Snowy Heat

It was a long week at the office and I was really looking forward to the weekend; especially the best night of the week—Friday. This Friday was extra special as grandma and grandpa agreed to take our kids until Sunday. But sometimes things don’t work out quite as planned…or do they?

As usually the case in the winter, our forecasted snow flurries became 5 inches of beautiful fresh white snow. Nice wet snow for snowballs and snowmen—and slow driving. People here just freak out when it snows and don’t know how to drive. It was slow and tedious driving back and forth. Fortunately, my parents knew the weather was bad and agreed to meet me half way to their house while Kay stayed behind.  Aggravation and frustration were evident on the slow trip back up the interstate, bumper to bumper and a long string of brake lights. Learn to drive people! Yet God and talk radio were with me.

My sweetheart Kay called and reminded me of our dinner date, saying our favorite restaurant was open and was still holding our table despite the storm.

“Just making sure you still want to eat out tonight my love,” she asked on the car’s speaker phone and I told her yes if she wanted to. I assured her I was up to it. She told me to take my time and she would be ready when I got home.

Little did I know…

Upon pulling into the driveway, closing the garage door and shaking off the snow in the garage, I smelled the sweet scent of our favorite incense. Somewhat taken back, I removed my wet shoes and came into the house. It was all dark except what seemed to be candlelight in the living room.  Yet it was not candles that were lit. Rather, the love of my life–my Proverbs 31 girl–had a roaring fire blazing in the fireplace. Calling her name she didn’t answer. How odd I thought. Perhaps she was back in the bedroom? Where was she? As I turned the corner approaching the den—I found her.

The French door curtains were pulled all the way open revealing the beautiful winter view of the snowstorm in our privately enclosed backyard. Gentle Smooth Jazz was in the background, the backyard looked like a Christmas card as the thick flakes cascaded down in the light and accumulated. Must have been some ice mixed in as the evergreen tree limbs were starting to bend under the weight. And as I turned the corner looking for my dear Kay, there she was in quite the unexpected place. My soul mate was lying stark naked on her back on our breakfast nook bar! Her knees were bent, her make-up was perfectly applied (not that she needs any), her lips were red outlining her beautiful bright white teeth; her hair was pulled up in a cute ponytail like I love. My eyes could scarce take in such pure heavenly beauty! The wonderful falling snow; the fragrance of the incense; the roaring toasty fire; and the sight of Kay lying there naked atop of our breakfast nook bar with the look of love in her big brown eyes. After 17 years of bliss, I still stare at her naked form, finding it still difficult to fathom that God gave us to each other.

My eyes gazed upon my kindred spirit and the mother of our 2 children. Before either of us spoke any words (our eyes already communicated our mutual desires for the evening) I quickly took in the delicious sight of her naked femininity. As my brain registered the cute image of her smiling face, they worked their way down to her chest to drink in the sight of her luscious bare breasts. Watching them rise and fall with each breath, I felt the beast coming to life inside my boxers. Like most large breasted women, Kay has prominent pinkish areolas that really turn me on. Yes, quite the turn-on for this horny husband! Working their way down, my eyes feasted upon her muscular sturdy thighs (she used to be a dancer) and her cutely bent knees. Since I like her muscular legs with her knees bent, I was ready to jump her right there. And she knew it.

“Hi, hon, welcome back. I was starting to worry about you in this storm, hope you like my surprise,” she said in a lowered, sultry voice. Being the stinker she is, she then arched her back and stretched, further enhancing the presentation of her fantastic natural titties for me.

I kept staring at her as she spoke. My eyes moved down from her powerful legs to the sexy little peach fuzz on her thighs, down to her tummy, then pubic area. Oh how I marvel at her sex—what amazing creatures God created when He created females. Yes, females are his most beautiful creation—He indeed saved the best for last when he made women. He knew what He was talking about when He said “It is not good for man to be alone…”

I was in a trance staring at her naked form.  My eyes drank in the sight of her amazing pussy. I saw traces of wetness down there, knowing what she was doing while I was driving back in the snow—that hot little stinker. She is naturally hairy and even though she keeps it neatly trimmed (for easy access to her delicious lips); we both are turned on by her hairy bush. Nothing against women who shave themselves; we just prefer the naturally lush look. And since her labia are somewhat large; we both have a vested interest in easy accessibility.

