place? I get how they would go in but is it really possible to get them out again? Sorry if that is a totally newbie question 🙂

    • Jake+Cameron says:

      Hey P.F.C. sorry it has taken so long for me to see you comment. That is the fun part about it, it takes a lot of licking and sucking to get them out.

      And don't worry about the newbie questions they are always good questions to ask lol.

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Thanks Jake! You’re awesome! So I guess, when you hear the word grapejuice, a big grin probably pops up on your pretty face. 😉 lol

      Love and blessings to your sweet wife as well! 😀

    • CMLove says:

      Hahaha! Loved the idea about the grapes, Jake+Cameron! Will be trying that out soon! Passionate, your joke about grape juice had me laughing out loud! You’re hilarious! My husband and I grin secretly when anybody asks me if I want a banana because I sometimes practice sticking bananas down my throat in order to “stretch out” my esophagus to get his dick in as far as I can. Oh, the beauty of fruit!! God knew how much we would need it to spice up our sex lives LOL!!!!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Haha! CMLove, glad you enjoyed the word play too… made myself laugh big time as well when it popped up in my sexy mind 😀

      You are so right! I can tell you… since I seriously peeled a thick banana, picturing it to be a nicely-shaped manhood in my mind, and I began to kiss the tip of the banana, then I licked it (licking on purpose with pleasure, I might add… If I would have seen myself, I probably would have felt so weird. lol!), then I pushed it in slooooowwwly further and further, licking all around… figuring out, as I did the pushing, how to possibly handle the tongue and teeth… from that moment on, bananas just don’t look the same for me. 😉 Oh boy, the things I do for my future hubby! The things we all do for our beloved spouses and future spouses! lol

    • CMLove says:

      Hahahaha so true! Nevertheless, despite how odd “practice” may look or feel, the rewards are more than worth it! I’m sure your future love will be so thankful for the work you put into pleasing him!

  3. Double doms says:

    We both love oral sex. One thing that has helped with this is both of us being well groomed. I shave and my wife waxes (everything). I could spend a whole evening eatin her out after her waxing. My wife loves to lick me especially when I start leaking. Any position is great. 69 is better. You asked about food. A coulpe of weeks ago we rented a cabin in the woods. We use whipped cream and starwberries. The whipped cream was great for both of us. Nice cool feeling on her clit. Soon we had it all over us. Oh and ottoman or a sturdy coffee table is great position too.

  4. Madeleine 27 says:

    I like sitting on my husbands face or laying down on my back while his head is between my legs. As far as tips it has to make her feel good oral is definetly a learn in progress

    • HappilyMarriedGuy says:

      I wish my wife enjoyed being eaten out. She prefers fingering and penetration. I have eaten her pussy in the past, and I enjoyed it. However, she finds oral sex gross, no matter how much she cums and squirts all over my face. I hope to bring it up again to her soon!

  5. Wife lover says:

    Her setting on the side of the hot tub with one or both legs pulled up and eating her from behind while on all fours or a pillow under her stomach.

  6. Happy Husband says:

    I think I have already made it clear that I love to lick and taste my wife’s pussy and share the juices with her eager tongue. She is okay with it as long as her taste is not too strong. We usually start out our lovemaking with her sucking my cock for a bit, then I enter her, get her juices primed with my cock, and then I will go down on her. When she starts to get more aroused and her clit and labia begin to swell, she will reach down and pull her lips wide open to give my tongue and mouth free access to her clit and sensitive parts. I will suck and flick her clit throughout the process. Generally she likes me to stay with one technique for a bit so she can develop a rhythm. I used to give her a lot of finger penetration and manipulation of her g-spot during this, but honestly she now usually starts begging for her silver bullet and purple dildo when I get her really close. She craves the intense stimulation of the bullet and the “big cock” as she bears down, cums and quivers all over. After she comes down from her orgasm, we will share some really deep french kissing and she is open to pretty much any taste there is left in my mouth.

