Trip to the Nursery (L)

A few years ago, I needed to make a trip to the wholesale nursery to pick up plants for a job. The nursery was across the state line, so this would take about six hours, round trip. It was a weekday, but my wife had the day off. It was nice when she could go with me; it always made for an interesting trip. We hopped in my Ford F150 truck with the small trailer hooked up behind it.

I don’t remember anything of any significance going to the nursery or loading the plants up, but the ride back was a different story.  The somewhat curvy and hilly road had only two lanes nearly empty of traffic. But one guy in a pickup was stuck behind me due to the double yellow lines.

At some point, my wife became extremely horny.  She unbuckled her seat belt and slid across the bench seat on her knees. Janie  began to kiss on me and French my ear.  It was not long before she had her blouse off and began to fondle her breasts beneath her bra. I kissed her every opportunity I safely could. I wondered how much the guy behind us might be able to make out from back there, the idea making me hard as a rock.

Janie took her bra off. She held her breast with one hand and stuck her nipple in my ear, teasing me to no end. I would suck on her nipple as often and as long as I could while trying to keep an eye on the road.

Then she stripped completely naked so I could rub her beautiful body and finger-fuck her. Janie was dripping wet; my hand was soaked before she climaxed. And what a climax she had, laying her head on my shoulder and relaxing when it was over. The beautiful aroma in my truck was unbelievable.

Shortly after she came, the road went from two lane to having a passing lane going up a steep incline.  The guy passed us with a big smile on his face and a friendly wave.

After we made it to the top of the hill there was a dirt road on the right.  I went down the road far enough that we couldn’t see the main road we just left. We began to make out and it didn’t take long until we were ready to go at it.

I walked around to the passenger door and slid Janie’s beautiful butt to the edge of the seat. I am 6’4” tall, so this put her at the perfect height. Dropping my cargo shorts and underwear to my ankles, I slid my dick into her hot wet pussy and kissed her passionately on her lips. She wrapped her legs around my back, and we fucked until we both orgasmed.

Oh how I miss those bench seats, and a good old dirt road.

[From MH: We remind our readers to please drive with care and remain buckled up while on the road. We don’t want to lose any of you. 😊]

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5 replies
    • SecondMarge says:

      Men seem to enjoy when their wives are sexually aggressive

      The most daring we have gotten while driving(before our cars had bucket seats). He was driving. My bra came off. My top lifted enough for my husband to caress my breast and tease my nipples. I took his cock out of his pants and gave him a hand job.

      About as much as could happen while keeping the car under control. He did his best to let passing truckers get a peek. I did my best to cover up. Especially for passing cars.

  1. RMD says:

    My Darling M and I love our old truck! I bought an older pickup for one reason besides hauling things – the bench seat. We make out at almost every red light, and she holds “me” the whole time, deliberately making me hard and crazy with desire. Today we’re going to drive to be with some friends in another state for the weekend. We’re taking our car, but the ten hour trip each way always includes each of us giving each other orgasms – my fingering her and she giving me a slow, maddeningly sensuous hand job. We’re doing something new this time. Last Christmas I gave her a vibrator I’d made with a kit that gives everything needed to make a mold of your erection with a vibrator inside. She has “me” all the time now. So she is going to have me inside her sitting next to me while I hold her hand as she comes!

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