Mom for a Week (IV) – Conclusion

Sitting eye-to-eye with her best friend in their small town”s sole ‘tea room,” Lisa gave a brief look around the room before attempting to shush Marie. “Marie!” She hissed. “You”re as bad as my husband. It”s not funny!”

“Yes it is, girlfriend.”  Marie followed her statement of ‘fact” with more giggles.

“And besides, it”s your fault!”

“My fault?”

“Yeah you were the one that gave it to me.”

Well, that was true enough, but it only made her laugh more. “Nice try, Lis! If that”s all the better you take care of your bunny…”

“What am I going to do?!”

“You could put on your ninja” outfit and go bust into his house in the –”

Lisa rolled her eyes. This was going from bad to worse. Then the fog cleared. “I know what I”m going to do!”

“Something that doesn”t involve breaking his door down?”

Quickly explaining her plan to her best friend, Lisa watched Marie”s ponderous look for ‘approval.”

“It might wo—”

“I know it will!” Abruptly changing the subject to leave off any further embarrassing repartee from Marie, Lisa began making plans.

A week later when her shift coincided with Darren”s at the hospital, she made her move. “Uh, Darren?”

Inwardly Darren groaned, reluctantly turning to face her. It wasn”t that he didn”t want to see her. Quite the contrary, actually. Of all the people at work, he enjoyed being around her more than most everyone else; her cheerfulness was simply infectious. And after he unwittingly got a glimpse of what she”d kept hidden under her hospital scrubs he let the thought stop right there. The truth was, he just didn”t know how to face her after she”d mistakenly left a certain piece of equipment” at his home, without embarrassing either her or himself. Was this finally the denouement he”d feared, when she”d finally corked up enough courage to ask for it back? “Y-yes, er, Lisa?” His voice cracking, he was already kicking himself from within, feeling like a dope.

Completely oblivious to his nervousness, as she happened to be dealing with her own at the moment, she lost no time in practically blurting out her request. “I promised Allie I”d, um… make her something.”

“Oh yes,” Darren agreed, his brain moving at light speed trying to remember what it was so as to make his response not a lie.

“But I forgot to take her measurements while I was there,” Lisa explained, hoping it made as good of sense to him as it did to her.

“Measurements,” Darren muttered dumbly.

“Yeah she said she wanted a new swimsuit and I –”

“Oh yes,” Darren said again. This time he did remember.

Holding up her small measuring tape, Lisa continued, “So, I was wondering if you”d mind if I went to get her today. I could stay with her until you got off work, and that would give me time to, um you know…”

Staring at her pretty face, and momentarily mesmerized by blue eyes that seemed to stare straight through him, he struggled to find his voice again. Could it be that she”d actually forgotten about the ‘other” thing? If she was pretending to be innocent, she was pretty dog gone good at it! Or was it really hers? It had to be! There wasn”t any other woman roaming around his house that he was aware of. Unless she had a friend over and… Nah, that was just too kinky, and Lisa wouldn”t – Holy cow! What was he thinking about this sweetheart of a person?

“You all right, Darren?”

“Uh, sure, Lisa I”m sure Allie would love to see you again.” And that was no lie. Allie had been talking about Lisa nonstop ever since she”d departed, much to her father”s chagrin.

“Can I borrow the key?” Lisa smiled, reaching out her hand expectantly. This was it. All she needed was the key, and it would practically be done.

Darren handed over the key with fingers that all but trembled, then turned on his heels and marched off before he said something else that embarrassed himself. And fortunately for him, his abruptness went completely unnoticed, Lisa”s fingers tightening around the keys the instant they clinked into her palm.

Her mood much improved, Lisa couldn”t help but hum to herself as she swung by the preschool to pick up Allie. Looking for her father”s vehicle, Allie didn”t notice her at first. But when she did, Lisa could hear her squeal even through the closed windows of the car.


Getting out of the car, Lisa helped Allie into her seat and buckled her in. “Hi there, Sweety! How are you?”

“I good. I miss you!”

“I missed you, too,” Lisa giggled. And then it was the few miles to Darren”s home. Not one to deliberately ignore a child, Lisa couldn”t help but have her mind on something else, even as she peripherally heard Allie”s happy chatter.

Dropping the key twice as she attempted to enter the house, she scolded her trembling fingers. Allie didn”t seem to mind, squealing both times as she found the key and returned it to her Weesa.”

Back in his house, she momentarily felt like she was getting away with something. Mumbling to Allie that ‘Weesa” needed to use the restroom, which was a true statement at the moment, she made a beeline to Darren”s room, feeling her heart thundering in her chest as she closed the door. It was the bathroom first, and then… “Now where did I put that thing,” she murmured. Memory said it was the night stand, but if it was there, wouldn”t she have seen it and have taken it with her? Not seeing it, her heart sank, and for a moment she wondered if she”d need to turn the place upside down to find it.