  7. Ddav2333 says:

    I really like to give while she’s on her stomach with a pillow under her hips, makes it easy to reach underneath her hips and spread her. She normally likes to receive while laying on her back, but lately she’s taken to riding my face. It really gives her clit maximum exposure and some super-intense orgasms.

  8. marty and melissa says:

    All the comments are super and well done hopeful hubby for questioning a super subject . The comments are great it’s just one of those great sexual pleasures . And you’ll have to forgive me but Mel is going to get her beautiful pussy eaten real good tonight . And if she wants to ride my face all the better . And she also loves her vibrator in her as I eat her out . Mmm mmm

  9. Albert Broman says:

    Anyone know how long it takes to get a story published on this site? I tried 9 days ago and it still says pending. I don’t think it’s even been reviewed yet.

    • Blondie says:

      Albert, we have many many stories to go through, and we try not to rush so we don't post a story that doesn't fit our guidelines. One of our editors is also on vacation right now. We will be picking up the pace once she's back in a few days. 🙂

  10. marty and melissa says:

    And if we were to ask the same question to the wives out there do you girls , whats your favourite thing or position to be eaten out or if you like it or dislike it . And the question to you girls what do you like or where do you like to suck and play with your hubbys cock or do you like to or not . If you like it what is it that does it for you .does the thought or the idea of sucking your man’s cock get you as horny as eating your wife’s pussy does for us guys . All us guys would love to hear the comments good and bad from the girls
    And I’m writting a story at the moment in this very subject ie eating your wives pussy . And I’d get it finished if I can only stop myself from masturebating myself while writting it as the more I write the harder it gets to the point where the pressure has to be relieved . and reading all the stories and comments is not helping either if you know what I mean . Anyway all us guys look forward to hearing from you girls

    • CMLove says:

      I didn't used to enjoy my husband's dick as much as I do now. It's so hard to get his whole lovestick in my mouth lol. Im still having fun practicing But one thing that helps now is that he keeps the hair down there short. This way I'm not picking hairs out of my mouth periodically and he said his balls are more sensitive to stimulation. I really enjoy laying my head on his stomach and sucking so that he can rub and play with my ass at the same time. Don't know if anything i wrote helped but it did get me thinkin about my man's cock so praise God!! Hahaha

  11. Eva says:

    Has anyone read the book “She Comes First” by Ian Kerner? Supposedly it’s all kinds of good cunnilingus tips, and it’s getting really great reviews on Amazon.

  12. Lovinghusband says:

    Our favorite position for me to feast on my wife's glorious pussy is for me to be on my back – while she is on top of me in basically a 69 position. I am simply in pleasureland when she is enjoying both the tender moments as we start out – with me gently teasing her outer lips as I also purposely put some light pressure on her clit with my chin. I love it when she is aroused! Her abandon has her fucking my face! I murmur out: "yes baby, fuck my face! Be rough on me!" At this point she is so close to cumming! I adore that quick pause that comes right before my wife lets loose with a mind-blowing orgasm! She'll then increase her force on my face – even putting a hand behind my head as she unleashes her sex on me! I can't say enough about how I love to feel her waves of orgasm on my face. I don't need to breathe! I'm lost in her pleasure! Her pussy is her heartbeat at that moment. I feel so close to her. Vulnerability? The only way we could be more vulnerable at that moment was if my head were inside her pussy! (I've tried – it won't fit) 🙂 Her juices are all over my face! I love it! If I could buy a spray on cologne of my wife's cunt nectar – I would. I don't move away from her pussy until the last of the waves are over – and I've swallowed as much of her cum as I can. Often, we will stay in that position for a few minutes. I am confident that we will not live enough years to ever exhaust the thrill we both experience as I go down on my wife. It is truly new every time! The mystery of a woman's pussy – with all of its folds and crevices – it is beyond mastering in this life. It is the height of her being feminine (along with her boobs and ass…).

    So, I would guess that I like going down on my wife so much because it is my attempt to become one with her. The same is true with our fucking – we are feverishly attempting to make our two bodies one!! We are wonderfully compelled by our Creator to do this in marriage. Our cumming is a signal that we have achieved some success! And how we want to come back to this oneness again and again!

