The Request ~ Ignite Story

Lisa giggled to herself as she walked back to her bedroom. Her husband’s ‘naughty’ request was still ringing in her ears. She briefly wondered if he’d had his office door open when they had spoken on the phone. Had Melissa heard him? No, surely not—he had more discretion than that… or did he? Who would know? For all she knew Melissa was now blushing several shades of red, the poor dear.

A part of her felt self-conscious. But then again, it was nothing different from what she’d encouraged him to do on those trips he used to take out of town. Thankfully there were far fewer of those now. She could still hear his happy voice over the phone as she encouraged him to find pleasure, being right there to talk him through it. She blushed to herself, remembering the times she joined him. And then it had always been awesome when he came home. She often teased him that she could probably have a full beard and not have shaved her legs for a month. It still wouldn’t matter to him by the time he got to see her again.

She smiled to herself. Love was a wonderful thing. Being the recipient of his had brought more happiness than she’d have ever imagined. But this time was different. He had given express “instruction.” Relax and have a good time, never mind the fact that he didn’t happen to be there.

She stood in front of the mirror in their room and slowly undressed. One of these days they’d have to install the mirrors Stan and Marie had arranged in their room. But for now this one would have to do. In only her bra and panties, she appraised her lovely figure in the mirror. She could almost hear the admiring voice of her husband. She grinned wryly to herself. She knew she didn’t need to have any clothes removed for him to praise her figure. Her hand involuntarily touched her shoulder, the place he always rested his head when she appraised her appearance in the mirror. He never failed to evoke a smile with the funny looks he’d plaster on his face to get her to laugh.

Closing her eyes, she ran her fingers through her soft brown hair, across her shoulders, and down her sides. Imagining it was his hands, she lightly danced her fingers over her breasts. Then she traced a path through her soft cleavage with one hand. Her other, meanwhile, smoothed over her flat stomach and ventured lower. Feeling little tingles, she opened her eyes and looked down at herself, and then at the mirror. Giggling again, she reached behind her, undoing her bra. She caught as it unsnapped, setting it to the side.

With gentleness she flickered her fingertips over her aroused nipples, tracing little patterns all over her breasts the way he always did. Looking into the mirror she made a face at herself, giggled, and stepped free from her panties.

After one more glance at herself, she stepped over and sat down on the edge of the bed. She could still see herself in the mirror, her smooth legs gleaming in the light. She could see the narrow landing strip of pubic hair below her navel that was the sexy pathway to her feminine joy. Brushing her fingers through the soft little bristles, she remembered the first time she had trimmed it that way.

It had been a lark with Marie in college. They’d taken a trip to the beach over a weekend. In their hotel room she’d heard Marie groan in the restroom, and then come stomping out.

“Lisa! I get so tired of this—what do YOU do?”


Marie pointed at her bikini line. “This!” she repeated. “One of these days I’m going to miss one of these little demons, and just die of embarrassment out there. And it’s a pain in the—,” her voice trailed off.

Lisa stared at her attractive friend and smiled. “Die? I don’t think so, but there will be plenty of guys who will be disappointed if you don’t smile at them.”

Marie looked at her briefly, her irritation abating, but only for a moment. It was part of why she loved having Lisa around. Her best friend’s calmness had been quite handy on more than one occasion. Lisa gasped in half embarrassment, half amazement, as Marie pulled down her bikini briefs and pointed at the offending little hairs to make her point.

“I try so hard to keep them trimmed, but they still have to grow sideways, the little bums.” Shaking her razor in the air, she continued, “And I hate this thing. How do you take care of them?”

Lisa laughed and looked away. She shouldn’t have been surprised, as it wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen Marie naked before. Her brazenness did sometimes throw her for a loop. “Um… I don’t know, I guess I just try to trim in a little further, I—”

“Well, that’s it,” Marie said conclusively. “We’re going to do something new today before we hit the beach.”

“And what’s that?”

“We are going to the spa. You and me. I’ve heard so many talk about going. Well, now it’s our turn, and we’re going right now.”

And so they had. It was next to impossible to turn Marie around once she’d made a decision. It had been hard enough to find a place for it on the coast, where they weren’t familiar with the area, but they finally found a ‘spa.’ It was a hole-in-the-wall type of place, and they wondered what they were getting themselves into. Both had been nervous as they laid down on the tables. And both had blushed like school children to bare it ‘all’ down there to complete strangers.

Several ladies of oriental origin (who apparently owned the place) chattered away in their native tongue (which they later learned was Vietnamese). They busied themselves to take care of the ‘bums,’ as Marie had referred to them. Together, they’d learned about the different styles of what could be done down there. They then settled on one they both liked. She watched them trim away her soft brown curls until they were very short.

And then she felt the first wax strip applied.

