A Happy Face for Bill

Nothing has been the same since the accident.  No one expects these things.  They just happen and then you realize what it means in your marriage vows, “for better or for worse.”  This time it was worse for both of us, but especially for Bill.  He lost his left leg just below the knee in the car wreck and also suffered some debilitating back injuries.  For a fairly athletic guy and a hard working provider, Bill is feeling pretty low.  It’s been tough on both of us with just me working now, and also acting as Bill’s caregiver during the long rehab.  On top of it finances are always short, along with my energy levels.

In our ten years of marriage we’ve always had wonderful intimate times and enjoyed frequent eye-popping sexual encounters.  But that seemed like another life-time ago with Bill being so depressed.  And to be honest he just can’t function sexually right now like he used to.  With an awfully sad look on his face he mumbled that for him trying to make love to me  felt like a guy in a boat trying to row with one oar  But he did mention that he sure would like an orgasm just to feel better.   I guess for a guy sex is the answer for everything.  I then realized it was going to be up to me to bring my hubbie back up to speed and trade in that sad face for a happy face.  It was not only about his sexual abilities, but everything about his manhood was being challenged right now.

What could I do,  I wondered.  Because of Bill’s injuries and lack of confidence he had a difficult time maintaining an erection.  He just couldn’t get it up like he used to.  I tried stroking his penis but that didn’t work quite right with it being anywhere from soft to semi-hard and back to soft again.  Of course, I went down on him with my mouth.  Loved to do that anyway even when things were good.  But no orgasm that way either as my jaws and mouth got tired trying to get him to cum.  Maybe we were both just too focused on trying to make it happen rather than enjoying the time together.  But I knew Bill really needed that orgasm to release a lot of tension, and to prove to himself that he hadn’t lost it permanently.

I thought about all the sex toys we’ve tried before and tried to think if any of those would work, but that idea fizzled out about as quickly as Bill’s penis would fizzle out.  This called for something totally different – something that could milk him really good whether his cock was soft or semi-hard.  Something that wouldn’t quit on him and pump him for as long as he needed.  Where else to look but a web search.  Surely, there must be something more than just the usual sex toys – maybe a medical device or some other high quality invention.

After several days of frustrating web searches I found it!  But it wasn’t cheap – a thousand bucks!  But the demo videos and technical specs by this quality manufacturer proved this baby could do it all.   You spend that kind of money you want to make sure this thing really works.  Oh yeah, this machine would hold on to Bill’s well lubed cock, stroke him with variable speed controls and not let go until he climaxed.  I decided right then and there Bill was worth it and he was about to get the surprise of his life!

After placing the order the package arrived in a few days.  This thing was kind of like a mini air compressor with controls and a rubber hose attached to a clear cylinder with a rubber lining that would hold Bill’s cock and bring unending pleasure.  I read the directions, set it up and then brought it into Bill’s bedroom.  He was propped up on the bed trying to pass the time watching some old war movies.  I took a deep breath and said to myself, “here we go.”

“Billy boy, I’ve got a big surprise for you”, I said in a whimsical tone.

“Oh?  What’s that Trish?”  I hope it’s not more bad news.

“Not bad at all.  Let’s start by me wiggling your pants and boxers off and getting you naked from the waist down.”  Bill’s eyebrows shot up.  “Ah, yeah, I’m game” he said questioningly.

I didn’t waste any time but trotted over to his bedside and got him butt naked in about three minutes.  “Now you just lay back and relax and let my surprise do the work.  Mister, you’re about to have the orgasm of your life!”

“Trish, you know what troubles I’ve had and this won’t….”   “Shush,” I interrupted.  “Lay back and just enjoy.  I know this will work wonders for you and I want to see a happy face on you once again.  I miss the Bill I married – so full of joy and always joking.  At the very least just humor me – please!”

Bill’s eyes got big as I carried the equipment in and laid the unit on a small table next to the bed.  The next thing was to lube his penis up real good.  Reaching out for his overly limp cock I couldn’t help but think his poor penis looked as sad as his face.  Soon we’d change all that.  Bill let out a “Whew!” when he saw the stuff and me massaging the lube onto his manhood.  I know he liked that part.  Then I turned the unit on and watched the rubber liner in the receiver flex open and closed.  It looked like a wild vagina ready to suck him in.  I waved it by his face for an enticing look on my way down.  Slowly I took his penis in one hand and the receiver in the other.  The thing was making a delicious sucking sound as the two met at the tip of his cock, and then it happened.  It instantly sucked Bill’s penis in and began stroking that soft penis nice and slowly – in and out over and over.  “Oooooo” said Bill.  “That’s awesome!”

I increased the speed and we both sat there amazed watching this flaccid penis being pulled in and out and stretching to it’s full length.  This was too good to be true.  As the speed increased so did Bill’s breathing and groans.  He was definitely being greatly aroused.  A little more speed and now it was going really fast, faster than either one of us could stroke it manually.  Then after a few minutes of awestruck starring at this thing pump…..”Oh, Oh, Ooooooo” groaned Bill  and his body jerked as he shot his load into the receiver.  I slowed the speed then but kept it on to see what would happen next.  Bill quivered and laid back and continued to groan as the machine pumped.  The  receiver kept sucking him in and out.  This thing just wouldn’t give up!

“Make it go faster again,” he said with some urgency.  I turned it up a bit more and then more again until it was back up to full speed.  “Oooooo, I’m gonna cum again!”  and with another loud groan and the twisting of his body Bill exploded one more time into the receiver.  As quickly as that happened he shouted, “Turn it off,  I can’t stand anymore, it’s too sensitive… Oh, Ooooo.”  I shut it down and slipped it off Bill’s penis.  It was only semi-hard, but I got to admit, it looked a lot happier now just like my Billy boy’s face.  “I’ve got him back” I said to myself.

In the days ahead, I told Bill to use it as much as he wanted just as long as he kept thinking of me.  My now revived husband joked and said he was going to name the thing “Hagar”!   We hope and pray in the days ahead we will once again experience the fullness of our sexual relationship together.  That would be a wonderful blessing.  Until then we will just work with what we’ve got – me, Bill and “Hagar” and we’ve been having fun together.




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  1. Wanted Always says:

    Hey Bill I have a friend that lost a leg below the knee and had some minor back injury. He used cock rings and a vacuum pump to get hard and made sure he had his full leg propped so he could push off on the head board to enjoy a real reaming of his wife’s wonderful place, for both of them and being able to truly thrust hard and long into her he was and is still able to have great sex with her. Last I knew his wife was able to make him hard orally and the quickly he got in her and began pushing. He can stay in for quite a wile at slow stroke or if they want just an orgasm for him he thrusts for all he’;s worth, then after he’s climaxed he uses his fingers, tongue and mouth to give his wife a wonderful present.
    . He told me they had to move to different spots on the headboard with his full leg because it was beginning to leave a mark. Maybe this will help you get back to the joy of flesh into flesh sex. Two becoming one is God’s desire for us and don’t forget to pray and ask God to help you have great sex with a wife the truly appears to have taken her vows seriously. Keep your machine for times when you just really need the help.
    Praying for you and your wife…

  2. Wanted Always says:

    Forgot this is the fiction section. Well anyone needing to read what I wrote I will pray for you and yours without names. There are many handicapped people out there that need and want sex with their God given mates just like the rest of us.

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