Caribbean Eden

A few years ago, my wife and I decided to take a week long vacation in Jamaica.  Since it was our 15th wedding anniversary, we decided to leave our kids with their grandparents so it could be just us.  After a good bit of research, we found an “all inclusive” resort in Jamaica that was limited to only adults.  Our reasoning was that if we weren’t bringing our kids, we sure didn’t want to have to put up with someone else’s!  We had a wonderful time, and this is a true story.

As we arrived at the resort, we were struck by the beauty that surrounded us.  Not only was the area lushly vegetated; the buildings took full advantage of the temperate climate.  The lobby was completely open to the air with a thatched roof.  The whole resort looked very tropical and nicely aged, even though it was only a few years old.  The friendly manner of the staff really put us at ease and made the whole environment very welcoming.  The pools, hammocks, dining areas, massage huts, gardens, ponds, and beaches were so refreshing compared to the bustling city life we had just escaped from.

While there are lots of things we could share about this trip, there was one night which sticks out as one of our most memorable.  It was our third night at the resort, which was about when we were really starting to relax after trying to experience all the activities the resort had to offer.  That evening, we took quick showers, separately this time because she wanted to get all dressed up for me before our late dinner in the fine dining restaurant.  After her shower, she actually made me leave the room while she finished!  But it was worth it…

When I arrived back at the room my wife greeted me at the door looking stunningly seductive.  She wore a short black silk dress with thin shoulder straps and a deep V neckline.  While it was by no means too revealing considering those around us, it was much more revealing than I had been used to seeing her wear.  She looked fabulous and I told her so, maybe a bit too many times…I was just so stunned with how beautiful she looked.

As we arrived at the restaurant we had to wait for a few minutes before our table was ready.  As we stood there I ran my hand gently up and down her side while embracing her in a sideways hug.  Unlike at home, I let my hand drop a little lower to the side of her hips briefly across one of her cheeks and back up to her lower back.  I could feel her snuggle up closer to me and she let out a soft sigh, so I continued this for a few more times before I realized something was different…no panty lines!  My wife somehow knew when I had noticed this, and looked up at me with a sly grin, gave me a peck on the lips, and then winked at me.  I don’t know if she realized it or not at the time, but I actually got a bit dizzy and confused.  My wife just didn’t act like this anymore, at least not since her days had been filled with housework and taking care of our kids.  I was beginning to realize the importance of having that couple time for keeping your marriage vibrant.

During dinner, which was superb, we each had a couple of glasses of wine and talked and laughed like we hadn’t done in years.  Again I began rubbing her back, and this time she looked at me and said, “Rub a little higher.”  That was when I realized that she was also not wearing a bra.  Somehow I hadn’t noticed, maybe because it fit her so well and maybe because I was so preoccupied with how happy and engaged she seemed.  Surely some of it was also due to my so intrigued with my earlier discovery.  Never the less, I found myself so taken by her (and her state of dress) that I was felt much more “intoxicated” than was justified by two glasses of Chardonnay.

After a scrumptious desert I wanted to head straight back to the room, but she really wanted to go visit the piano bar.  We had been there briefly once, and this night was Karaoke night.  While I’m not a big fan of hearing tone deaf people sing, the pianist was excellent and whenever someone was off key he would chime in (sometimes drowning them out) so that it was still quite enjoyable.  The room was not very large, but was very comfortable.   After awhile, one of the couches became available that was shaped almost like a mattress shaped to a reclining position.  With her short dress, she had to be careful not to reveal anything but it was quite comfortable and relaxing.  After cuddling there for awhile, and a third glass of wine, I got up the nerve to sing “Love Me Tender” to her.  Since I had never done anything like that before, she was the one surprised for a change and seemed to be almost swooning.  At one point near the end of the song, as we were making eye contact, she changed the way her legs were crossed so that I (and only I) got the briefest of glimpses up her dress.

