Nature is Beautiful

My Husband and I were sitting in our enclosed porch enjoying the beauty of  the snow covered landscape behind our home.

I’m not sure where the idea came from, but suddenly I blurted out, “Dave, lets go for a ride on the four wheeler!”

Which caused my husband to look at me and say, “I don’t mind, but it’s a little cold out there?”

My reply was, “It will be fun! We can bundle up.” My puppy dog look sold the idea. We went to the basement and put on our insulated coveralls. Dave’s were bought years ago and he doesn’t wear jeans under his. A nice way of saying they were a little tight (sorry Dave).

Dave went out to start the Polaris while I finished bundling up. By the time I went out Dave had both four wheelers running and ready to go.

I asked Dave if he minded if we only took one so we hopped on the red polaris with the passenger seat.

We live in a small town surrounded by thousands of acres of woods, strip mines, and forrested areas, so riding space was not a problem, as we knew all the property owners.

We decided to follow the path of a small river and the running water added to the tranquility of the snow covered landscape. After about about a half hour of riding Dave suddenly stopped and put his finger to his lips and pointed ahead. About one hundred yards ahead were a group of about fifteen deer checking out a cleared corn field. Dave turned off the ATV and we both intently watched the deer. To our surprised they cut the distance in half and started browsing at the ground about fifty yards from us and Dave again gave me the quiet sign. The deer, river gurgling, and the snow provided a beautiful setting worthy to be on a relaxation video. The only problem was with the ATV motor off, the engine heat that had warmed me was absent and soon I got a little cold. I snuggled up to my husband, removed my gloves and slid my hands in the side gaps of his coveralls only causing a glance from my husband and another sign to be quiet. I bet we watched the animals about twenty minutes when I slid my hands past his flannel shirt past the elastic of his underwear and soon had his penis in one hand ands testicles in the other.

Let me tell you it did not take much time at all for that soft cuddly penis to grow to full mast and and show me I still had it!

Dave turned to look at me, and his movement scared the deer off. My husband gave me a look.

“We will try this again in the summer, but for now lets get home and quick,” I whispered.

On the quick pace home I never let go of his penis and when we finally reached our garage we almost ran in the house. With no words needed, we undressed in record time and were soon were making the missionary position anything but the “same old same old”. During that lovemaking session I told my loving husband, “Old people have sex. Lovers f— and I want you to f— me.” and that was enough to put him over the edge and he filled me up with his love juice as I had one of the few climaxes by intercourse in our life together.

As we lay together breathing hard, Dave tenderly kissed me and said “I love the new you!”

Then we both heard something and sat up and laughed and said, “All right, who is turning the four wheeler off?”

I cant wait for summer to finish what I started in that field!!


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