It felt warm, and they warned her of what was to come. Bracing themselves, the two friends held hands as both were peeled back off at the same time. Both let out a shriek that would have woke the dead. They looked at each other, laughing uncontrollably. They were committed now! The ladies performing the service gave them both a curious look, one of them rubbing her ears. Then they shrugged, and continued their work. They saw all kinds. And bit by bit they completed their task. It hurt like everything. But the girls left the place feeling satisfaction. They were now of the ‘bums.’

That first time had definitely been the most painful, but it had gotten better over time. Back at college, they found a local spa and got into a routine. One night she overheard Marie describing the experience to someone on the phone. She later learned that it had been one of her cousins, a male one at that.

Seeing the look on Lisa’s face, Marie described her cousin to her for the first time. Lisa had been surprised at just how close they seemed. She found herself wishing she had something similar in her own family, especially since her mom and dad were… Lisa stopped that thought immediately. At the moment, all she had was Marie to share things with. It was the first time she’d heard of him, Marie’s mysterious cousin, never imagining at the time that he’d be her future husband.

She grinned at herself, remembering Marie’s sly smile after sharing with Lisa who she’d been talking to. That particular look on Marie’s face had always portended something of interest to come, usually mischief. She’d murmured something about introducing them one day. That day had come, of course, and the rest had been history, a beautiful one.

Eventually she and Marie had decided to quit ‘wasting’ money on the spa when they could just do it themselves. They started performing the task on one another. It was a good exercise in trust, plus it provided for lots of laughs. Whoever said beauty had to cost a lot of money? Marie was a wealthy woman now, but she still had her sense of practicality. And besides, it afforded a good chance to get together and ‘yak.’

Coming back to the present, Lisa looked at the small little strip of hair again and smiled. What did they call it? A landing strip? So many memories even in something as simple as that. Her fingers wandered downward to her soft skin. She sighed, gently rubbing a finger through her feminine flesh. It felt so good, even from her own hand.

Stopping briefly, she reached for a box from under the bed. Her ‘treasure chest’ wasn’t as large as Marie’s, but it contained the ‘essentials.’ Opening the box, she found the silicone replica of her husband’s penis and smiled. How Marie had ever gotten him or Stanley to sit still long enough to make them, she didn’t know. It had been a fun birthday present though. Embarrassing, but fun. Her face still flushed with the memory. With friends like these…

It almost felt like the real thing. Pulling it out of the box, she closed it and returned it to its safe place.

Reaching over to her nightstand, she found a small flask of oil. It would make things a little messy, but so be it. The times her husband had rubbed it into her skin it had felt great. She’d just imagine the same thing this time around. Taking her time, she poured the oil onto her skin and began rubbing it in. She started with her legs, taking time to even work it into her toes and feet. She gingerly rubbed it onto her lovely calves and thighs and around her waist. It felt so good, and looked amazing, too. Lifting a leg, she turned it different directions, watching how the light hit it and made her skin shimmer.

Next she worked it into her arms, and then her tummy. She lazily poured it onto her belly, watching a small pool of it gather in her belly button. She then smoothed it around her skin. It was undeniable how good it felt.

As she began working the oil into her breasts, she wished her husband was there. Rubbing it into her breasts was always one of his favorite parts. Grinning at the thought, she once again tried to imagine his hands performing the act. It wasn’t hard to imagine, though his hands were rougher than hers from the hard work he put himself through each day. That wasn’t the intent, either. He was supposed to spend more time in the office, according to Stan. But somehow he wandered out often enough to do some of the ‘real work,’ as he called it. Those silky, smooth ‘office hands’ he used to have were now becoming a memory… though they were still just as gentle.

She shivered with excitement, her nipples so hard and erect they were almost painful. Involuntarily, she arched her back, as one hand smoothed over her slippery skin to her waist. Opening her legs, her fingers found the object of their quest, and she moaned softly. Her memories flooded with the times her husband had loved her.

She still remembered the first time he had pleasured her with his mouth. He’d been hesitant to try. He wanted it to be good for her, all the while remembering it was something he’d never done. But he’d been heartened with her encouraging words, and it had been very good indeed! And soon it hadn’t taken her words at all. His gentleness and devotion to her pleasure took her to heights of ecstasy that had surprised them both. It left him no doubt as to what she thought of him as a lover.

It had been a special thing to grow together in marriage. Like he said one time, they really hadn’t known what they were doing, and it hadn’t been perfect at first… but it surely was perfect now! There was no shame, and it hadn’t taken long at all to feel completely at ease with him. He’d made her feel like a princess from the start. She only hoped he felt like a king in return.

Her body was his to love howsoever he chose. It had been absolutely thrilling to give it to him, even as it was to receive his in return. He always claimed that he’d gotten the far better end of the ‘deal,’ but she wasn’t so sure. When she fully learned what was in the man’s heart, she loved every part of his rugged, handsome body.