Pulling open the nightstand drawer, she immediately breathed a sigh of relief, the subconscious agitation of the past several weeks seeming to disappear in an instant. Maybe that”s why she had forgotten it basking in the glow of what she was sharing with her husband at the time over the phone; she must have thrown it in the drawer instead so she told herself. In two seconds, Mr. Bunny found himself snug within her purse. Carefully closing the drawer, making sure nothing was amiss, she all but dusted the top of the nightstand for her own fingerprints, as if to wipe them out. Satisfied that Darren would never know (surely being ‘male,” he never checked his night stand drawer anyway!), she felt like she could breathe for the first time that day. That it was actually Darren who had placed Mr. Bunny in the nightstand drawer, she”d never know.

The rest of the afternoon passed peacefully. Turning the ‘measurements” into their fun afternoon activity, Lisa found a place where she could make a small mark near the refrigerator as to Allie”s height. “I tall!” She exclaimed. And then she”d insisted on measuring Lisa”s height, standing on her tippy toes on a chair. If Allie wondered about several other measurements Lisa took, and carefully wrote down, she didn”t let on. She simply filled the air with her happy chatter and did her best to wiggle for Lisa as any good child would do. She didn”t know it just yet, but come Christmas, there would be a brand new white ‘simsuit” under the tree just for her. Too bad it would be summer before she”d get to use it again. Lisa made another notation to remember to give it some growing room.

Returning home at last, Darren felt the same awkwardness return as Lisa greeted him at his door.

“Get what you need?” That had a double meaning. He hadn”t intended it to come out that way, but there it was.

“I think so.” Turning to Allie she said, “We got all measured, didn”t we?”

“I tall,” Allie repeated for her father”s benefit.

Saying her goodbyes, Lisa all but floored the accelerator to her car as she sped towards home, giggling in spite of herself as she heard the squeal of tires on the slippery leaf-trodden road. She felt as giddy as the cat that swallowed the canary, though she repeatedly checked the passenger seat to verify that, yes, her purse with Mr. Bunny inside was indeed safely in the car and accompanying her home. Wouldn”t that have been just ducky if she”d left her purse this time?! Good news just had to be shared, of course. Fumbling with her cell phone, she managed to dial Marie”s number without wrecking the car, and proceeded to give her best friend a most-satisfying recounting of events.

“Yes, but what did you leave there this time?” Marie laughed.

“Don”t say that!!” Lisa exclaimed, as she involuntarily looked over at her purse once more just to make sure it was still there. Surely it wouldn”t sprout wings and fly back there now, would it?

“You do know that I could have just bought you another one. It was only $69.69 and – ”

“It was not!” Lisa giggled. “You”re going to make me crash my car.”

“I still think you left something there.”

“I”m going to hang up now.”

“Go ahead, but it won”t change the fact that you – ”


A few minutes more, Lisa pulled into their driveway and let Marie casino pa natet go. She was in the house before she figured out Marie had been right. This time, however, hopefully Darren would feel no compunctions about bringing her a small measuring tape back! That”s what a singular focus did to a person – it made them forget other things.

“Hi Hon!” Strong arms enveloped her from behind, a hand palming her breast. He was too kind to rub his whisker-grizzled face against her soft cheek, but close enough that she could turn to kiss him.

“Your lips are cold!”

“The consequences of working outside,” he explained. “Besides, Melissa kicked me out of the office,” he added.

“Yeah, I”ll bet.”

“And what”s that grin on your face for?”

“I got it back,” she said deliberately.

“Got what back?”

“Mr. Bunny is now back where he belongs.”

“Oh? That means he”s currently resting right here?”

She playfully swatted his hand away. “Right now he”s ‘resting” in my purse.”

“Purse?” He asked, deliberately leaving the ‘r” off the word.

“Wrong purse. And you are a naughty boy.” She couldn”t help but laugh at his sheepish grin. Twisting around in his arms and gently gripping him in a place that got his immediate attention, she continued, “And besides, there are other things I”d rather have right there.”

For a moment he thought he saw a hint of fire mixed in with those flawless blue eyes, and he grinned broadly in spite of himself. Who was he to complain if the retrieval of a treasured toy happened to make her horny? And that”s exactly what she was even if she hated the word ‘horny.” Maybe he ought to just FedEx Mr. Bunny back to Darren this coming week, if this was the impact it had! Yeah and then he just might see world war iii.

“What are you thinking?” she begged.

“Oh, just wondering if Mr. Bunny actually wants to stay home instead of sneaking back to Darren”s.” And before she could say anything further, he blurted, “What”s for supper?”

