This Was Only The First Night – Hot Married Sex

We really shouldn’t have done it.  We could use the money on other things but it has been a long year. Two weddings and two deaths in the family all added up to a certain level of stress that we were feeling.  On impulse, we decided to go on a cruise.

We packed our bags with not a lot of clothing and we went.  The food was good, but we didn’t go for the food.  We enjoyed the snorkeling and the kayaking and the other sights, but we didn’t go for the activities.  The truth of the matter is that our best form of stress relief is hot sex.  When you get right down to it, we went on the cruise for five days of time where we could get down to it!

We arrived on the ship, we didn’t have a lot of time before dinner, so we unpacked the clothes we brought and headed to the dining room.  While we ate, we planned our strategy.  After dinner, we would have sex, then we wanted to see a show.  After the show we would have sex. The next day we would have sex then go snorkeling and kayaking and then have hot sex again.  Day 3 was the same – sex, sun, hot, hot sex.  Day four we were at sea all day.  I think we left the cabin for meals…..maybe.  We were driven.  We both wanted hot sex and wanted it badly.

When we got back to the cabin on that first evening, it was almost a free for all.  She jumped him the moment the cabin door was locked.  He responded in kind, thrusting his tongue into her waiting mouth.  He unzipped her dress and it feel to the ground leaving her in only her thong panties.  His hands grabbed her tits squeezing them hard then tweaking her nipples.  She squealed with pleasure.

She didn’t waste any time either, unbuttoning his shirt, almost ripping the buttons undone.  She pulled his shirt off his shoulders and ran her fingers through the mop of hair on his chest before quickly moving down to undo and unzip his pants.  He had gone commando, so when his pants fell around his ankles, his erection stood straight out.  She didn’t hesitate, but dropped to her knees and engulfed his swollen cock with her mouth.  He grabbed the back of her head and guided her hot mouth back and forth along the length of it.  She pulled back, grabbed his raging cock and licked the bottom of his hard shaft from his balls to the tip and then flicked her tongue around the tip.  His cock jumped and twitched in response to her tongue.  She moved down to his balls, wrapping her lips around the tightening sack and flicking his balls across her tongue.  Each time she licked and sucked his balls, his cocked jumped yet again in response.

He couldn’t take any more.  He was about to explode and had to make it stop, so he pulled her to her feet and thrust two fingers into her wet pussy.  He vigorously begin to plunge his fingers in and out of her, curling his fingertips to find that sweet spot along the way.  She exploded, cum pouring out of her and flooding his hand, her entire body wracking back and forth in pleasure.  As her orgasm subsided, he stepped out of his pants and brought her over to the bed.  He gently pushed her onto the bed and pulled the thong from off her pussy, throwing it aside.  Spreading her legs he dove into her wet and waiting cunt.  First, he slowly, teasingly, licked the entire length of her slit, from her ass, all the way up to her clit.  The teasing drove her nuts and she begged him for his tongue.  He began to drive his tongue in and out of her pussy, stopping at times to flick his tongue across her clit.  It was more than she could stand and she again exploded, leaving his chin dripping with her cum.  He wasn’t ready to quit yet.  Again he took two fingers and shoved them into her cunt.  They just slid right in because she was so wet.  As he worked his fingers back and forth in her cunt, he nibbled, licked and sucked her clit.  Her hips began to thrust wildly and she began to scream in pleasure.  He rode her with his mouth as she bucked her hips up and down on the bed.  Her orgasm subsided and he moved up next to her.  She grabbed his still hard cock and began to work her hand back forth along the shaft as she licked her own come from off his face.

He rolled between her legs pushing them apart and propelled his throbbing member into that wet pussy.  He grabbed her legs and lifted them so they rested on his shoulders and he took her.  Hard. Fast.  The rhythm came easily.  She was so wet, so hungry for him.  He was so big, bulging with anticipation.   The momentum was unstoppable as he drove his cock deeply into her cunt with each shove. She was so hot that she had another orgasm with every thrust.  He was so ready that his climax built quickly and with every stroke his cock seemed to grow more, causing her hips to jump in meetings his lunges.

Finally, the release came.  It seemed like buckets.  He exploded, shooting his cum into a pussy that was already dripping wet.  She continued to power her hips along the length of his shaft, determined to soak every drop of his cum into her body.

They collapsed in each other’s arms as the ecstasy slowing subsided.  They snuggled with one another as the mixture of their cum dripped along their legs.  They laughed together as they talked about the fact that this cruise was a five days long and this was only the first night!  They were both anxious to see what the rest of the week would bring.

cruise wear couple dancing

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7 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    I love the way you described it as “almost a free for all”. I love those vacation moments. We are vacationing soon – without the kids. For us, the free for all sometimes starts on the car ride. Then, when we first get into the hotel room. We love everything about our vacations – but if we’re totally honest – we really look forward to the crazy, messy, uncontrolled sex! The noises and abandon that can happen without the kids across the hall is a special treat. We love our sex life at home – but there is something special about the extra gear that comes (cums) during the time away. Thank you Scott and Shelly. We really enjoy your stories – they motivate us in our own marriage heat. Blessings on you and your family.

  2. priya says:

    Wow enjoyed your story …
    I too had a sex with my hubby…
    I too leave cum..
    He every night drinks milk from my boobs n sleep like an baby lolz
    Then, i moan for more sex I want it asap… Hmmm muahhh ahhh

  3. smitten says:

    Loved your story. Until now we seemed to have been the only ones on this site that have learned about the wonderful intimacy and bonding and joy of adult nursing. I too get very sleepy after filling myself with my wife’s sweet, soothing nipples and milk.

    • Loved by my Wife says:

      Personally, being in a pre-children marriage, i would be very interested in seeing a post – maybe even a category – about maintaining a nursing relationship with your spouse. I do not know if my wife would go for it – she is not a big fan of nipple attention – but, if that changes post children, Marriage Heat could be a good resource for Christians considering it.
      It seems to be something the Christian community is very quiet on. I expect that is mostly because maintenance requires enough commitment that there aren’t a lot of practitioners. But, seeing as the Bible obviously doesn’t prohibit it – depending on how you interpret, some verses it seems to promote it – i would expect more Christians would try it.

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