    If we ponder the Scriptures, we see that this is an even greater picture of the oneness between Christ and His church. Our sex is not an end in itself – there truly is a spiritual parallel! Our sexual passion should teach us something of the intense and laser-focused love of God for His people! God is not bored with us! Christ is involved with our lives with a love that is powerful.

    God wastes nothing! He is the Master teacher who is always teaching us! Keep studying!

    God bless you! LH

  13. Britbloke says:

    Oh boy, this is a subject I just love to think about, read about and, of course most of all, do it.
    Giving her a back massage and slowly making my way down her back and ass until I slip my hands between her legs and slide one knee up. Then nuzzling my mouth in there.
    Her up on all fours bending over, definitely the most erotic, what a turn on.
    Her using my face to masturbate is really hot too, she loves the roughness of my short beard on her pussy and the hard rim of my nose on her clit. All over pretty quick though, this brings her over the edge real fast!
    But my favourite has got to be her on her back, legs apart, me lying flat between them. Why this? Because I can spend time there! Mmmm. long and slow…
    I often get her to suck my cock first, she likes it when I hold her hair and when I masturbate when she’s doing it.
    How do I know? First because she tells me and most of all because afterwards, when my tongue slips between her soft pussy lips, she is invariably real wet and sticky. Love Love LOVE that!! Such a turn on when I get down on her and she’s all moist and ready.
    Then it’s up to me how big the orgasm is. The long, drawn out, slow burn is best in my experience.
    Best for me because I get more of her and from her. Best for her because she gets more explosive! More pleasure for both of us!
    Exploring all of her, its a complex world down there, only years of marriage can begin to unlock a womans secret pussy. Over 20 years and we’re discovering new things still, and for many more years I am sure.The most recent is that she likes her clit gently but firmly bitten. I’m real careful that I let her lead me on that, getting feedback, listening to how she moans or what she says.
    ‘Humming’ into her and telling her how much I love it, pulling her lips apart and licking inside, sipping on her sweet nectar as she feeds me.
    Moving up to her clit and back down again to increase her fire until I finally stay up with her clit in my mouth and tip her over the edge with my flicking tongue until she shouts stop! Sometimes afterwards I let her calm down for just a few seconds before going back in to bring her back up again; usually to initial protest but then she submits as a second wave comes/cums, takes practice and timing though – something I’m willing to keep doing!!! They say it takes 10,000 hours to get really good at something. Quite a way to go yet!!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Britbloke – you must be my twin! So much of what you said fits us to a tee. I like how you put it – "discovering new things still". Also, it is the same with us right after – "usually an initial protest but then she submits as a second wave comes." I've gotten better at easing back in for more initially after the first wave. I'm still growing in this, too. Finally, the way your face / nose is perfect for her pleasuring – that was so well put. Anyway, your comments got me going. I can't wait for tonight – I need to be fed!! God bless you two. LH

  14. Michael & Lisa says:

    Like many, we have several positions. Also getting there….. Undressing adds to the fun.

    Eye to eye contact is important to us. Once she is on her back, her head propped up a little on a pillow
    I run my hand & lips down her body. Her arms, neck, upper chest slowly on and around her breasts getting her wet!
    Finally licking her like a delicious ice cream cone. Sometimes taking her clit in my mouth…teasing. Sometimes I’ll reach up to tweak a nipple. I feel my erection against her legs. Sometimes we’ll flip and she’ll take my cock and slowly stroke me! Lick me!
    From there we’ll either continue with foreplay or just fuck!!!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Michael – you gave me a new idea with your comment. We’ve almost never done a position for me going down on her where I could maintain eye contact with her. The thought of that never crossed my mind – but I must say that it sounds like such a turn on! I loved you saying, “licking her like a delicious ice cream cone.” That was awesome. God bless you both. I always enjoy what you write in stories and comments!! LH

  15. Alicia G. M. says:

    Well, I like it any and every way. The first time Trey ate my pussy, I thought I would hit the ceiling I came so hard. I guess my favorite would have to be straddling his head. I love to look down and see his face between my legs moist with my juices. It is so erotic! Getting wet thinking about it.

