Pleasing Her

“Need some help, baby?” I said to my wife while she stood on her tip toes to get plates down from the above cabinets (Jessica is White Outfitsorta short about 5’6).

“A little help would be nice, my tall handsome man.” she replied.

“Alright shortie, I’ll help you.” I said with a chuckle as I stood in front of her and got the plates down.

“Thank you, baby. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” she said as she gave me a kiss.

“Well, you could get a chair,” I said as I bent down and gave her a couple of kisses.

“Haha, yea I guess you’re right, but I was speaking of how lucky I am to have you in my life. You could have chosen any woman, but you chose me,” she said as she ran her hands on my cheeks up to my hair.

“Baby..I don’t want anybody but you.” I said while looking into her eyes deeply.

“Yea, you better!” she said with a wink.

She started cooking breakfast my favorite breakfast of bacon,eggs and different fruit. Before we ate,we woke up our kids. We all sat down, prayed and enjoyed our breakfast. “That was an amazing breakfast, thanks for cooking this morning.” I said.

“You’re welcome, gotta keep your stomach full, right?” she asked with a smile.

“Yea, you always have.” I replied. “You know what I’d like to do for you?” I said as I wrapped my arms around her and grinded my dick against her legs.

“Mm baby, what would that be?” she said as she turned and pressed her ass against my erection.

“Eat that sweet, tight pussy until you cum in my mouth. Then I’d take my fingers and let you taste.” I whispered in her ear. I rubbed my hands on her breasts squeezing her nipples and making them hard while I kissed the back of her neck. I lifted up her shirt and saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra and it turned me on so much. I turned her around and licked and sucked on her breast while a rubbed my hand on her pussy. I picked her up and carried her to our king size bed. I took off my shirt and adjusted my erection inside my shorts. I pulled down her shorts. I kissed down her body slowly while holding onto her hands.

I held her legs open with my strong hands. I kissed around her pussy lips then I split her lips open with my tongue. I rubbed on her clit with my thumb and stuck my tongue in her pussy and started feasting. She tasted so good I went in further as she pushed my head down. I started to move my tongue faster and faster. Her hips were moving around. I held her down with my strong hands and stopped rubbing on her clit. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and fingered her gently then picked up my pace as she started to get louder and louder. I looked up at her and her head was thrown back and she was rubbing on her hard nipples and squeezing her breasts while moaning loudly. Luckily the kids rooms are upstairs on the opposite side of the house. She moved her hips towards my mouth more and ran her hands threw my hair. Her pussy tasted so good and smelled wonderful. I buried my nose in her pussy. Then she came, and it was like an ocean wave coming in my mouth it tasted great. I licked all her juices up and stuck my fingers in and gave her a taste. She sucked my fingers as if they were my cock. She was panting hard and I gave her a kiss.

“Wow, that was great. You sure know how to eat pussy, baby,” she said as her body relaxed and she hugged my body close.

“It’s just one of my many talents,” I said with a chuckle.

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    • hot husband says:

      Thanks man. I’m glad you enjoyed my story. You and Gina are a big inspiration to me writing. I hope you get/got some pussy lol. God bless

  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I really enjoyed this Hot Husband. It is a thrill to also be a husband of a wife who loves to have her pussy eaten often. I too, love her taste and smell. Keep her cumming!! God bless you.

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