By this time, I was so turned on that I just had to go back to the room.  Somehow she realized this and had swung her legs to the side and was getting off of the couch just as I was passing by.  Without even a word we just looked at each other and quietly strolled back to our room.

Once in the room, we opened the windows to our third story room, which was not far from the piano bar.  Since it had its large windows open, we could still hear the music along with the faint sound of the nearby beach.  Luckily, our room also had two well-placed palm trees so that even during the day it was impossible to see into the room except from the edge of the beach, which was quite a distance away.  This allowed us to leave the window and curtains open and still have plenty of privacy.  Even so, we did not turn on the lights but instead let the light of the half moon outside our window be the only illumination.

Over the next hour or so, we kissed and danced around the room with me enjoying feeling her body trough her dress.  Slowly, she removed my clothes, beginning with my shirt, followed eventually by my shorts.  I had though those would never come off, but she was just keeping up the tension as she danced seductively against me.  Although it was an odd feeling, being completely nude while my wife stood there in her dress (just as she had been at dinner and the bar), made me even more aware of my nakedness…and was quite a turn on!  Somehow again she read me and realized that I had had about all that I could stand.  As coolly as she had been all night, she reached over to the side of the room and pulled out the cushioned leather chair that was against the wall.  Without talking, she started dancing with me again and gracefully nudged me back into the chair and then ever so slowly, danced astraddle me, letting me feel  the dress and her skin gently brushing against me.  Gradually, she danced lower and lower until I felt her body touch mine in the most intimate of places.  My world was spinning, and I couldn’t believe how much she was turning me on…and then it got even better.

As she lowered herself to my lap she didn’t allow me to go inside.  Instead she had nuzzled me to where the underside of my privates was pressed against the front of her mound…her shaved mound!  This time, I shuddered with excitement as she continued to move against me.  Although my hands had been enjoying her breasts through her dress, it was even so much more intense when she then reached up, pulled the straps off her shoulders, and eased down the top of her dress so I could see and touch them bare skinned.  This was her weakness, for a as I began to touch them and then to caress them she could no longer stand the tension which she had so patiently built.  As we began to kiss deeply she rubbed her soft, shaved skin against me more and more quickly and firmly until she finally stood part way up, rocked her hips forward, and allowed me to slide just inside her moist lips.  Then, she froze.

For what seemed like minutes she tarried there, making on the most subtle of movements as she dripped of anticipation.  As she hovered there, I again brought my lips to her breast, lightly tracing them again before gently licking, and then sucking in between my lips and then my teeth.  This was finally too much for her and she slowly eased down on me, and began to thrust herself on me as with all the passion that had been stored up from the evening.  We were already so aroused that we exploded into simultaneous climaxes, almost violently banging out every last ounce of one of the most intense orgasms we had ever had.

Afterward, we sat there in the chair for a few minutes, enjoying the afterglow of such an intense, intimate experience.  While we sat there, I pulled the dress over her head and threw it to the side so that we could sit there in a cloth less embrace, completely exposed to each other, and basking in the touch of each other’s skin.

When we finally got up, exhausted, we simply pulled back the covers to our bed and laid on top of the mattress.  The warm tropical air occasionally blowing through the room was so nice and warm that we didn’t even bother to pull up the sheets to cover ourselves.  Instead, we simply laid there in our embrace and drifted off to sleep.

Once more that night, and again the next morning as the sun began to lighten the sky, we enjoyed each other’s bodies in the privacy of our room, but with open windows, a cool breeze, and a beautiful view of Caribbean between the palms outside our window.  Except as the sun was setting, low in the sky but above the trees, we found that it was impossible to see into our room.   So for the next two days and nights we enjoyed many more “open air” experiences and being “naked and unashamed.”


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  1. HoneyGirl says:

    Both hubby’s & my parents live in Hawaii 🙂 while we enjoy the free hospitality, it makes nights like you describe still a fantasy of mine as we have to be quiet & creative–especially with siblings in the next room of the un-insulated house (they don’t need heat & central ac there most of the year).

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