    • Snag says:

      Well put, Alicia, especially “I love to look down and see his face between my legs moist with my juices”. Have you told Trey how erotic/hot you find that view? If not, I suggest that you do so frequently for what we reward, we get more of and for men, hearing that we have made our spouses hot is music to our ears!

  16. Happy Husband says:

    I love to feel the quiver of my wife’s pussy contractions and the quakes of her orgasm with my hand or my mouth covering her moist lips. It is awesome.

  17. Happy Husband says:

    Last night found a fantastic way to provide oral to my wife. We are now empty nesters and we got naked in our den. She lay down on her back on a full lenth ottoman and put her legs on the sofa over my shoulders, as I sat on the floor between her legs. I literally had a pussy feast with my face at pussy level. The only challenge was reaching up to pleasure her breasts. After she came I gently rested my head next to her quivering pussy and took in the aroma of her wonderful female sex scent. It was powerful. She is completely shaved right now, and I am looking forward to another oral session tonight in our new favorite spot.

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Thank you, Happy Husband, for sharing this! You’ve painted a beautiful picture! Reading it made me tingly. Yum yum! Gotta go have dinner 🙂 God bless!!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Awesome Happy Husband – I kid you not – just 5 minutes ago, before I had even seen this – I told my wife that I wanted to eat her pussy tonight! – as we had just a minute to talk while I was on hold on the phone. Then, I read your hot comment here and it is going to happen for sure! Quivering! Aroma! Face at pussy level! You got my motor running! Thank you Happy Husband! LH

  18. T Richard says:

    Thank for all your tips but i could use some suggestions. My wife is not a thin model, maybe a BBW. But as easy as it sounds for a thin girl to get oral sex what the best position for a guy and a girl with some extra weight to give her the best oral? I don’t think she is getting anything out of me orally.
    Thank for the help

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Dear T Richard, I’d imagine the best position to be one where your wife can lay on her back, so she can be relaxed, with her legs spread eagle for best possible access… I’d think a position like Happy Husband described with the ottoman may be best – where she lies on a more elevated level than you are at, relaxed and spread wide open, feet sustained by some other stable piece(s) of furniture while you are at face-to-pussy level. I’m looking forward to the rest of the MH community weighing in on this. God bless you and your precious wife!! 🙂

  19. Happy Husband says:

    Last night I again gave my wife a full body massage with lotion and then proceeded to eat her pussy while positioned between the ottoman and the couch. She is liking the position. Her shaved pussy was as delightful as ever. I then sent her over the edge with my darting tongue and finished with her favorite big dildo sliding in and out of her eager cunt. After she came I rested my palm on her quivering pussy and could feel her contractions for a full minute. She must have enjoyed it, because we then reversed positions and she proceeded to give me an amazing handjob/blowjob until I shot a huge load all over my abs and chest. We both slept well. I love my wife so much!

  20. Fina Fajar says:

    My God !! I think i'm the only person who married the wrong guy here. I do love and adore oral sex very much. I love sucking or giving blow job for my man (even swallow his cum), but he rarely returns the favor. Rarely eats me out. I'm tired of asking, (I talked about how I love oral sex, and how I want it), even begging (feel like an idiot for asking him to eat my pussy).
    I keep my pussy clean and fresh. (I even wax, damn painful, but worth it).
    Been married for 11 years. Have one son. He's a great life partner so far. I don't know what to do now. I have really missed being eaten for over a decade.

    -diary of desperate housewife-

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Dear Mrs. Fina, don’t you ever make yourself believe that you’ve married the wrong guy, no matter how greatly your desire to be eaten out strikes you, no matter how many other husbands you see out there, who love to do it. As you’ve said yourself, your precious husband is a great life partner – and I’m sure I can add to it that he loves you deeply, that you are his everything. He is a mighty fine husband for sure. Please know that no husband (and no wife) has it a 100% right in compatibility. Don’t let this one burning yearning of yours (being eaten out) tempt you to zoom in on the 5% that are disturbing you (your husband having difficulty to fulfill your wish for oral); don’t let it tempt you to lose out of sight the 95% of purely, devoted husbandly awesomeness that he is for only you.

