The Photo Shoot

“Lisa, hold still!!!”  An exasperated Marie peered at her best friend through the camera lens once more.

“But there are bees everywhere!” Lisa complained.  At first, it had seemed a hoot; both of them wanted to take some pictures in the flowers.  This was the first year the farm was growing a crop of purple bachelor buttons or whatever they were called.  They were gorgeous to look at in full bloom, acres and acres of them stretching across the field, but the bees were something else.  Evidently, they appreciated the purple view as much as they did, and it didn’t help that her husband had contacted an apiary to haul bee boxes in by the truckload to make sure the flower field was ‘good and pollinated.’

“And try to smile, why dontcha’?”

It was hard to smile with the persistent buzzing going on.  For the most part, the bees minded their own business, but still – the moment she turned her back, one of them might just take a nip at some random portion of her body.  And clad in a purple bikini at the moment, there happened to be quite a bit of ‘nipping-area’ available to the little varmints.

“Maybe if we hosed them off they would leave this part of the field,” Marie speculated.

“Maybe I should take the camera and you can show me how it’s done,” Lisa countered.

Marie grinned at her flustered best friend.  Maybe this wasn’t the best idea in the world, but it had seemed like one in the middle of the winter when it came to mind.  Lisa’s trouble was probably that she was as sweet as honey, and that’s why the bees were bugging her the way they were.  Then she had a thought.  “Here, try this.”  Throwing her friend the bottle of tanning oil, she watched to be sure Lisa caught it.  “It’s the smelliest stuff I have.  Maybe that will repel the bees.”

It was worth a try.  Gritting her teeth, Lisa rubbed herself down with it, trying to remind herself of why she wanted to do this in the first place, and that was to give her dear husband another screen saver for his office computer, something for him to ‘drool on’ that would be a continual reminder of what he had at home.  She already knew it didn’t take a picture to accomplish that, but it was fun to know he was lusting after her all day long!

“Hey now, that looks hot!” Marie admired.  Lisa seemed to positively gleam in the sunshine.  “Look out – slippery when wet!”

“Whatever,” Lisa grinned wryly, swatting at another bee.  “I’m not sure this works anyway… that one seemed mad.”

“Only because you swatted at him.  Now smile!”  Marie grinned again as she looked at her beautiful best friend through the camera.  Lisa gamely attempted a smile and Marie clicked the shutter.  “That’s the stuff.”

Several poses and over an hour later, Lisa had had quite enough.  She particularly rejected Marie’s latest suggested pose, where she wondered how it would look if Lisa sat perched on top of one of the bee boxes.  That was instantly vetoed, as was her laughing friend’s suggestion that they figure out how to construct a ‘bee’ bikini.  Nope.  That wasn’t going to happen in this century or the next.

“Now it’s your turn.”

“Don’t think so.”

“Oh?  Are you all of a sudden allergic to honey bees?”


“We’ll see about that.”


“Ummmm, what are they doing?”

“Melissa, I have absolutely no idea.”

“Can I have the binoculars?”

Handing them over to Melissa, he squinted again at the scene below, wondering what in the world they were talking about.  And while he never complained to see his lover decked out in a bikini… well, all he knew was that he’d never bare that much skin in the middle of the bee’s ‘kingdom’ on a warm summer day!

“Marie’s takin’ pictures,” Melissa murmured.  “And now Lisa’s trying to get the camera.  Ohmigoodness!  Uh… oops.”


“There was a… er… wardrobe malfunction.”

“Is that right?  Gimme’ that thing!”

Melissa handed the binoculars back over with an amused grin.  The last she’d seen was a harried Marie hustling towards the house.  Covering both breasts with a quickly raised arm, Lisa appeared to be saying something and pointing at Marie with her free hand.  She might have been worried, had it not been for the smile on Lisa’s face.  She watched her boss for a moment, as he focused the lens intently.  He didn’t say a word, but the grin on his face said it all.

“What’re you looking at?” he growled good-naturedly.

“Nothing, I’m sure,” Melissa smiled, returning to her desk.  He was one of the smartest men she’d ever known, his awe-shucks manner notwithstanding.  Normally calm and even-keeled, it was funny to see him let his hair down.  When it came to Lisa, he was a lost puppy.  A brief twinge of painful memories from the past crossed her mind.  They were always there, lingering in the background, though thankfully kept at bay by a new life.  These people were so different, it was such a night-and-day difference, it wasn’t even funny.  She looked at her boss again – even he would probably admit he hadn’t ‘grown up’ just yet, willing to stop everything he was doing in the middle of a work-day just to stare at his wife like a love-famished teenager.  Still, there was something kind of endearing and sexy about that.


