I had been away for a couple of days again and it was about eight days since we made love the last time. I was very eager and kind of aroused all day from thinking about what was hopefully going to happen in the evening.

When we finally had the kids tucked in and got to our bedroom, we undressed and got naked. We crept under the covers and just laid there looking into each others eyes. I was already hard and erect as I had not seen my beautiful wife in the nude for over a week. My penis was throbbing and my mind raced as I longed to touch and be touched in the most pleasurable way possible.

All of a sudden my wife starts talking and criticize me for how I had treated one of the kids earlier in the afternoon. My excitement and erection were gone in an instant. I got irritated, flicked off the light and turned around to sleep instead.

After a while my dear wife snuggle up close behind me and said, “I’m sorry, honey”. Then she start to caress my arm very light and slow and kiss my back. Her hand continue to stroke my chest, hips and thigh over and over again. I feel myself relax into her warm and soft embrace. I feel her soft breasts and tummy pressed against my back and her hips against my butt. I feel my penis start to grow again.

“OK, this may turn out to be a good night after all” I think.

She continue to stroke me and her hand moves closer and closer to my now big and hard penis for every pass. Finally she reach for it and her smooth fingers encircles my thick shaft as she moves her leg and drape it over my hip. It feel so good I can’t help myself and let out a moan.

“Oh, that feels good” I murmur.

“Mmmm” she say as she lightly caress my wanting member.

I reach back with my arm to feel her round hip and soft butt. I let my hand stroke her from above her hip, over her round and soft butt and down her thigh. Up and down. She’s so soft. I get closer and closer to the treasure between her legs. I let my fingertips run lightly over her vulva from behind. She is wide open since she has one leg drawn up high over my torso and the other is stretched out on the bed.

“Ummm”, comes over her lips as my fingers slide in between her swollen lips.

She is incredibly wet already. Almost dripping. I let my fingers slide back and forth in her crevice and eventually settle around her clitoris. It’s so hard and pointing out, ready to receive my love.

“Ooohh, nice”, I hear as I feel her grip around my erect penis tighten.

She stroke up and down along my hardness and I feel my hips start to thrust against her motions. It feels so good.

She roll away slightly and part her legs wide wanting me to get full access to her vagina from the front. I put my hand between her legs and my fingers disappear between her wet folds again. I stroke her slowly along the whole length of her soft and now wide open cleft. I felt the opening of her wonderful vagina had opened up for the coming penetration. I easily slid two fingers inside her and I felt her vagina tighten pleasurably around them. I pushed my fingers in as deep as I could and felt them touch her cervix. Then I slowly withdrew them all the way out and up over her clitoris again.

“Aaaahhhh, THAT feels good”, she exclaim.

I turn around to face her and our open mouths lock together in a long, sweet and deep kiss. Her hands are caressing, stroking and massaging my rock hard penis more and more vigorously as her own arousal builds. Suddenly she roll over flat on her back, spread her legs wide and start to thrust her hips against my hand in time with my caresses.



“Oh, honey, I love you so much. I love to do this to you! Please, cum for me. Cum now!”, I whisper in her ear.

“Uuhh-huuumm… it feels… so… incred… ibly… go… od! Uuhhmm.”, she reply stuttering between her labored breaths.


“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” she scream as she thrust her pelvis up hard against my hand one last time and hold it there, her whole body stiffen and her vagina contract hard and her clitoris pulsate rhythmically.

“Ohh, that was so good!”, she say after a while as her body relax.

I lay close to her and hold her tight. Her hand has never left my throbbing penis. Now she pull on it towards her. She pull it between her legs towards her dripping center. I get between her legs and lower my hips towards her. She aims my wanting penis towards her waiting vagina. Her labia part easily as she hold the swollen tip against her opening.

“Please, come inside!”, she beg as she pull her legs up and wraps them around my back and press against me to force me to enter her.

I do as she wish and slowly push inside. Deep inside. All the way in one slow thrust. She is so slippery and tight after her orgasm and it feel so good when her vagina lovingly wraps around my whole length.

“Ooohh!”, I groan.

“Enjoy!”, she reply and give me a deep kiss and stroke my labored face.

“Oh, I will, but I won’t be able to do it for as long as I would like. Uuuhhh!”, I say as I slowly withdrew and thrust into her again.

“This is so good, can we do this more often, please?”, I ask.

“I’d love to!”, she reply lovingly.

I love to thrust slowly in long strokes and I do that a few more times. I feel the familiar tingle start to grow between my legs. I can’t hold back now and I pick up the pace. The tingle increase rapidly for every thrust and I feel I loose control.

“I’m gonna cum. I can’t hold back. It feel so good!”

“Aaaaahhhh”, I groan.

“That’s good, honey. Don’t stop. I want you to cum in me! I love you!”, she say between her kisses.

I withdrew all the way out, and then immediately pushed all the way in again as deep as I could go.


The wonderful pulsating in my crotch and out through my penis start. I can feel the rhythmical spurts as I shoot my sperm deep into my receiving wife.

I collapse on top of her and we kiss and cuddle lovingly for a while and exchange all those small words of love and appreciation that come so easy after lovemaking. After a short while we slip apart and fall asleep.


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