      From what you’ve shared, it sounds like his difficulty in giving you oral may have nothing to do with you… it may be something that he is struggling with within himself… maybe he’s got some inner personal issues about it… If I could encourage you in any way, I’d say don’t pressure him – and don’t despair! Your love is the key in the long run. The highest, most valuable love is always sacrificial, selfless and giving. Don’t get frustrated by the fact that you give him BJs and he doesn’t reciprocate as often as you’d wish. You love giving oral, so just continue doing it, for the sheer pleasure of it and because you love to give them to him, not keeping count (I know you don’t but make sure you’re not tempted to slip into such a mindset). Be gentle, patient and understanding with him in this area and don’t forget to lift him and the two of you up in prayer and ask God to help you, to touch you both wherever you need to be divinely touched. You have mentioned how you asked him for it, how you’ve told him that you love it a lot and want it… My question would be: Has he opened up to you how he feels about it in his heart? If he hasn’t really thus far, I’d encourage you to have a non-pressuring, gentle, loving heart to heart talk with him, at the right time, where he can pour his heart out to you… This would help you to understand him better, which in turn would help you to work with him through anything there is, maybe even towards a more satisfying oral sex life for the both of you. Please remember that this may take some time and patience and lots of love. Don’t despair. Don’t be tempted or discouraged by the grass on other sides. Don’t give up. Be encouraged!! You’re husband and wife – perfect for each other in and through Him. Your marriage is super precious! God bless you!!

    • martinez2582 says:

      Fina, I feel for you. Going down on my wife is my favorite thing to do ever. I think I get more out of it than she does. For a decade is way too long. I believe something needs to change to spice it up for you. Would love to chat with ya more about this.

  21. lovegood says:

