A Warm Windy Night – Hot Sex With My Wife

Hot sex with my wifeHot Sex With My Wife

It was a warm windy day. The kids were in the theater room watching they’re favorite movie,satisfied,happy. I love my kids so very much I love to see a smile on they’re faces(hopefully jess will let me give her another child) jess and I watched the movie for about 30 minutes,then we left the kids checking on them from time to time. ” they seem pretty into that movie baby” I said to my wife. “yes they are babe.” she replied as she laid on the bed. “are you gonna let our daughter get into gymnastics?” she asked. “yea I don’t see why not,she’s still young. When she gets older that’s different.”I said taking off my shirt letting my muscles flex while I took it off,feeling my gorgeous wife eyes on me. “um uh yea I used to take gymnastics when I was in high school” she said distracted from my body. “yea trust me I remember. Lets see if you can remember anything.” I said as I gave her a hand and led her off the bed. We stood in front of the mirror and she did a little dance routine and some stretches. Followed by her grinding on me while I was standing up. I was very impressed,got a hard on. I slapped her butt hard squeezing it. “Mmm you like that didn’t you bad boy!!?”my sexy wife said.

“yes I do my naughty girl,you still got it baby. Even though it was only 8 years ago. I love you so much.”I said as thinking about hot sex with my wife tonight!

“let me check on the kids before you get to touching,be a good boy.”she said while she bent over and bit her index finger while looking at me.

“oh  yea,I’m gonna give you this dick so good jess.” I said. she walked out the door,I admired her ass while she did. Our theater is downstairs on the opposite side of the house. While she was gone I took off my khakis pants my dick was rock hard,hard enough to hammer nails. I laid on the bed and waited for my honey. “oh my goodness,baby its so big and hard.” my wife said as she walked in and got a eye full of my cock before she shut and locked the door. “yes it is come here so I can give it to you and make you scream with pleasure.” I demanded. I couldn’t wait I was so hard it almost hurt. I got up and picked her up and kissed her passionately all over. I ripped her clothes off her and said ” you want some dick baby?” “yes I want it so bad.” “I’ll give it to you baby I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” I slid my dick in her soaking wet pussy while licking her boobs making her nipples hard. I picked up my pace and kissed her sexy lips and neck while we were in missionary. “harder,harder Tyler. Fuck me hard like you hate me.!!!” I pounded her pussy as hard as I could without hurting her with my size I bit my lip. Sweat was coming down my face. Jess rubbed on her clit with my pace as I slowed down to tell her how good it was feeling and how much I love her.  “YES,YES,YES AHHH OH OH.” her body tensed and shook as she had a hard orgasm her pussy got extremely tight.

“get on all fours baby.” I told her. She got on all fours and I put my dick in her pussy after tasting her pussy with my tongue. I held onto her long blonde hair as I gave her my all her juices were running down to my balls. I smacked her ass hard making her scream a little. “you like this big dick in your tight pussy?”  “yes cum for me baby “she exclaimed. “ah,ah fuck jess im gonna cum. Where do you want it?” I pounded deep into her. “give me a facial.” I jerked off in front of her face and groaned as I came on her cheeks nose lips. She licked it off with her finger. We showered together finished the movie with the kids. I love hot sex with my wife alright!

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