Surprise from my Bride

My wife of 26 years surprised me yesterday evening. We said our goodbyes to our oldest son Josh who was leaving to back home up north, he was visiting us with his girlfriend for the weekend. This is usually a emotional time for Ann since we only see Josh once a month. And moms will always be moms no matter how old our children are. Our youngest son Zech was over at a friends house, so we were all alone.

We went and grabbed a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants and brought it home, after eating we watch a college football game and yes my Annie loves to watch football. (Guys, am I blessed or what!) During the game I was rubbing her back, nothing sexual just giving her a well deserved rub (After all, she has to put up with me). It was starting to get around our bedtime, so I told Annie I was going to hop in the shower.

As I was stripping my clothes off, here comes my wife already naked asking if I wanted to work up a sweat before taking my shower, I smiled. “Of course.”

We climb into our bed and she started stroking my cock up and down and I was soon at attention. As she was stroking my cock I grab the lubricant and poured some on my fingers and starting rubbing her pussy. She was really starting to enjoy it because her moans were becoming louder and she spread her legs even wider.
She then rolled over on her side with her back against me she reach around and grab my cock and put it her warm wet pussy. There is nothing better than that first moment when my cock enters my wife of 26 years and we both inhale and shudder.

I take my right hand and reach around and start rubbing Annie’s clit as I start riding her from behind. Her moans start to get louder and louder, I feel my orgasm starting to rise. I start pumping faster and faster. I stop rubbing her clit and grab her shoulder as I know I am ready to go over the edge. I thrust again and with a shout I spill my entire load into my bride. She grabs my ass and I keeping thrusting to give my Love every last drop of me.

We hold onto each in a warm embrace, we kiss and tell each other how much we love one another. After a few more mintues she goes into the bathroom.

She reemerges from the bathroom with a smile on her face and looks at me on the bed. She is not done with me yet, she walks over and lays down next to me on the bed.

She grabs my hand and asks me to pull up on her sexy bush as that exposes her clit even more. As I begin rubbing her clit she starts moaning.

“Suck my right nipple,” she says.

As I start sucking and gently biting her nipple her moans grow louder.

She suddenly says, “I need your fingers inside me.”

I start fingering my bride, first two fingers then switch to one and start hitting her G-spot.

Her moans grow louder, then she says, “Give me both fingers!”

As I insert the second finger she starts rubbing her clit faster. My fingers go deep inside, she is so wet. I then start moving them side to side. Her body starts to tense I know she is so close, then all of a sudden she screams and starts coming. I gently bite down on her nipple and she screams more.

As her orgasm starts to fade, she smiles at me and says, “I love you.”

“I love you too, baby,” I say and I gently slide my fingers out and start sucking her love juices from my fingers. We hold each for a few minutes and then hear our son Zech open the front door. Perfect timing! God is so good to us!
Steve and Annie


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