It was a good thing there was nobody around for miles… well, nobody except at the farm office, and they never looked this way.  She looked over at the back deck to Stan and Marie’s house.  Her best friend stood at the railing, a saucy grin on her face as she absently twirled a purple bikini top in her fingers.  Defeated, but only for the moment, she walked to the house.

Lisa was too sweet of a person to even plot revenge, and for a moment, albeit a brief one, Marie felt a twinge of remorse.  But she did take the opportunity to snap one last picture as Lisa walked through the purple flowers.  Looking in the viewer, she wondered if it wasn’t even the best one she’d taken all afternoon.  “Looks like you were stung a couple times, Lis,” Marie called out as her best friend approached.

“Huh?  I – ”  Dropping her hands from protectively covering her breasts, she looked down to examine her skin.

“Right there on your chest.  Two great big ‘welts,’ right – ”

“Somebody wants their camera dipped in the hot tub,” Lisa giggled.  Reaching out more quickly than Marie could withdraw her hand, she retrieved her top and diligently returned it to its place.

Marie watched her quietly for a moment.  Lisa was such a good sport.  And if she was brave enough to face the bees…

“Okay…” Marie handed over the camera.  “Give me a sec, and I’ll be right back.”

Returning moments later in an identical purple bikini, Marie grinned nervously.  “Seriously – you didn’t get stung any, did you?”

“Not once,” Lisa smiled.  “I guess they were more worried about all the flowers.”

“Well, let’s make this quick!”

And it did seem to go more quickly this time, as the two friends returned to the field, camera in tow.  At one point they attempted to call Melissa to see if they could coax her down the hill to join them, but she was quite firm in her refusal.  “No way, Jose!  Not unless you want to call an ambulance – I’m allergic to bees!  Besides… I think you’ve attracted an audience.”

“An audience?”

“Yeah.  I don’t think your husband has gotten much work done today.”

“We haven’t gotten much done down here, either,” Lisa replied.

Moments later, the two friends found themselves in front of Marie’s computer, going through the pictures to find their favorite ones.

“Marie!  That one needs to be deleted!”

Stopping her best friend’s ‘trigger-happy’ hand before she could delete it, Marie said, “I think it’s the best one of the whole lot – you didn’t even know it was being taken.  And besides, it looks undeniably hot!”  There was something demure and sweet about it.  Lisa had been looking away, back towards the flowers, even as a protective arm and hand covered her breasts.

“No, this is the one that looks ‘hot!’”  Lisa clicked over to one of Marie, who was one of those types of women blessed with the ‘look.’  Leaning against a random fence post in a sea of purple, her face marked with a come-hither smile, one hand tugging at sunglasses just enough to see the sparkling brown of her eyes, and a thumb hooked in her bikini bottom, it was a picture of awe-inspiring confidence.  “Stan is going to have a meltdown when he sees it!”  Marie was gorgeous, but it was truly all in the smile.  It said everything, and seemed to have a way of looking right into a person’s soul that made it jump off the page.

“Dang – that is a good picture if I do say so myself,” Marie quipped.

“I’m guessing Stan will agree.”

“He’d better, if he knows what’s good for him!”

They saved the best ones to a memory stick and deleted the rest.  Maybe it wasn’t the most productive way to have spent an afternoon, but it would doubtless keep a couple husbands happy.


“These are great, Hon!  Are you guys sending these away to some contest?”

“Contest?” she giggled.

“Yeah – look at this one.  That’s pretty cool how you got Steptoe in the background, and all the green spring wheat in the hills that contrasts with the flowers and – ”

“I thought you’d be a little more interested in the foreground.”

“Ah Hon, if I focused on that, people would think I was just a horny old goat.”

“Yeah?  Well, you’re MY horny goat.  And who cares about Steptoe?  That was pure coincidence!”  Deftly slipping her hand into his pants before he could move, she found out the truth quickly enough.  “Ah ha!  That’s what I thought!”

It was true – he was more interested in the foreground, even if he did happen to appreciate the beauty of rolling green hills of wheat.  “Guilty as charged,” he chuckled, reaching for her hand to hold it there.

