Parents Rekindled (L)

My eyes open, and I take in a sharp breath as I try to figure out what might have woken me.

As I lift my head from the soft pillow across which my raven hair cascades, I blink the sleep from my eyes. I’m trying to focus on hearing whether one of the children has stirred. That’s the usual cause of my awakening in the middle of the night. But only relative silence, the creaking of the house, and the wind outside meet my ears. With a grumble, I place my head back down and glance over the clock: 2 am.

Sleep is such a precious commodity. With two children under five, any night undisturbed is a blessing. It’s even better if it means the bed only contains me and my husband, Rob. Nowadays, though, it is only used for sleeping and sometimes building a pillow fort with the kids.

I twist slightly and look at my still-sleeping husband, though he’s no more than a shadow in the depths of the night. But I don’t need to see him to know him. My mind’s eye shows me the thick stubble around his jawline. I see the touches of grey along the edge of his jet black hair and how his blue eyes can still pierce straight through me when he gives me one of his smiles.

Yes, we’re still in love, which is better than most of our peers. But, as tends to be the case when you have children, we had morphed from husband and wife into daddy and mummy. We don’t have much time anymore to enjoy one another without being distracted by our children. It’s been a month since the last time we’d found the time or the desire to fuck. And then it had felt rushed and incredibly unfulfilling. It was no one’s fault.

Still, I do miss the intimacy. Even now in our bed, there is a significant gap between us. The days of cuddling and falling asleep in one another’s arms are long gone now that the children are here.

That doesn’t mean it has to stay that way though.

Carefully I scoot backward and press my behind–larger now than it when we got married–against him. I wrap one of his strong arms around me like a blanket. He responds by making a sleepy sound of acknowledgment and snuggles a bit closer to me, enveloping me into his warmth as he breathes softly into my hair.

I’ve not come for a cuddle, though — not this time.

I start to lightly kiss his arm and push my behind gently into his crotch. I feel my body slowly wake up in his arms as desire floods me. A familiar ache starts to form between my legs. Rob doesn’t react immediately. My hips become a little more insistent, and I begin to feel a firmness grow in his pajama pants.

“Rach?” he whispers, voice full of sleep. I answer him by reaching behind and twisting my wrist to grab his ass. It’s pretty clear what I want and, despite his sleepiness, I know he’ll want this too.

When he presses hard against my ass, I know I have him.

Hot breath rushes against my neck. I can feel Rob’s desire in it, even before his lips press against my skin. His stubble scratches against me, but it’s hardly unpleasant and really not where my focus is. Instead, it’s on how I can feel his hardness against my ass as we grind against one another.

I want to tease him, and I’m sure he wants to do the same. But we could be interrupted at any moment. We both know that teasing and foreplay have to be kept to a minimum. And anyway, it’s kind of hot when his hands grip the elastic of my bottoms and yank them down past my ass so quickly. That makes me feel incredibly desired.

Rob pulls away for a moment. In that time, I position myself, ready for him. When he returns, I feel the thick bulbous head of his cock against my pussy for just a moment. Then he pushes into me, deep and slow. My walls stretch as his cock slides in.

My eyes shut tight, and I do my best to stifle a moan. We start to fuck slowly, our hips grinding against one another and Rob’s arms wrapping around me. Love swells inside of me at being so close and intimate again with my man — my lover and the father of my children. Despite all the changes in our lives and how we’ve both gotten older and more tired, he’s the only one that can make me feel this way.

I take his hand and guide it under the baggy t-shirt I sleep in. He then does the rest. His strong hand grips a handful of my large, heavy breasts. They are a long, long way away from what he first met. But the way he kneads them is still the same as is the way he pinches my sensitive nipple to draw a gasp from my lips.

“Rob,” I whisper. I’m finally feeling brave enough to speak without shrieking out how good he feels inside of me. And God, do I want him to hear me moan. We don’t need any little intruders coming in, but I want him to know how he makes me feel.

Moving his hand to grab my torso, Rob repositions us so that I’m laying on top of him. His cock stays embedded in me as we shift. Strong hands lift my shirt over my chest, and he takes both of my breasts into his palm.

My back arches and I start to push down harder on his cock, rolling my hips down onto him. I bite my lip hard to refrain from crying out his name. I want to scream how much I have missed his manhood sheathed inside me like this. The pressure between my legs grows.

Even after a month without any intimacy between us, Rob still knows the cues of my body better than anyone ever has. He knows I’m close. He moves his right hand from my breast to my sex, finding my clit.

It becomes a battle to stay quiet. My hands slam into the sheets of our bed. I grip them tightly as my chest heaves against the duvet that only partially covers my tits now. I don’t care at this point, though. The only noise I make is heavy breathing and slight, soft gasps. Soon, they turn into a quiet groan as Rob pushes me over the edge.

Our bedroom is filled with my shuddering gasps for air as I convulse on top of my husband. My pussy tightens around his cock as I cum. I moan as quietly as I can and continue to grind onto him slowly.

Rob gently caresses my body, lightly kissing my neck as he lets me recover. I know how badly he must want his own release, but at no point do I feel rushed. Indeed, I’m all but done recovering when I feel him pull out and place me on the bed. I can vaguely hear him to the side of me removing his bottoms under the covers. Then he helps me remove mine.