    It absolutely sends me over the edge when my husband starts to move his head down south on me! I'm getting pretty wet just thinking about it! Last night he got into bed, as I lay there practically out, reached over and slipped his hand in the top of my nighty. He started massaging my breast and then lightly brushing my nipples, only to slowly increase the pressure by pinching them gradually harder. (apparently they were already standing at attention) When he does this he knows I ialmost instantly get wet! It's like a fun little game for him to see how long it takes to make me wet, lol) So after he started in on his "game" and the enjoyment of copping a feel, my mouth started watering and I got that hot feeling in my mouth… You know that feeling you get in your mouth when you see something so delectable that your mouth waters and the sides of your cheeks hurt? My mouth was watering for his head! It was all I could do to tell him fast enough that I needed and desperately wanted his cock in my mouth! (all of that titty play had sent strong pulses down to my pussy, and I was instantly hot) I HAD to feel his smooth head I my mouth and on my tongue! He was more than happy to quickly oblige. My cheeks were aching, he kneeled over me, one leg on either side of me while I lay on the bed, and he swiftly plunged it in my open and waiting mouth! I quickly started sucking so I could taste his pre-cum… Mmmmmmmm! Oh baby! He tilted his head back and groaned, "you are soooo good at giving head, Baby". I wanted more, I wanted to feel his fat head hit the back of my throat! I needed to watch him pump and thrust his cock in and out of my mouth… It was so hot, and had my cunt so slippery wet! I relaxed my throat so I could take all I could of him. He shoved his cock in farther and I enjoyed the feel of his dick hitting the back of my throat, I looked up and watched his contented face as he fucked my mouth. I wanted to suck him off right there, but he wanted to make things last a little longer! He pulled his hard-on out of my mouth and… Headed south on me! My knees were already propped up and open while I was lying on the bed, so I spread them open wider for him (wasn't wearing panties yesterday). He started at my knees, licking, and sucking, and worked his way up my smooth tanned thighs (I like my skin being tan and completely smooth EVERYWHERE in the summertime. It feels amazing… Hence no panties?). He then took his tongue and started licking up the sides of my mound, I started arching my back and making my little, uncontrollable, soft moans (do you men love your wife's moans and high pitched squeals like my husband does?). He moved the tip of his tongue inside my fold running it up one side, slowly, then the other side. I started moving my hips up and down quickly, wanting more, so he took his tongue and drove it hard, twisting and turning it right into my pussy hole! It felt soooo good! He then took his juice covered tongue and licked all the way up to my sweet, pink, swollen clit, brushing the tip of it quickly back and forth…I was so close to cumming , and then… he started sucking!! This threw me into ecstasy, making me buck, and thrust until I grabbed his hair, trying to get him closer, and then squeezed his head between my thighs! I was thrusting my hips into him, keeping his head pressed into me all while he kept sucking me off!! I wanted it harder, faster, and kinkier… I wanted it all!! I moved one of my hands up to my titties, pinching and pulling my engorged nipples, hard! He continued sucking my clit then took two fingers and shoved them up into my pussy, and "HUH, HUH HUH HUH,OOOH OHHH…. AHHHHHHHHHH"!!!! I CAME ALL OVER HIM!!! It was INCREDIBLE! After I came, he immediately came up from my honey pot, grabbed my head, and stuck his cum, covered tongue in my mouth as hard as he could…. Mmm, I absolutely love the smell and taste of my pussy on him, and he likes that I like it!! Such a turn on!! The fun didn't stop there because I was ready to cum again, and his long dick was up and very hard! I immediately flipped over, up on all fours, leaning down on my forearms, I stuck my smooth, tanned ass up and out. He grabbed my ass, spread and massaged my cheeks, and entered his wife's sweet, tight pussy. He proceeded to fuck me as hard as he could until we both came! Oh my…I'm soooo horny after typing this!! I can't stop playing with my nipples, and I feel sticky wet! Mmm, yes, I'm soaked!! Lol!! I just slid one hand down in my panties, while typing with the other…Im so slippery, it feels so good and I want more… . Gotta go get the hubby!!! So happy he loves eating me!! Yum!!

    • Lovinghusband says:

      lovegood – oh my my! You wrote this 11 days ago – but the heat from it is still intense! My wife and I had wonderful sex last night and I woke up very satisfied. Then, I just read your response above – and it instantly made me feel like it has been ages since having sex. Not really – but I’m trying to describe just how hot your description is. The intensity you described was awesome. I’ve got to wait 12 hours now for the next opportunity with my hot wife! Thanks for motivating me to count the hours down today! God bless you. LH

  22. Sarge says:

    My wife loved me to eat her out while whe was on her back, and her legs spread wide. She loved having me play with her breasts and nipples with one hand, while she had me masturbate with the other. She loved it when I would moan while my mouth was on her wet, delicious pussy.
    After the kids all grew up and left the nest, she felt free to get vocal. Wow, what a turn on when she came, and then she'd clawed at me to come up and slide my cock into her, pumping my hips so my cock pushed in and drew out rapidly. Then she would lock her eyes on mine as I shot my load into her.

    • Anabelle Buckman says:

      That was v e r y hot Sarge "Wow, what a turn on when she came, and then she’d clawed at me to come up and slide my cock into her, pumping my hips so my cock pushed in and drew out rapidly. Then she would lock her eyes on mine as I shot my load into her." My husband can't even imagine what awaits him tonight, he should thank you hahaha.

  23. Sarge says:

    My wife is passed on now, but she preferred to be on her back. That way she could relax and concentrate on what I was doing with my mouth and tongue. I took it real slow getting there, unless of course when she'd just grab my head and plant my more than willing face between her legs. She especially loved it when I would masturbate while I was eating her. I think the moans I made enhanced the experience. When she wasn't holding my head deeper between her legs, I would get her to the edge and switch to kissing her inner thighs. This usually got a firm rebuke of my cruelty, but hey, the ends justified the means. I found the more I would get her to the brink and stop, the greater her orgasm was, but that worked for me as well when she gave me a blowjob, and I didn't have anything to compare her technique with, but holy cow, I just don't know how anyone could have done better. I miss those days, but I keep myself occupied and healthy by masturbating quite frequently while thinking of her and reading MH.

