Vacation Sex – A Great Way To Wake Up

The night before was awesome.  Hot sex. A great show in the ship”s theater.  More vacation sex.  By the time they feel asleep, it was late and we were both tired.  Despite this, we didn”t need an alarm clock to wake up the next morning.  Even though we had booked a kayaking and snorkeling excursion, we didn”t want to rush out the door.  We had called the night before and ordered breakfast in the cabin.  It would be here in a while, but we had some time.

As we snuggled together in bed, our eyes began to slowly work their way from the darkness of sleep into the sunlight that poured through the cabin window.  She rolled over and slid her hand down between his legs.  She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to play.  Involuntarily, his cock responded to here touch and began to grow in her hand.  He pushed himself further toward consciousness as his body willingly reacted to her touches.

Before long he rolled toward her, smothering her lips with kisses.  He worked his way down her body taking one breast in his hand and fondling, while licking and teasing the other nipple with his tongue.  She began to moan, not losing her grip on his now semi-hard prick.  He switched from one side to the other and began flicking her other nipple back and forth, his tongue toying with her tits.  He slipped his hand into the warmth between her legs and found she was wet, really wet.  Without hesitating, he slipped his fingers into that hot snatch.  She thrust her online casino hips to wrap herself around his fingers.  By now, the cock she was stroking was a solid mass of desire.

He released her nipple from his lips and began to kiss his way down her torso.  As he kissed and licked his way down, he threw the covers back, revealing her nakedness to his admiring view.  The moaning continued as he worked his way down to her cunt, fingers still inside her.  He flicked his tongue across her clit.  t was still sensitive from the night before, so she jumped.  He wrapped his lips around it and began to work his tongue back and forth, up and down, around the very swollen clit, while his fingers still worked their way in and out of her cunt.  She went nuts – several orgasms in rapid fire succession.

He released her pussy from his mouth, withdrew his fingers, spread her legs, eased up her body, and slowly pushed his hard cock into her hot pussy.  With long, slow strokes, he established a pace that was hard enough to keep her cumming, but slow enough to tantalize his cock.

With him on top, as he thrust his hard cock in and out of her pussy, he whispered in her ear how much he loved her, how good she was to him, and how her wetness excited him.  He nibbled her ear and kissed her neck, all the while driving long strokes of his cock into her cunt.  She exploded again and again, juices flowing from between her legs until he joined her in ecstasy.  He came, his cock shooting spasms of cum deep inside her.

We snuggled, but only for a moment.  Room service knocked on the door with breakfast.  He laughed and commented that he already ate. The week was still young.  We still had an adventurous day planned.  We both knew, however, there would be still more vacation sex later in the day.  We both wanted it!

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