In the dark, I can’t see him too well, but I can feel the weight shift on the bed as he hovers over me. His kisses caress my lips, gentle, sweet, and full of the love I know he has for me. His hands are on my shirt, already past my large breasts that he had groped. He lifts it over my head, and I maneuver enough so he can toss it to the floor with the rest of the bedclothes. He then pulls the sheets over his shoulders and back like a cape.

His mouth drops briefly to take one of my nipples into his mouth. I let my hand run through his short, dark hair. Rob has been patient enough, though, and I want him still. I’ll always want him.

“Fuck me, Rob,” I whisper into his ear. “I want you to fuck me.”

He pulls back from my breast, and I’m sure I can see his smile in the dark. Then I feel my legs pulled apart. His cock slides back inside my sensitive pussy.

It’s his turn to do the work now. He uses his full length to slide slowly in and out of me to start. But I know what he’s building up towards, know how powerful and passionate he can be with me when he’s in the mood. It starts with his large hands grasping my thick, pale thighs. He uses his grip to pull me into each thrust.

He’s a shadow above me who could be anyone. But his deep grunts as he fucks me are the same I’ve always known. I know this body I wrap my legs around, my ankles crossed against the small of his back. I let my hands smooth upwards and against his thick chest. I love touching him and feeling the roughness of the hair across his pecs.

“Fuck me,” I gasp. “Keep fucking me, Rob. Fuck your wife.”

He thrusts into me hard. The bed begins to creak, and the headboard smacks against the wall three times. I reach behind and over my head to grab it and stop it making any more noise. There is no way I’m having the children stopping this now before we’ve finished.

I need his cum. Need to be reminded of how it feels to have his seed spill into the deepest parts of my cunt. To be marked as my husband’s once more as I mark him as mine.

He starts to take me deeper and faster. I hear the groan from his lips as my own squeak joins it. One of his hands grabs my breast and grips it hard as he pistons himself into me. The base of his cock against my clit brings me closer and closer to another release.

When he finally erupts inside of me, he collapses on top. The sound of his animalistic, guttural grunting in my ear sets off my own release. I wrap my arms tight around his shoulders and hold him close. I gasp out his name and roll my hips against him to draw out my orgasm.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so close to him. Even though I know when we’re woken up at 6 am by the kids I will feel beyond tired, it will be tiredness that will have been so worth it. My hands smooth up and down his back, and I let out a contented sigh of relief.

“Love you, honeybee,” he says. He hasn’t used his pet name for me in years. He pulls out and lays down beside me. I quickly move into him, resting my head on his chest as he pulls me close to cuddle up.

“Because I woke you in the middle of the night to fuck?”

I hear the smile in his answer. “I mean… that’s one reason. But there are lots of reasons. Fuck, I didn’t know how badly I needed you.”

“Me neither,” I reply and lean up to look at him in the dark. “Maybe I can ask my parents to take the kids for the weekend? We can go somewhere nice, and we can sleep and fuck for two days straight.”

“Sounds perfect,” Rob replies. “Especially the sleeping.”

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8 replies
  1. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Very nice story. I love the rekindleing for busy parents, and the needing of each other's time and each others sex.. The way you tell him to fuck his wife…. Very hot. You get two thumbs up and now I've got one erection up, I may have to wake the wife . Tohimbetheglory.

  2. MaxLoving says:

    Sex in the early morning hours are some of the best. If for no other reason, because it especially says "I love you" to lose sleep (that I know my wife highly treasures, lol) to spend time having sex with me. I cuddled with her after reading your story at 4 am. She never woke up, but responded nonetheless from her half-awake state. We played footsies for a while before she went back to sleep. Thanks for the story.

  3. SecondMarge says:

    A beautiful story and very sensual. I’m jealous as I almost never cum from intercourse. And a little embarrassed as it reminds me of my first husband who sometimes would truly “fuck” me hard and deep without any love making. In its own way it was what I needed to feel desired and flattered by the ability to get him so animalistic. The days of a big hard cock just ramming me are over. What we have now is great in its own way. It’s more tender with manual and mental ways of making me more likely to orgasm. I’m certainly far more open sexually now. Far more likely to say yes to my second husband wanting to try something different.
    Thanks for the story, stirring my memories and turning me on. Maybe I should wake him.

    • Hott4you says:

      Sex shouldn't be just…sex. it's 2 people making love, caring for each other. Tender like you said.
      [I think] part of what a woman wants is to feel safe in the arms of her man. Protected. Then she can relaXXX. When the body is relaxed, the mind is free as [I believe] God intended. Ideas? The Bible says,, with God ..all things are possible. So..ask God to bless you with free and amazing orgasms. He created sex as a symbol of Christ's love for his church. ( Eph. 5)
      You are so worthy.

  4. Ben G. says:

    Great story! Boy, do I remember those days! However, by hook or by crook, Gina and I always seemed to somehow find the energy and the time to be intimate.
    There were many times that we were interrupted by crying and the occasional intrusion. But we managed.
    I believe such things are what makes married life and parenting worth doing. I wouldn't trade one second for anything in the world. My Lord Jesus Christ, my beautiful wife and my children are my life. Without them I am nothing! God Bless.

  5. ArtRutherford says:

    Love the story. Does "rekindled" love hold true for couples married 40 years, in their 60's and children married and out of the house? I hope so. I know so, although far less frequent. 🙂

  6. Southernheat says:

    This is such a sweet and sexy story. We’ve all been there with the kids, busy and tired. When you finally make the time the sex is sooo good! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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