  24. alanna princess says:

    marriage is all about making love and satisfying each other sexually.I would like to be eaten all days esp from the back as i am bent and my legs wide open.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Alanna, my wife also craves that same position – and I love to deliver! You will like the story coming on Sunday in light of this. God bless you! LH

  25. Anabelle B says:

    Since we're on this topic, I'm not sure if husbands here can answer me this but I'd be very grateful to get a honest reply 🙂 Is it a real big turn on when your wives push your heads into their sweet pussy or does it feel too demanding? I've never had the courage to do that with my hubby because I'm still quite shy in the bedroom department (I guess experience is one of the best things couples married for a long time share, right ?).

    To answer the question I guess I love when I'm on my back and he's between my legs, the view really turns me on. When I'm almost there he'll just push my thighs up and my knees next to my breasts exposing my lady place to his delight and I'm just so lost in pleasure I cant even… 😛 Or he'll spread my outer lips and get more access to my pleasure button – it's heaven. Feels like he's getting so much pleasure out of my own pleasure that he wants to eat me out in his own way so he can satisfy himself too. I love those moments and I thank God for them.

    • Lovinghusband says:


      I cannot speak for all men – but I adore it when my wife pushes my head into her pussy! I like it when she is demanding in that way – I know she is so aroused. Her joy is my joy. Try to summon the courage and try it. See how he responds. He loves you! I join you in thanking God for those moments. LH

    • Anabelle Buckman says:

      Lovinghusband, thank you and I will try haha. I guess it’s a clear sign we’re enjoying it. 🙂

    • ShowHerLove says:

      For me I love when my wife plays with my hair while I’m down there. I also love when she pushes herself into my tongue. But the biggest turn on is when she kisses me deeply after I’ve been down there. As far as pushing my head in, it does seem demanding to me.

    • Anabelle Buckman says:

      Thank you ShowHerLove 🙂 I think playing with his hair is a turn on to my hubby too, in and out of bed.

    • Rab Keth says:

      I love it when my wife does that. I had to encourage Beloved to be free enough to do it if she wanted to. As others have said it is a turn on for us because we know we are clearly doing it right and our lover wants us to stay right where we are and keep going. Beloved was worried that 1) she might suffocate me and 2) she might seem greedy. I replied that if she was suffocating me she would definitely know, and greedy? Greedy?!?! I belong to her and she can't possibly be greedy with something that belongs to her and was given to her by God for this purpose (among others). Now she is very enthusiastic about pushing my head, pulling my hair and wrapping her legs around my neck. 🙂

    • Deane says:

      Annabelle, I see your comment was a while back so I don't know if you'll ever see my reply, but here goes. I love nothing better than when I'm lying on my back and my dear wife Mary drapes her pussy over my face. Her pussy is hairy, and I just LOVE the sensation of her pussy hair brushing my face. She goes on and on doing that, all the while her juices ooze out onto my face and I savour the wafting aroma of her steaming cunt until I can hold out no longer and plunge my tongue in. It's just heavenly.

    • HappyHubby says:


      I think very few husbands would find that demanding. I know I LOVE it when my wife does that -So HOT! It lets me know she is enjoying herself and can't get enough. I love knowing my wife is enjoying herself and WANTS to be having sex. Nothing turns me on more so give it a try and I think you'll find he loves it. Better yet – ask him. My guess that as soon as you do he'll be diving down south and you'll get a chance to try it out right away.

  26. DonB says:

    For my wife and I, there were three favorites. First the most common, with her on her back and me lapping and sucking away. She loved it when I would nibble on the inside of her thighs right within a lick away from her waiting pussy. The other was similar, but with her just on the very edge of the bed, sofa, table or wherever and me on my knees paying homage to her sweet pussy.
    Then there was her sitting on my face. Holy cow I loved this one, and so did she. She liked it because she could move around or up and down, all to adjust where it felt best for her.
    I love reliving those days. She's deceased now, so now that I have those memories fresh back in my head, please excuse me while I think about her some more.

