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morning oral

I love my wife so very much,id do anything in the world for her. She takes care of our 3 amazing kids while I’m gone,she cooks,clean. Basically the whole package I couldn’t ask for anything better. I help her of course when I’m in town…. It was a sunny Saturday morning,around 8:30. Surprisingly I woke […]

shower fun

I’m a offshore driller so I get pretty dirty. Jess got pregnant at a early age so I got a job to provide that pays very well. But anyways I came home one day to silence,I put my keys on the table and said “baby I’m home” “in our bedroom sweetheart,can you come here please.”my […]

A Warm Windy Night – Hot Sex With My Wife

Hot Sex With My Wife It was a warm windy day. The kids were in the theater room watching they’re favorite movie,satisfied,happy. I love my kids so very much I love to see a smile on they’re faces(hopefully jess will let me give her another child) jess and I watched the movie for about 30 […]

Pleasing Her

“Need some help, baby?” I said to my wife while she stood on her tip toes to get plates down from the above cabinets (Jessica is sorta short about 5’6). “A little help would be nice, my tall handsome man.” she replied. “Alright shortie, I’ll help you.” I said with a chuckle as I stood […]

Pool bonding

It was a hot sunny Friday afternoon around 1:30. My wife and I along with 2 kids were swimming in our pool our youngest is 1 so he wasn’t old enough to swim. I was teaching our son jason how to swim,he seemed to get the hang of it pretty quick. We played pool volleyball […]

Morning Walk In (L)

It was a warm sunny Saturday morning. Jessica and I were visiting her parents for the weekend along with our 3 wonderful kids. I love her parents and I know they like me. We have gotten really close over the years. Jessica and I woke up early. “I love you, good morning, baby” I said […]

Romantic Night (L)

Sex with my wife has always been great. I love to touch my wife everywhere. I love her body; she has long brown hair and beautiful eyes.  I love the look of her breasts and the fact she has breastfeed 3 kids within 4 years. She has sexy legs. Her ass… almost every time I […]

The Kitchen – Hot Kitchen Sex

Hot Kitchen Sex It was a long but good day. I had the day off so I had a few “chores” to do. I got Jessica clothes from the cleaners, I worked out at the gym,and I did yard work. My friends invited me out to lunch with them. We went to olive garden, I […]

Reunited with Wife (L)

My wife Jessica and I are happily married. We have 2 boys and a girl together. I go out of town for work a lot. I hate being away from them, it sucks to say the least. This story is about a time when I came home to my family. I was in Florida for […]