“So Mr. you said on the phone you wanted to eat out tonight, so here I am.” And looking at that telephone pole between your legs, it appears you are more than up to it!”

All I could do was marvel at her creativity and play on words. As most husbands, I had no clue what she was talking about earlier on the phone. Now I knew. Even though I was hungry, my appetite suddenly took on a hankering for something else.

“I hope you don’t mind darling, but since you took longer than usual getting back, I decided to diddle for a while. Come over here and I can prove it.”

Next thing I knew, she motioned me over and stuck her middle and index finger into that secret hairy snatch of hers, then pulled them out extending them towards me.

I walked over, bent over, and tasted Kay’s pussy juices on her fingers.

“OOOOOOOOOOhhh Kay, you taste fabulous, thank you for sharing with me you nasty girl.”

As she took her fingers from my mouth, she reinserted them into her tight little pussy then tasted them herself, looking me in the eyes the entire time.

“Mmmmmmmmm K’; my pussy tastes nice doesn’t it? I love tasting myself. I taste so good. You like tasting my pussy, don’t you love?””

Still dressed, I took a knee and began eating her pussy as she scooted toward the end of the bar. Yes, she had been masturbating alright, I could taste it. Plus she was nice and wet, ready for action. I love to slowly feast on her lips, flicking them with my tongue and slowly sucking them. I felt her hips rotate as I did this. Frequently she clamped her powerful legs tightly around my head showing me how much she enjoyed this—and reminding me how strong her legs are. I enjoy running both hands along her nicely tapered claves and thighs while she holds me in her leg head-lock. I could feel the goosebumps on her womanly gams as her orgasms were building.

Coming up for air every now and then, I licked her inner thighs and gently nibbled her flesh. She also likes when I run my face and tongue through her thick brown bush. I love being able to taste Kay on my mouth and chin. Her pussy scent is so distinctive and sexy!  Like Al Pacino, I adore the scent of a woman—MY WOMAN!

Starting slowly then gradually increasing tempo, her breathing increased and her legs became restless. I knew she was almost there. So as to not delay her much longer, as soon as my fingers found their way to her nipples (which had swelled to the size of strawberries) she lost control.

“Agggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, K., I’m cuming I’m cuming,” she screamed since we were alone. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I love to cum, this feels soooooo good sweetheart, so gooooooooood.”

I love watching her buck like a wild animal when she climaxes, it’s so erotic knowing the pleasure I am giving her. As she calmed down, I slipped 2 fingers into her then slowly removed and brushed them across her mouth. In her sexual state of delirium, she quickly grasped them and forced them into her mouth and loudly slurped them and smacked her lips.

“OOOOoooooooooohhhhhhhhh, I taste so good, soooooo good,” she purred in a deep voice. “Eat me some more, please. Eat this wet pussy K.”

I ate her slowly and lovingly, sticking my fingers into her as I licked her engorged pussy lips gently in my mouth and being caressed by my tongue. My large hands upon her equally large breasts, yet they still cannot hold them all. Slow gentle strokes along their sides up and down as I continued to eat her. I gently massage them the same way she does when I watch her masturbate. Loving, gentle strokes and no squeezing. Watching them mold to my hands, so warm, so soft yet supple. So feminine and sweet. The very essence of her womanhood is in my hands. Oh how I love to kneed her titties while I eat her pussy.

Pinching her nipples takes her off the cliff. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh K; here comes another one, you are soooooo good at making me cum baby, soooooooo good. I love it, I love it, I love it, aaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh; mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” she screams in pleasure as only a married woman can  scream to her husband with his head buried between her legs.

Coming up for air after she stops bucking, her breathing still intense, breasts heaving and body sweating, I quickly drop trou, take of my shirt, socks and shoes, and boxers, and jump her.

Opening up for me even wider atop of the bar, I see the fire blazing in one direction and the amazing snowfall in the backyard in the other direction. Plus, I am atop my beloved—what beautiful views!

Being the hungry little lover she is, I’m barely on top of her as she takes my cock into her hand and inserts it into her sex, clasping her legs around my waist pulling me even further in.

“Baby I love you and missed you today, I was worried about you in this storm. Thank you for being my husband and for sticking your penis into my pussy. You feel soooooooo good where you belong. I love you so much! You are in me, home where you belong my beloved.”

Before I could respond she reached up and pressed her mouth to mine as we kissed for what seemed an hour as I continued to pound away. I love how tight and wet she is as her pussy welcomes my penis with each thrust.