Finding her clitoris with a fingertip, she gasped in delight. Little shots of pleasure surged through her body. A hand returned to her stomach, smoothing over her quivering navel as she again ventured to her husband’s ‘favorite place.’ That was what he sometimes called it. Sweet moisture filled the smooth cleft of her vulva and coated her fingers.

Curious, she brought her hand to her lips, kissing her fingers and tasting herself. ‘Oh, my dear husband,’ she murmured. She’d watched him so many times down there practically delirious with tasting her, almost like he was drunk… with her! He’d told her later, teasingly, that he was only doing what the Bible told him to do. He was being ravished with his wife’s love. That was in the Proverbs somewhere, wasn’t it?

She smiled at the thought and returned to her passion.

It was definitely better with her husband, but this was pretty good, too. She set her mind free, recalling all their special times together. Once she’d sat on his face, almost literally, and could barely keep herself there. He has skyrocketed her to such passion that all the stars seemed to fall out of the sky at once. And then there had been the time she was sitting on the edge of the bed, and he’d…. Wow! She’d held his head the entire time, too, and it had left her a quivering ‘mess.’ Oh yeah. He’d so exhausted her that time that she’d been unable to give him anything in return… at the moment. But then he awoke in the middle of the night to feel her warm mouth clasping about his manhood. Her energy had returned, and he got the surprise of his life!

Filling the room with her cries, Lisa shuddered with orgasmic bliss that radiated all the way to her soul. Each contraction seemed to last for an eternity as the pleasure-filled buzz spread outward through her body. Her breaths came in harsh gasps as she came. Then she laid back on the bed and rested for a long time before moving. Her quivering body tingled with pleasure.

‘Another?’ she wondered. She reached for the dildo at her side, placing it on her tummy. It felt cool against her skin, but was indeed a true replica of her husband’s awesome body. She rubbed some oil into its surface, recognizing every single vein and curve. It wasn’t the same, not coming with the ‘man’ attached at the other end of it. But for now it would have to do. Reaching down between her legs, she gently maneuvered it around. Its tip was perfectly placed in her slippery slit. Sighing softly, she gently worked it into her body, feeling herself open to accommodate. ‘Brr! It’s cold,’ she thought. Maybe next time she would put it in warm water first.

In her mind she could see his happy, smiling face. Always he smiled when they made love! All he’d ever give her as the reason why was that he simply felt lucky to be with her. She loved the feel of her breasts against his chest as he tenderly moved within her. Their oneness was a stunning rapture that always took their breath away. She could almost feel the sweetness of his lips on hers, and the teasing treat it always was to find his tongue with hers.

And hadn’t that been a sweetly funny discovery? If anyone would have seen them at the time, they would have probably consigned them both to the loony bin. His face only inches from hers, they had compared their tongues.

‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,’ he had smirked.

Hers had been longer than his, something he had relentlessly teased her about ever since! His was broad, and hers was narrow. They had flickered them together, laughing like they were still on the playground, each teasing the other.

She could almost hear his little sniffs as he filled his face with her hair, wanting to inhale her scent. She remembered the tickle of his whiskers, and the kisses he laid to her neck and shoulders that drove her wild. And then there was the sounds. The soft whispers and moans he planted in her ears. The sound of her own voice loosed. Feelings she couldn’t put into words, at least not ones she’d ever seen in the dictionary. And if both were silent, the silken swish-swish sound their bodies made as he pressed into her and withdrew, again and again and again…

Crying in ecstasy once again, Lisa felt her body throb with release, tightly gripping the dildo within her depths while her passionate cries escaped her lips. If only her husband were here, he would be filling her with himself, marking her with his love. He would be kissing her, and covering her with his warmth. His hands would be holding hers, or holding tightly onto her. His mouth would be whispering his delight in her ears. His breath would be warm on her cheek and shoulder. Her legs would smoothly clasp about his back. She would hold him to her, lest he had notions of departing their warm embrace. She needn’t have worried, as he never had. It just felt so good to have him there.

She thought of her parents again. It was kind of strange to think of them after what she’d just done. But then again—they were always in her heart. Mama would have really liked him. Daddy would have approved, too. If only… She sighed. There was no use even going down that road. She would see them again in Heaven. For now, she had the next best thing.

It was something she couldn’t even put into words to explain to him. How his love and care for her unwittingly gave her the closest memory she had of her Mom and Dad. “Maybe I just got lucky, Mom?” she said, her voice seeming to echo in the empty room.

She was sure her mom was smiling at the thought… though she hoped she hadn’t seen what she’d just done!

Resting long moments before moving, her sense of practicality finally returned.

Gingerly, she removed the pseudo-phallus and smiled lazily at the ceiling. Giggling, she wondered just how in the world her dear husband had sweet-talked her into doing this. She already knew what it would do to him when she told him about it later. Maybe that was the reason. With that thought in mind, she rose from the bed. Her mind was already racing forward to supper when he came home and… dessert.

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