No Better Way To Start The Day

Woman holding towelTigress is the best word I can put to my wife.  She is an amazing woman who has always been passionate about the things she is involved in….including sex.  Her passion has exploded and has truly manifested itself in terms of oral sex.  We both love giving and receiving.

On a typical morning, we will get up and shower together.  After showering, my beautiful wife drops to her knees and takes me into her mouth. She envelopes my penis with her lips and slowly begins to work her mouth back and forth.  It doesn’t take more than a few strokes for her to feel me growing inside her mouth.  She loves the response and begins to move her head back and forth at a faster pace.

I reach behind her, cupping the back of her head into my hand and begin to push her head into my hungry prick.  She looks into my eyes, her eyes revealing the passion that burns within her.  I love the feel of her lips gliding along me and the swirling of her tongue along the bottom of my shaft.  For me, she has learned to open up the back of her throat so she can take all of me.  The motion of her mouth increases, almost in direct proportion to how hard I get.  Her thrusts along my shaft are coming harder and faster.  It’s driving my lust for her.

As she feels me tense, approach the point of my explosion, she stops.  She takes my shaft from her mouth and begins to run her tongue up and down the length of it.  It doesn’t seem like it’s possible, but my shaft begin even more engorged.  She wraps her hand around it and slowly begins to work it back and forth, lifting at the same time.  This affords her the access she needs. She lowers her head and begins to lick my balls, flicking her tongue back and forth across the taut sack.  She takes first one, then the other into her mouth and massages them with her lips.  I moan in response and the moan encourages her on.

She looses her mouth from my balls and once again her tongue begins to work it’s magic along my shaft.  She stops at the head, rolling her tongue around the sensitive tip, eliciting another groan.  This brings smile to her face as she knows what she is doing to me.

Once again, she engulfs me.  Taking me all the way into her mouth.  Now her lust takes over and she begins to ram her mouth all the way along the length of me, dragging her tongue along the sensitive underside of my shaft as she goes.  Finally, I grab her and pull her to her feet… more.  I can’t take any more.  Tonight, I will fill her.

There is no better way to start the day.  These awesome morning encounters leave me wanting her even more for lunch.




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  1. Happily Married says:

    God has blessed you with a sensitive wife who has the desire to please her husband. I’ve only experienced what you described 3 times in 25 years of marriage. My wife and I have a great marriage and she enjoys oral sex from me once-twice a week. But oh, how I would give almost anything to get oral sex even once a year from my wife!

    • Blondie says:

      Have you talked to her about this? Sometimes a blow-job can be difficult for a woman with a very sensitive gag reflex. When I was pregnant I know I couldn’t give a full on deep throat to my husband, only shallow stuff.

    • cmghome says:

      Actually, her ability to take all of me is new. For all our 27 years of marriage, she has had difficulty taking all of me when hard and I have been sensitive to that gag reflex. Somehow, she now has very little trouble and is able to deep throat me on a regular basis. It has been amazing. We have talked about it. She doesn’t have an explanation, just that she now can and enjoys the pleasure it brings.

    • cmghome says:

      This is the Mrs. I have always had a strong gag reflex that has caused me great difficulty throughout our marriage. What I have learned to do recently is take my husband as far as I can go, then stop, relax, swallow and go deeper. I enjoy the reaction I get from my husband. Usually after that I have to pull out and lick his balls to relax a little bit before I attempt it again. It’s difficult, it brings tears to my eyes, but well worth the reaction I get from him.

  2. smitten says:

    Mrs. Smitten on Mrs. cmghome: I learned to swallow as Smitten is cuming instead of letting it pool. The swallowing motion actually stimulates him more and I get even more of his delicious nectar.

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