Marriage Heat Journey

Staycation Part 1

So this story is written as a result of what happened in previous story Wife’s First Shave so please read this story first as some details in the following story may not make sense

Recently wifey and I decided to take a vacation away from work but we just stood home and decided to just have some family time with our son. What unfolded during those 3 days was something that as I write this I still can’t believe.

  • Day #1– After putting the kid to bed we clean up the kitchen, I go shower and then wifey goes to shower but takes longer than usual I figured after all the activities all day with our son she might just be relaxing and soaking in the tub. She comes in and first of all is wearing a pajama top that barely covers her nipples and they keep coming out as she moving around the room looking for her lotion and to top it off no pants and a thong, she knows I’m staring at her because her reaction is like what it’s hot tonight I just smile and continue to look through stories on Marriage Heat so she cuddles next to me and starts reading story of Yummy Pussy (highly recommended!!) that’s when she tells me story about her first shaving. I was very aroused by the end of the story and she said I see you enjoyed the story and just mounted me in the 69 position I pulled her thong aside and started eating her out which made her suck more rapidly. She took off her thong and said let’s do something different tonight so I asked what did she have in mind and she said that she was curious to swallow so she got back on in the 69 position and said don’t tell me when you are cumming, so as I eat her pussy she just kept sucking faster and deeper while cupping my balls till I exploded in her mouth it felt like she sucked me dry and she got off me and showed me the load she had in her mouth and just swallowed. We then both went to bed but not before she said that I had to make it up to her tomorrow.


  • Day#2– So I was awoken early by my son asking for breakfast and cartoons, I looked over and wifey must have gotten cold overnight or figured our son would come so she had on a t-shirt and bottoms on. Wifey wakes up an hr or so later kisses me and our son and goes into bathroom, I get a text can you come into bathroom I need something, I figured she needed towel or to talk about what our plans were for today instead she is in the shower shaving her pussy and I ask what’s up baby? She wanted to know if weather was ok for shorts now I know the reason she wanted me to come in was to tease me because she knows how much I love her shaved pussy. I say ohhh I like and she said oh really just wanted to groom a little, 10 mins later I get a another text with a picture of her bare pussy with a caption of oops I went a little too far she has never gone completely bare except one or two other times and it drove me wild. So all day while out and about she kept sending me teasing messages like my kitty feels so refreshed after her haircut. Finally we get home and I can’t wait to get the kid down for bed as she is sending me more teasing texts like my kitty feels so smooth I wish you would come pet it. Wifey then goes complete bad girl and sends me a video message with her masturbating and caption I’m warming her up for you, I was so ready to ravage her as the sight of her playing with herself was what got me over the edge. I get in the room and she is still going at it eyes closed with two fingers in her fat pussy and her other hand playing with her nipples and sucking them, I jump in bed next to her and start stroking myself and she stops and says no no remember it’s my turn tonight so I watch her keep playing with herself and say but I want to make it up to you like you said last night. So I lay back waiting for her to mount me but she instead gets on all fours and says eat my pussy baby! So I start caressing her boobs first then lick her from her neck to the small of her back making her moan ohhh baby! I then tease her a bit by slowly licking from her butt to her pussy and repeating this several times till finally I just jam my tongue in her pussy which lets out a wet squishy sound so while I’m eating her out she is playing with her clit. I then lay under her and she starts riding my face and using my tongue like a we are having sex going in and out till she literally came all over my tongue, I swallowed all her juices.Conclusion to be continued….. 🙂

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