Love Weekend -At the Hotel

Love Weekend – Carl and Anna entered their hotel room on their love weekend (Carl thought about it as a make love

weekend). They had been holding hands, touching and caressing all morning as they traveled. Although it had been in a non sexual way as they were in public, they both knew the other’s desire to get together in a way more intimate way this weekend.

Anna walked over to the windows and looked out.

“Carl, look! We have a view over the lake!”, she said and turned to him as he walked up to her.

“Great! Much better than a lot of houses and there will be no one looking in through the windows either!”, Carl replied with a grin.

“You have only one thing on your mind!”, Anna said teasingly as she turned to him and pulled him into her embrace in a tight hug.

She put her arms around his neck and pressed her gorgeous body against his. She felt her breasts press against his chest and the soft bulge, that was his so far soft penis, against her lower abdomen. “Let’s see if I can make that bulge larger and harder…”, Anna thought to her self and kissed Carl softly as she pressed her hips against him a little harder. The result of her actions came almost immediately, she felt with delight, as the bulge in his pants grew hard against her.

She loved  the reactions she could bring her husband and was amazed and pleased that he still desired her after 12 years of marriage and three pregnancies. Her body was not looking the same as when they married. Her breasts were soft and hanging instead of firm and forward pointing, her large nipples were dark brown instead of pink, her tummy were a bit rounder and had stretch marks and her bottom was not as firm as it used to. She hadn’t gained any weight, though, and she still had her curves.

Carl was pleasantly surprised by the intensity in Anna’s hug as she pressed her gorgeous body against his. He felt her wonderful breasts press against his chest, her tummy against his and her round delicate venus mound pressed lightly against the soft bulge in his jeans. They were about equal in length and their body parts lined up perfectly as they were standing. As Anna softly put her lips against Carl’s and kissed him and he felt her increase the pressure against his hips. He opened his mouth to let her exploring tongue in and felt his penis swell. His erection strained against his jeans in a matter of seconds and he knew Anna felt him get hard against her.

Carl thought about his love for Anna as they hugged and kissed. It was a lot greater now than when they married and he had no clue how that was possible. He appreciated, admired and desired her body much more now than in the beginning as well. Her body had changed during and after her first pregnancy to what it looked like now. It was definitely different and not less but more desirable now, Carl thought. He loved her hanging and swaying breasts with their large nipples. He loved the fold on the underside of her breasts between the breasts and the chest. He loved to put his hand in the fold and feel her breasts hang over it and then lift them up to squeeze them softly. He loved the little roundness of her tummy and the way it curved towards her pubis with the dark triangle pointing at the most pleasurable place on her. He loved to grab an knead her soft bottom as she walked by or when they made love with her on top.

Carl was pulled away from his thoughts as he felt Anna tug at his shirt and pull it up over his head.

Anna was surprised by her feelings. She didn’t get aroused this easy. The felt her vagina moisten and a slight tingle between her legs as she thought about how the bulge in Carl’s jeans had become hard against her. She knew she was swelling and the pleasure tip between her soft folds was getting hard. She wanted to make love to her handsome husband. Now. She pulled his shirt off to feel his skin under her hands. She stroked his chest and swirled her thumbs around his nipples. She actually felt them stiffen and thought “so that happen to men as well…”.

Anna stretched her arms up in the air as Carl pulled her top off. She enjoyed the feeling when her breasts were let loose as he unhooked her bra. Lately, she had started to like when they hang loose instead of tightly held in an uncomfortable bra. Carl put his arms around her again and she sighed as her naked breasts were pressed flat against his naked chest. They kissed some more.

Anna became more and more aroused by the minute  and was overwhelmed by her urgency. She reached her hands down and opened Carl’s jeans and reached into his boxers for his delicious penis. “Mmm. It is nice and hard.”, she thought and stroked it up and down.

Carl gasped as Anna took his pulsating penis in her hand and stroked it. He reached out for her breasts and she willingly let him fondle them. He felt her nipples grow hard against his palm as he kneaded them softly. Their mouths were still locked in passionate kisses. Carl was so happy. His wonderful wife had more or less thrown her self against him and it was obvious she wanted to make love with him right now. Usually he was the one who initiated, and now he was pleasantly surprised by the urgency she had.

Anna wanted to be naked. She was pretty modest, but now she really needed to get out of her clothes. She needed to be naked together with the love of her life. The man that she had created their three kids together with. The man that had put his sperm deep inside her during their love making to to start the miracle. Oh, she loved him so much.

She pulled away from Carl and tore the rest of her clothes off in a matter of seconds. To her pleasure she saw Carl do the same with the same urgency. They stood facing each other and dwelled at the sight of each others naked body. He was so handsome and his wonderful penis was hard and pointed straight up. She was pleased that she could arouse him so easily and that his erections were strong and firm for them to enjoy. The head was swollen and dark red and she saw a small drop form in the opening at the tip as his penis twitched a little for every heart beat. She knew Carl was very aroused and just waited for an invitation to push that wonderful love tool into her depths.

Carl felt a bit embarrassed as Anna stared at his erect penis. He still hadn’t come over that although they had been married so long and seen each others bodies in ALL thinkable situations. He decided that from now on he should stop to care about it. It was natural and it was supposed to be that way. He tried to think that he was supposed to become erect together with his wife and it was a good that he did. He stepped forward and took Anna into his arms again. Naked hugs felt so good. The feel of her soft and naked body against his was indescribable.

Anna enjoyed the sensation of Carl’s naked body against hers, but she had a strong desire to satisfy and it couldn’t wait. She pulled her hips away from him a bit, reached her hand down and took his penis and placed it between her legs against her crotch. Then she moved close to him again. She wriggled her hips a little and it was exciting to feel him rub against her, but it was not enough. She needed him inside. She needed to feel him stretch her around him. She needed to feel filled.