“I dunno” I just got home. What would you li—“

“I think I”ll take dessert first,” he whispered, his hands shamelessly enjoying her lovely figure even through her clothes.

He had that ‘look” in his eyes, and she was half tempted to take him up on it. “I”m more in the mood for ‘sausage,” myself.” She loved the sound of his soft chuckles as he drew her possessively against him. “Blueberry pancakes?”

“Works for me,” he grinned.

Dinner was filled with more laughter as she explained her ‘crafty” means of returning Mr. Bunny to his rightful home. “You”re really going to make her a swimsuit?” he asked.

“No, a ‘simsuit,”” she corrected with a giggle. “She was very specific she wanted one just like the one I wore when we swam in her wading pool. And today I measured a very wiggly little Allie, and she”ll get her ‘simsuit.””

“And then we won”t be able to tell you two apart,” he remarked dryly.

“Oh, I wouldn”t worry about that,” she laughed, rising to clear the dishes. Rising with her, suddenly with other more important things on his mind, he pestered her until she finally gave up on dishes, laughing as he gave little random tickles until she fell into his arms.

“I need you, Sweetheart,” he whispered.

Just the sound of his soft, earnest voice made her spine quiver. She looked up into his handsome face, his smile nearly melting her heart like butter, even as an enormous erection seemed to press against her tummy even through their clothes. Gently releasing her, he leaned in for a tender kiss. He never claimed to be the world”s best kisser, but his lips were soft, and his expression filled with tenderness. Filling his hand with hers, she looked up at him, then slowly drew him with her to their bedroom, feeling the pleasant butterflies of anticipation in her tummy.

Upon entry to their bedroom, he held her again snugly against him, as both whispered the familiar happy things they always did.

“Now, which ‘simsuit” are you making for Allie?” he teased.

“The white one,” she whispered dreamily.

“Can I see you in it?”

She blinked her pretty eyes up at him and smiled. Finding it in her drawer, she playfully swatted his hands away as he tried to ‘help,” and scolded him when he tried to follow her to their restroom. Returning a few moments later, she could almost hear the sharp intake of his breath. “Do you like it?” she needlessly asked.

Truth be told, he loved seeing her in a bikini even more. Still it would have been a hard choice between that and this. There was something about its high cut legs that made them suddenly seem impossibly long. He couldn”t count the number of times he”d been blessed to see her in all her naked glory, but each time he saw her figure, she simply took his breath away again. Longing to bury his face in the soft cleavage of her breast, he tentatively drew closer, shamelessly feasting his eyes on her.

Less tentative than he at the moment, she drew close. With some deft movements of her hands, his shirt was off, and his pants were down. Kneeling on the floor, and driving him nuts with her best come-hither smile, his underwear soon followed suit, and she helped him out of the bunched clothing around his ankles. Mercilessly dragging the softness of her breasts up his legs, she felt his hands tremble on her shoulders, as she observed just how badly he wanted her. Even the sight of his arousal stirred passions within. Rock hard and twitching in time with his heart beat, he was all man, a beautiful one at that, and all hers! Tenderly kissing the tip of his penis, she heard him gasp.

Rising to stand in front of him once more, her eyes never left his as she gently began peeling the suit from her body, drawing it over stunning breasts that made his mouth water with anticipation. Full, and lush, and beautiful, she looked down at them, cupping them in her hands and flickering feather-light strokes of her finger tips over swollen nipples before looking up into his appreciative eyes.

His hands quickly replaced hers, and then it was his turn to kneel in front of her, as he gently peeled the suit downward, his eyes drawn to the apex of her soft thighs. Fitting her like a glove, he could see the outline of her femininity through the suit. Nearly trembling with anticipation, he lost no time in removing it from the glory of her beauty, leaning in to kiss her soft tummy. Her gentle hands found his head, tenderly working her fingers through his hair as he kissed lower, his cheek nuzzling against her neatly trimmed pubic hair until she felt the softness of his lips make contact with her passion. Ever so brief, and just enough to nearly make her fall down, she hungered for his return!

He wasn”t planning on wasting time, and for the moment, it was a good thing for them both. Gently lifting her in his arms, he placed her on the bed. Joining her and lying beside, he dreamily touched her, his hands tenderly exploring her body with familiarity, and a reverence and delight in her that made her feel sexy and special.