“The amount of bees we dodged, that better be your reaction!”

“Get stung, did you?”

“No.  Almost.”

“Hey now… maybe that’s what the picture is missing.”

“What’s that?”

“Maybe you should have opened one of the bee boxes, ladled out some honey, and then let it trickle down all over your gorgeous body…”  His voice faded away.  He could almost see it, his mind doing somersaults imagining the sight of gleaming stripes of honey slowly making a downward march over Lisa’s gorgeous curves.

“NO open bee boxes!” she protested.  “I think I’ll let them keep their honey while I keep mine.  Then again…”  She cast a glance to her kitchen pantry.

“See?  You wouldn’t have to rob the poor little bees of their honey,” he teased.  “I bet you have a jar of it in there somewhere.”

“If you haven’t scarfed it up already,” she laughed, leaping up to check her inventory.  “Nope.  Not a jar of it,” she reported.  “Just this.”  It was the typical teddy-bear plastic bottle.

“Hmm… looks more like concrete to me,” he murmured.

“Yeah, it is a little hard.  Nothing the microwave couldn’t fix!”  It certainly wasn’t the only ‘hard’ thing in the room at the moment, as he again dreamed about sticky, golden honey trails adorning his lover.  She giggled at his ‘vacant’ look, knowing already what he was thinking.  “Well… maybe next time we can keep that in mind.  It would kinda’ make a mess of those pretty swimsuits, though.”

“Messes are good.”

Sitting back down beside him and wrapping her arms around his shoulders she smiled, and whispered hotly in his ear, “I think I’d rather have a different ‘mess’ on me…”


“Oh yeah.”

Shifting in his seat, he drew her into his arms and stared into her eyes.  She stared right back at him, her mouth unable to hide her trademark little smile.  He loved being this close to her, and his inhalation of her scent was an involuntary action.  If asked, he would have said he was a simple man.  In truth, there were few things that got under his skin, and he was easily content even with very little.  But there was something about her that always seemed to turn him into knots inside, something that filled him with such consuming hunger.  He’d never been able to put his finger on it, and being the analytical former-accountant that he was, he’d thought on it diligently, but it was still a delightful mystery.

She watched the smile form on his face and the slight, nearly imperceptible squint of his eye.  Not that he’d ever tried, but it was impossible to hide the adoring respect that burned in his eyes.  He was devilishly handsome, more than he had any right to be, and had this uncanny ability to simply look at her across a crowded room and make her hot and bothered.  Up close, it was no contest!

“Right here…?” he drawled softly, drawing a finger ever so slowly from the nape of her neck into the softness between her breasts, his eyes never leaving hers.

She glanced at his finger and bit her lower lip before returning her gaze to his.  “Everywhere,” she whispered, drawing a finger across her cheek and tracing her lower lip.  Finding her finger and lips with his mouth, he traced her features with tender kisses, loving the taste of her skin, and gently palming a perfect breast.  Shamelessly looking down the front of a shirt that didn’t have that shape when she bought it, he admired the beauty of a place close to her heart where he’d rested many times.

“Hey there!”  Seeing a hint of purple he paused, looking again into her eyes.

Mere seconds later she was cradled in his arms en route to their bedroom where he undressed his very own ‘purple flower,’ down to the purple bikini she’d spent the afternoon in.  Gently laying her on the bed, he simply stared as she stretched herself out, arms and legs open wide.

“Now I know why the bees stayed so close,” he murmured, as she giggled.  “They know which flower to pollinate!”

Watching his face, she slowly untied each string of her suit.  He couldn’t help but follow her hand, which tantalizingly pressed over her smooth tummy, and slowly into her bikini bottom, her soft fingers seeming to flutter with delicate precision over her femininity.  She grinned at his mesmerized smile.  Maybe the bees had thought they were flowers, being tricked by the colors.  But at the moment, she was interested in pollination only by one particular bee…

Sharply exhaling a breath that felt like it had been held forever, he kneeled beside the bed, his gentle fingers fumbling with her suit.  She looked over at him, the bliss of pleasure written on her face.  Pulling her bikini bottom away, he watched the movement of her fingers with near childlike fascination, leaning closer to kiss her hand as she played.  Sitting up, he gently tugged at her top, freeing magnificent, full breasts to his gaze.

