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Folding her apron, Lisa appraised her kitchen carefully.  Everything seemed to be in order for the pending ‘invasion.’  While neat and tidy now, she knew that what she had planned would likely make a terrific mess.  A fan of making lists, she glanced at her notes on the kitchen counter and quickly went back through […]

Night Shift

Lisa rechecked the charts and sighed, letting them drop to the table. Mr. Peters was not doing well, despite her best efforts, and she feared the loss of a second patient in one night. The first had been hard enough. It was the one part of her job she liked the least. Nurses were supposed […]

The Boat

“So this is what it would be like to be rich,” Stan whistled, his hands slipping through the steering wheel of the yacht.  By most standards, Stan was already a wealthy man though he’d never thought of what he had in those terms, nor had he indulged in many ‘toys,’ such as a yacht.  Moored […]

The Photo Shoot

“Lisa, hold still!!!”  An exasperated Marie peered at her best friend through the camera lens once more. “But there are bees everywhere!” Lisa complained.  At first, it had seemed a hoot; both of them wanted to take some pictures in the flowers.  This was the first year the farm was growing a crop of purple […]

Mom for a Week (IV) – Conclusion

Sitting eye-to-eye with her best friend in their small town”s sole ‘tea room,” Lisa gave a brief look around the room before attempting to shush Marie. “Marie!” She hissed. “You”re as bad as my husband. It”s not funny!” “Yes it is, girlfriend.”  Marie followed her statement of ‘fact” with more giggles. “And besides, it”s your […]

Mom for a Week (III)

“Weesa!!” Lisa opened her weary eyes to Allie’s cheerful voice as she scampered into the room, and stretched.  For the first time that week, Allie had beaten her on waking up.  Quickly looking to the clock on the nightstand, she sighed with relief to see that there was still plenty of time.  Staying on the […]

Mom for a Week (II)

The week seemed to pass as a blur, at least the parts of it Lisa was able to spend with Allie.  The day seemed to crawl from the point she dropped her off at pre-school until she was able to pick her up again just past noon.  Her co-workers teased her that she seemed to […]

Mom for a Week (I)

“Lisa, uh… could I ask a favor of you?” “Sure, Darren.  What can I do?”  Making one last notation in her chart, she turned to her co-worker. “Um… can we talk somewhere else?” Observing the clock on the wall, she replied, “Sure–want a coffee?” “Uh, yeah.  Sounds good.” Moments later, she stared into his face over a steaming […]