  27. Don says:

    So you want to know about husbands going down on their wives. Well…it's the best pastime I know. I am not a sports fan. I enjoy taking a lazy Sunday afternoon and pleasuring my wife this way. I think I like it more than she does. We start gradually to build up our excitement. All I have to do is tell her I want her, that I want to taste her and she's ready. I like to make it an all day affair because I love her so much and enjoy spending time with her and surveying her landscape. I start with an all over massage, usually her back first, slowly working her from the neck and shoulders to the feet then working back up stimulating her pussy. She has a favorite gold colored vibrator that I insert in her rear end and that drives her crazy but heightens her arousal especially when her genital area is being massaged. Then I roll her over and slowly begin massaging her front leaving her breasts and pubic area for last, all the while the vibrator is working its magic. When I finally get to her pussy, she is now so super sensitive that the slightest touch makes her spasm. I open her legs and work the exterior surfaces of her softness slowly parting the labia and I massage her here for quite sometime and as I move in closer. By now she's hyper excited and aroused, and this is how I like her to be. Her juices are flowing and she has the sweetest taste when she's at this point. Then the feast begins. A slow parting of her labia reveals her wetness, so slow licks that involve the edges of both labia from top to bottom with a very delicate lap on her clit usually makes her buck and moan. Then I spread the labia a little more tongueing her and stroking both labia one at a time with my tongue slowly working towards the opening of the vagina, rolling my tongue around the rim going a little deeper each time. Her breathing gets deeper and she wispers how good it feels and sometimes uses both hands on my head to further direct where she wants me to go, but the highlight of her pleasure is the time spent on her clitoris. Any of you guys who don't know about the clitoris, it's the woman's most sensitive area and many women need stimulation here to climax. I have a trick that I use to turn up the intensity of her pleasure. My wife has a large and long clit, I can suck it into my mouth and I actually mimic the up and down motion of her bobbing head when she is sucking my cock, on her clit and that's all she needs to have a leg shaking earth shattering orgasm. And she is multi orgasmic, usually able to have orgasm after orgasm up to about 6. I kid her all the time that I gave her a female blowjob because of the ease of sucking and stroking her clit. The best part of bringing your woman to orgasm by oral is the hanging on for the ride as I wrap my arms around her pelvis and hold on while still licking her. She is so relaxed and physically exhausted by now that she falls asleep easily. So yes I love licking her, every aspect of it because she is my girl and she deserves to be caressed and loved and appreciated.

  28. Conner M says:

    This is Rachel writing: I really like sitting on Conner's face while he licks and eats my pussy. I like the feel of his whole face buried up inside me. I don't know why but I can cum just from oral sex in a heartbeat while penetration takes a while. I also like it when he pushes my legs up while I'm on my back and dives in! Conner is an "all in or all out" kind of man. When he eats my pussy he does it with his whole face, not just his lips and tongue. Not sure if this is acceptable to say. I guess the moderator will decide, but he also enjoys licking and eating my ass. I always balked at the idea until one time I gave him permission and it drove me mad with excitement. Conner says "you keep it clean and I'll keep it happy."

  29. Cuddles says:


    The comments on this story are so sizzling HOT that I haven't been able to tear myself away from them! The husband's and some wives' descriptions of pleasure and ecstasy are truly precious. Sigh. Lots of tips for "enthusiastic practisers" too.

    Have a read when you have some time. You will be blessed!

    Note: I should mention that some comments have strong language (L) and also anal play (A).

    Cuddles xxxx

    • Bighuged says:

      You’re right! A lot of hot stuff here! I don’t know about you, but I’m gathering a lot of ideas here lol. My favorite one might be playing around with grapes 🍇. How fun would it be to suck grapes out of my wife’s pussy?? And vice versa 😱

    • PacMan says:

      Thanks for the bump, Cuddles. Reading all these comments definitely has made me hard and horny! 🍆🍆

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