She lifted her right leg and placed her foot on the bed beside them and this put her thighs wide apart. She took Carl’s penis and pointed the tip of it against her opening and thrust her hips forward. She could feel his engorged head spread her swollen labia apart and the electrifying sensation as it spread her vagina open and entered her. She let out a soft moan.

As Carl felt Anna push the tip of his penis into her soft and slippery vagina he could not resist and thrust his hips forward against her. He felt his penis slide deep into her pleasurable depth. It brought a very pleasurable tingle in his penis and he just had to feel that sensation again. He withdrew almost out of her and then pushed him self into her again. This time it was even more pleasurable and he moaned into her mouth as they were still kissing.

The standing position was tiring and did not achieve that deep thrusting they both desired. Anna released her arms around Carl, moved away and he slipped out of her. She laid down on her back on the bed and spread her legs extremely wide. She thought about how good it felt to spread her legs wide and feel her labia spread apart when she was aroused. She held out her arms towards Carl.

“Come, my love!”, she said.

Carl looked at his wife. Intoxicated by the view of her body spread out on the bed. He looked at her beautiful smiling face. Her breasts flattened out with her hard nipples sticking out as she lay on her back. Her flat tummy. Her gorgeous legs spread wide. Her swollen and parted labia glistening of her lubrication. Her clitoris pointing out at the top and her open vagina at the bottom of her slit. Carl could feel the familiar scent of Anna’s aroused sex in his nostrils. All this made his penis as hard as ever. It felt like it was harder that usual and as it pointed even more up than it used to, if that was possible. He could not wait any longer.

Carl crawled onto the bed between Anna’s legs and laid down on top of her. He thrust his hips forward and felt his penis slide into her instantly. He pushed further until he was completely inside her. He started to thrust his hips back and forth driving his penis in and out of Anna’s hot and slippery vagina. The sensation was incredible. He could never get enough of it. He felt her soft vagina enclose him along his full length and caress him in the most pleasurable way as he moved in and out.

Anna moaned from the pleasure she had longed for as Carl’s wide and hard penis spread her open and stretched the walls of her vagina. She felt him slide in deep. Very deep. Just as she had desired for him to do. “Could he read her mind?”, she thought briefly, but then the pleasure and the extremely exciting sensations between her spread legs drenched her mind. She moaned and thrust her hips against Carl’s in rhythm with his thrusts and felt her orgasm approach as a water fall.

All of a sudden Carl stopped his thrusting but Anna was unable to stop hers. Her hips were shaking and she got frustrated as the exciting stimulation between her legs stopped. She looked up at Carl and saw a broad smile in his face.

“Does it feel good?”, Carl asked.

“Stupid question! It feels extremely good. Please, go on!”, Anna groaned and Carl laughed lovingly at the frustrated expression in her face.

“Do you want a break or do you want me to bring your orgasm now?”, he asked still smiling and teasing his wife. Carl was very aroused as well and longed for his orgasm, but he wanted to hold it off as long as possible to enjoy the intense feeling just before he erupted. He needed a short break not to go over the top too soon. That’s why he stopped and teased his wife for a while.

“Orgasm! PLEASE!”, she panted. Her hips were shaking wildly, her vaginal muscles squeezed hard around Carl’s penis and her breathing was laboured.

“Ok. Are you ready to rock!”, Carl said.

“Uh-um!”, Anna replied and thought “here we go, finally” as she felt Carl start to thrust hard into her again.

Anna could not believe how good it felt. Every thrust by Carl’s penis inside her vagina sent pleasurable shock waves through her body.

One thrust. Anna moaned loud.

Two thrusts. Anna moaned again and clenched her vaginal muscles as hard as she could.

Three thrusts. Anna felt the muscles in her vagina release their grip around Carl although she tried to squeeze them hard. Then one or two seconds later they started to contract hard and uncontrollably. Anna let out a long scream as her orgasm washed through her body that rocked wildly on the bed.

Carl knew his wife and thrust into her slow and soft one more time during her orgasm. She liked a bit of light stimulation while she climaxed. Then he stopped with his penis still deep inside her until she had calmed down a bit.

“Your turn!”, Anna said.

Carl started to thrust again, but not so hard now. It was the slow and long strokes in and out that brought him pleasure. He felt the familiar tingle start to spread from his penis into his groin. He felt his testes draw tight against his body and he felt something start to flow deep inside.

“Ohhh, it feels so good!”, he groaned.

Anna just smiled at him and held her hands around his neck. She drew her legs towards her chest and stroked his chest lovingly. She loved when he expressed his pleasure to her. When he told her how good it felt. How good it was to feel her vagina around him. How beautiful she was when they made love. How aroused he got from looking at her. She could feel his orgasm approach from he slight swelling of his penis inside her, his now a little erratic thrusts that she knew were now uncontrollable for him, his grunts as he experienced the extreme pleasure just before he orgasmed.

Carl pushed deep inside Anna and then held still as he felt the dam burst. The wonderful contractions started deep inside him and spread fast to his groin and his penis. He groaned loud as he felt himself pump his seed deep into his wife in spurt after spurt after spurt. After a while the pulses grew weaker and he collapsed on top of Anna. He was exhausted.

“I love you!”, he panted.

“I love you, too”, Anna replied and stroke him over his back.

They kissed lightly and lovingly while they came down from their bliss. Carl was still on top of Anna with his penis inside her.

“Can we go to sleep now?”; Carl asked.

“No, we need to go out and get lunch!”, Anna laughed

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