She came a couple of more times as we continued our love making, such purity and ecstasy. Just as God intended for husband and wife. What an honor to stick my dick into Kay’s hot pussy. We are so blessed.

Holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes, her titties bouncing with each thrust of my powerful yet gentle love, she suddenly threw her arms up over her head, our hands still clasped tightly together as her legs worked their way higher up my back—effectively pushing me over the edge.

“Oh Kay, can’t hold back, here it comes babe, here it comes, oh Kay!”

My body shuddered as I emptied my load of hot sperm into my dear wife. “I feel you honey, I feel your big dick. Shoot it baby shoot your load. I love feeling you empty your load into me!”

As I finished, I collapsed onto her. We were sweaty and breathing hard, contented. We continued holding hands and kissing as we do, we love each other so much. As I felt out and we started to cool off, Kay had one last surprise for me.

As we slowly climbed off the bar, she led me by the hand to the French doors to watch the snow. It was still coming down quite hard and looked very wet. My eyes didn’t believe what she did next.

In the flash of an eye, she suddenly grabbed the door handle and threw open the French door, running naked outside into the snow! “Come join me for a naked snowball fight, then a hot shower together,” she challenged me. Apparently the cold didn’t faze her as she ran around in our private backyard and made a couple of snowballs throwing them at me. When she playfully accused me of being a “pussy.”

I responded, “Well you ARE what you EAT” and I ran after her.

Man, it was cold and I really felt myself shrinking. Yet we had a quick snowball fight, I made sure to miss but she got me once in the chest and once on the shoulder. Being cold, her nipples are huge now. Never saw them that big. I picked her up placing her in a Fireman’s carry, my hand on her beautiful bare ass, steadying her and pretended to slip as we fell laughing into the cold wet snow together, taking great care to make sure she was on top of me. That was it for me—way too cold even with her sexy hot naked body as a blanket. Laughing our heads off and a after a quick deep kiss, she helped me to my feet and we ran hand in hand into the house heading straight to the bathroom. We enjoyed one of the longest and hottest showers of our life together.

And yes, we made love again in the shower…

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13 replies
  1. HoneyGirl says:

    Oh, man! One of the best stories I’ve ever read, and it’s a TRUE one! God surely does know how to bless us & give us goodness. With the love and pure delight we can experience here on earth, can you even fathom how much more alive we’ll feel in Heaven?! Thank you for sharing!

    • Blondie says:

      This was a lot of fun to edit and read, thanks K! Thank you also for blessing our site with your stories. 🙂

      HoneyGirl, I like what you said about Heaven. I feel the same way. 😀

    • doctemp2 says:

      Blondie thank you, we are honored you had fun reading and editing our story. You do an amazing job and we will try to fit in another story soon. Take good care!

    • doctemp2 says:

      HoneyGirl thank you for reading and enjoying; and for the very nice compliment. God is good and we strongly believe the gift and enjoyment of sex with our spouses is only a sliver of the taste of heaven. Take good care and please know appreciate your stories too!

    • doctemp2 says:

      LovingHusband thank you for reading and enjoying our surprise; that Kay is something else. Probably the first and last time I’ll let her talk me into a nude romp in the snow, LOL. God truly has blessed us and please know how much we enjoy your stories too–you really take it to the next level. Take good care!

  2. Gina G. says:

    I must agree with honeygirl and second it! So true.
    Awesome story! You two just continue to blow my mind and make me wet as ever. Had 2 orgasms while reading.

    Stay blessed!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Gina you are very kind to say all that; we thank you! It brings us great pleasure to know you enjoyed the story in the special way that you did. We enjoy glorifying our Creator through the gift of marital sex that He bestowed upon us–and the privlege of sharing our intimate experiences with MH readers, Glad you are healing and please know how much we look forward to reading & re-reading your stories. Take good care!

  3. sandsj says:

    Another wonderful story what a blessing to read and share, have to admit it made me wet, I do feel feel blessed that I can finger myself to these beautiful stories. Thanks for making it possible to grow sexually. I thank God we can bless each other in this way. Much love


  4. doctemp2 says:

    Thank you Sandra and Steve; we are humbled that you enjoyed our story so much. We are all so blessed to have Godly spouses we can share our lives, our souls and our bodies with. And yes, many of the stories we read here make me wet too–very wet 😉 Take good care and enjoy your day.

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