Neither one would ever be able to fully express the thankfulness each felt. He, for finding someone that fit every empty part of his life and who cherished his soul, and she for the sequence of events that brought a new friend into her life at just the right time. Pulling her out of a downward spiral of despair from the devastating loss of both parents in a plane accident, Marie had been there just in time and had never given up on her. It was only later that she understood the depth of sacrifice Marie had gone to in order to keep her from going off the deep end, all of which she nonchalantly waved off as ‘more than worth it.” She never would have guessed at the time that Marie would also find her a husband, of all things, and an awesome one at that, entrusting her with her cousin and best friend. A mere ‘friendship merger,’ she”d called it at the time, figuring the term would mean something to her accountant cousin. She looked into his shining eyes and smiled. He likely had no idea just how often her mind returned to the beginning, nor how lucky she felt. Returning her smile, a happy man also wondered if she knew just how blest he felt by her, and just how full he was in heart.

Grasping his hand, she drew it downward over her tummy until his fingers reached her soft femininity, holding him there (as if he would leave!) and sighing softly as he enjoyed one of his favorite places. Softer than rose petals, and far more beautiful, her beauty bathed his fingers with delight, drawing him further with the promise of shared joy.

“I think Mr. Bunny wants to be welcomed home,” he whispered playfully.

“Huh?” she gasped, distracted, wanting him to continue the glorious movement of his fingers.

Not answering her, he fumbled with the drawer on the nightstand and drew out Mr. Bunny, hoping he was fully charged. Clicking him on, he heard the reassuring buzz, and drew him close to her now trembling thighs. He smiled wryly as he gently drew the undulating tip across her smooth vulva, realizing he was holding the ‘offending instrument” that had caused Lisa to fret for so long. The sound of her soft moan and whimper as he gently opened her beauty, Mr. Bunny drawing within, was deeply satisfying to him. Indeed, there was no greater delight than to hear her pleasure. Her hands trembled about his as he guided the vibrator inward, gently seating its silly little bunny ears right on her clitoris, which nearly caused her to lift him off the bed for the reaction it evoked in her.

This was so much better than over the phone, having him right next to her. Mr. Bunny was just one more gift from her best friend. It looked like the silliest thing, but right now she scarcely knew if she even had legs, nor did she care, for the ecstasy that warmed her body. Catching his eyes, and seeing the love reaching from his soul to hers, she nearly cried, her face contorting with pleasure as it rippled through her, feeling safe and cared for in his arms. Not needing his continued guidance, Mr. Bunny happily continued his ‘work,” and she peripherally felt the gentle touch of his hands, roaming up over her soft tummy, gently touching each rigid nipple, and even whispering about her chin, tingles of soul-satisfying pleasure following his touch wherever it went. She knew it wasn”t heaven, but it had to be the closest she”d ever find here!

Kneeling beside her, he replaced his hand with the tip of his penis. Reaching for him, she ‘helped” him, gently drawing its soft tip across her skin. He looked gorgeous, and scrumptious, far better looking that the silly Mr. Bunny, even if the vibrator could do a few things a man”s penis could not. Shifting on his knees, she drew him to her breast, swabbing a turgid nipple with slippery trails of his fluids. Reaching over while she played with him, he resituated Mr. Bunny, which had the unexpected delight of sending thousands of new shards of pleasure through her, renewing the pleasant buzz that took her breath away.

He smiled down at her, her face contorted again with unspeakable pleasure. This time he helped her, kneeling closer to her face, his penis slipping into her open mouth to meet her returning cry of ecstasy. Her tongue, and the heady moan of her voice seemed to vibrate against him surely as Mr. Bunny did below. She would later hope that she didn”t accidentally bite him, being quite out of her mind at the moment. Her arms found his thighs, holding him to her as shuddering waves coursed through her. Arching her back, she took him deeper, his own moans of delight reaching her ears in heady gasps as pleasure exploded through him, the warm pulsations of his sperm in her mouth drawing her to orgasmic bliss all over again.

Long moments later, she was nestled close against him as he held her once more. Looking into his eyes, she heard him say, “I love you,” before the words could even tumble from her own lips. Mr. Bunny had withdrawn, somewhere in there losing his charge, of all things, which was probably a good thing or else she would have blacked out from so much happiness. But he really wasn”t needed any longer.

Slipping a hand between them, she found his softening member, still moist from her saliva and his semen. Again looking deeply into his eyes, she attempted to coax him to life once more. It never seemed fair to her that a man had to wait, though God surely had His reasons for creating him this way. He watched her gentle fingers, and loved her all the more for trying, filling his heart for wanting even more of him. Her soft voice murmured near his ear, repeating sweet little fantasies they had shared many times.

Finally cooing with happiness at her efforts, she sat up and pushed him onto his back. With little preamble, she straddled his waist and looked down at him, her soft hair flowing around them both. With trembling hands, both guided his penis into her as she sat down, her soft bum meeting up with his waist. “Golly,” she gasped. “That feels SO good!”  His hands filled themselves with her breasts, and his eyes simply watched her pretty face as she showed him just how good he felt to her long into the night, again and again her happy cries filling their bedroom.


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