Sitting back up she whispered, “I think my ‘bee’ has far too many clothes on.”  He chuckled good-naturedly and let her help him out of his shirt and pants.  She loved seeing him naked; erect and aroused, he was a beautiful man!  Gently touching the tip of a throbbing penis, she smiled into his eyes, “Now that’s a beautiful stinger!”  Tossing her hair, she leaned back, and he followed her to the bed, one arm under her neck, and the other delighting to caress and explore her curves.

So many times they had been in this position, his head resting at her shoulder even while he watched his right hand touch the most beautiful of all of God’s creation.  That God could create something as beautiful as woman, which he could see, he wondered what was truly in store on the other side, where there would be something even more beautiful, something that couldn’t even be imagined!  But for now, he simply enjoyed her, his hands gently traveling over the sweetness of her body, and remembering again the delight of every one of her curves which his fingertips had long ago memorized.  “Babe, you are SO beautiful,” he whispered.  “All day long I think of this…”  He paused to watch his finger softly twirl around a rigid, and perfectly shaped nipple.  “Thanks for the pictures.”

“You’re welcome, Hon.”

“It’ll make it all the ‘harder’ to stick to business.”

“Good… then just bring your ‘hard stick’ home and…”  Reaching for his hand, she moved it to the velvety softness between her legs.  “And put it right here.”

He sighed contentedly.  She was moist with arousal, her legs splayed wantonly open to his touch, and her breathing erratic just to feel his touch.  He wondered if she knew just how great a compliment it was, or how good it felt, to know she enjoyed his touch.  Slipping one, and then two fingers into her slippery warmth, he enjoyed the purring sound of her voice, the sound he dreamed of throughout a tough day, and the sound he lived to hear through the night… knowing there was someone there who cherished his heart, no matter what, and was completely happy with who he was.  Glancing briefly at her eyes, he grinned.  They seemed to stare vacantly as if glazed over to all but the pleasurable touch of his hands.  Drawing her closer with his free hand, he kissed her forehead, then her nose, his lips laying a soft trail to her mouth, until he captured her sweet voice into his own.

Feeling the soft flicker of his tongue against her lips, and the gentle movements of his fingers between her legs, she shivered with pleasure.  She found his soft hair with her free hand, twirling it in her fingers, even as she found his tongue with her own, darting together in a sweet, sexy dance.  Feeling his fingers sensuously withdraw, slipping ponderously through her smooth cleft over her clitoris, it was all she could do to keep her hips from rising off the bed as if to be closer to the giver of pleasure.  And then he was back inside again, burying himself in her warmth, the tips of his fingers touching secrets known only to him.  The feather-light pressure of his thumb on her clitoris while his fingers moved within nearly put her into orbit.  The gasping breaths her body seemed to demand were stolen for the moment, as he sucked tenderly on her tongue until she explosively broke their kiss.  “Oh, Honey!  Oh… Sweetheart!  Oh…  Oh…”  Her voice trailed off as searing pleasure swept through her body like a whirlwind.

She clung to his head as if for dear life, where he could feel the warmth of the tears that spilled unabated from her eyes, knowing she was happy.  She heard his repeated whispers that he loved her, which only seemed to compound the marvelous pleasure she felt from his touch.  Opening her eyes, she tried to focus on his face.  At the moment he was watching her, feasting his eyes on her body, simply enjoying her pleasure.  She could feel his breath against her skin, and the touch of his skin against hers, the reassuring touch that he was there.  And then he moved his fingers again, gently within, and she had to close her eyes as he took her to ecstasy.  This, was why they belonged to each other, two hearts melted together as one!

“Oh, Lisa, Lisa…” he whispered softly.  He didn’t know how long he’d held her, thrilled to hold her as sheer ecstasy overtook everything.  She was trembling and vulnerable in his arms, her soft blue eyes blinking at him, her lips softly parted.  The light sheen of perspiration seemed to make her body glow, all the more ravishing his senses.  Gently withdrawing his fingers, he watched her face.  She brought up a hand as if to stop him, looking at him with pleading in her eyes.

Sitting up beside her, he gently rubbed her smooth legs, his hands tiptoeing across her smooth tummy, and exploring the beauty of her breasts.  Counting his blessings, he moved between her outstretched legs, gazing upon her admiringly.  “So beautiful,” he repeated softly.  And the part of his life that made him a whole man.  Taking himself in hand, he placed the tip of his manhood where his fingers had been, tenderly rubbing him in her gorgeous smooth cleft.  Warm and moist, her slippery juices seemed to mark him as her own.  With his characteristic gentleness, he watched breathlessly as he softly pressed into her, her beautiful body opening to him in loving acceptance.  Momentarily he looked away, towards her pretty face, his heart instantly flooded with emotion to see her face.  There were things he would never understand about the world, particularly why it would accept cheap sex in place of what he felt right at this very moment.  Surely they did not know what they were missing!  “I love you,” his lips stammered.

“I – I love you, too,” she whispered back.

He stared down at her again, watching the beautiful mystery of two lovers becoming one, his penis slowly disappearing into her body.  He suddenly realized his heart was racing, as if attempting to pound its way out of his chest to join hers.  Finally, deep within, he looked again into her eyes, feeling her squeeze around him from within, loving acceptance to a man who was perpetually hungry for her!  He thought again of the purple flowers, the whole field of them, the pleasantness of the sunshine, and the glory of his lover, his very own flower!  Leaning over her, he tangled himself in her arms, feeling the luxuriant press of her breasts against his chest, and the whispery softness of her legs around his lower back.

“I love you, Baby,” he whispered again.  “I – I’m utterly lost without you… I – ”

“You’re a beautiful man,” she whispered.  “And I dream of this all day, too…”

He found her lips again, hungering for the woman who held his heart, and stared into her eyes.  Gently withdrawing, and then returning to her warmth, he smiled even as he kissed her, loving to see its sparkling return in the blue of her eyes.  Sitting up again, he smiled at her, again watching the beauty of two bodies in love.  If asked, he wouldn’t have been able to explain it, the fascination of watching his gleaming manhood moving in and out of her, nor why it felt so good, except to know that he was with her.

It was no secret that he was utterly fascinated with her body, and she enjoyed the boyish look on his face as he watched himself, and the joining of their bodies.  Maybe he did feel he was ‘lucky,’ as he always said, but it couldn’t have been any more than what she felt to be a part of his life.  He was genuine, he was kind, he had a soft heart, he made her laugh, he made her feel like the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world… he chose her above all else, and his devotion had been steadfast.  And if that wasn’t enough… she bit her lower lip as she felt him draw deeply within, moving her bodily on the bed, feeling stretched, and full of her lover.  She squeezed him again within, giving him a slippery vice of pleasure that drew him ever closer to an abyss of ecstasy.  His moan reverberated in her ears, and seemed to vibrate against her clitoris, and deep within.

Taking her breasts in hand, she held them in their lush fullness, fingertips flickering at her nipples as butterfly wisps of pleasure seemed to waft through her torso.  “Lisa!” he cried, driving deeply into her, trying to stem the inevitable and to prolong the sweetness of what both felt.  Arching her back, she stared up at him, her eyes blinking as her body contracted around him, the vortex of pleasure again sweeping through her body.  She heard his guttural gasps, as he lost all vestige of control, and she cried in passion with him.

How he managed to do it without hurting himself, they would giggle about later.  But somehow he managed to withdraw and plunge himself into the soft valley of her breasts, watching her press herself around him.  And it was then that he truly lost control, thrusting close to her heart in the loveliness of her breasts, as he came and came and came.  She felt the warmth of his spurts on her breasts and neck, and then her pretty cheeks and lips as she attempted to take him in her mouth.  Ah yes, this was much better than honey!  Spent at last, he looked down at her, his body trembling earnestly.  Gently drawing him closer, he watched the tip of his penis disappear into her mouth.  Wincing slightly, he felt her tongue bathe him with a tenderness that almost brought tears to his eyes.  The brilliant smile she gave him as she released him from her lips filled him with confidence.  No matter what happened, in here she made him feel like a king, and ready again to face whatever was ‘out there.’

“Wow,” she giggled, softly moving her breasts together and watching her husband’s ‘inspiration’ slowly trickle from her cleavage to pool in ivory warmth in the nape of her neck.  He was quick to find a washcloth, sweetly cleaning her skin while she watched him with laughter in her eyes, and informed him of all the spots he missed.  Eventually satisfied with his efforts, she watched him return it to the restroom and smiled brightly at him as he came back and dove into the sheets beside her.  As was typical, his hands almost immediately returned to her body as they rested together.

“Now… where did you put the honey?” he finally asked.

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    • lttlb says:

      Thanks Gina! I’m not allergic to bees… though I hate being stung. Can’t say I’d want to be part of a photo shoot like this, so instead I have to do it by writing about it. 🙂

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