Red Thong

It always amazes me how visual men are.  I am a private person and even after several years of marriage I sometimes struggle with being seen nude by my hubby.  Anyway, I have always worn regular cotton panties, I grew up wearing them and just never stopped.  I have put on lingerie for my man a few times but cotton panties have been my daily undergarment.  A few weeks ago I noticed one of my girlfriends was wearing a thong (when she bent over), and I decided to give it a try.  To my amazement, I found it really comfortable and I felt really sexy wearing it.  I picked up 5 or 6 more and started wearing them every day.  I always change in the closet so it was a while before my husband noticed, but when he did, was he ever excited.

We were at the kitchen counter as I was putting out supper.  We were kissing a bit and he had his hands on my bum when he realized there were no panty-lines.  He asked me what was going on so I shushed him because the kids were in the room and told him he’d have to wait ’til later to find out.

The rest of the night he was in a frenzy and it got kind of fun to hold him off.  He was sure that I was going “commando” and he kept trying to sneak a peek but I wouldn’t let him and the sexual energy just continued to build the whole evening.  At 8:00, the kids were in bed and around 8:30 I announced that I thought I would put my jammy’s on early.

There was no way that hubby was letting me change in the closet that night and we started making out as soon as we got to the bedroom.  We ended up both having our shirts off and I finally let him pull down my pants.  I thought he was going to explode with excitement when he saw my red silk thong.

His pants disappeared pretty fast and soon he was pressing his manhood into my butt as he stood behind me and kissed my neck.  I have always been turned on by feeling him pressing his erection into my bum from behind and by this time and I was as turned on as him.  I made my way to the bed planning to jump under the covers with him but instead he held me at the side of the bed and pushed me over.  I put my hands out to catch myself and he started pushing hard against me.  He pulled my thong off and pushed his penis inside me as I stayed bent over.  At first he was going slow but as I started to groan he picked up the pace and soon the feeling of orgasm overtook me.  A minute later he released himself inside me and when I looked up I realized he had been watching the whole thing in the dresser mirror on the other side of the bed.

That happened several months ago and I only wear thongs now.  We have had several repeats of that night and he picks up new thongs now and again “in case I am running out,” but he says his favorite is still the red silk one.

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4 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    I am a thong wearer as well. It took me sometime before I felt comfortable wearing them. It was more of an age thing for me, I always considered thongs to be a “young chick” thing not a 49 year old mother of three.

    Nice story, Thanks for posting! God Bless and stay horny!

  2. Waroona Waroona says:


    Sounds so exciting. Nothing like variety. When we married I was told there would be no restrictions or hang-ups. In fact it has been even better than I ever imagined. We are now both in our late sixties.

    Often when i cuddle my wife, I feel through her clothes and notice that her panties are missing. This is the “unspoken communication” and green light that she is available at any time I want her.

    After 40 years, this ‘green light to go’ still excites me!!!

    Feel sad for the many couples that have no communication and try to restrict their men to get what they want in a materialistic way.

  3. Shawn Jones says:

    Awesome story. Thongs are a staple in our house ever since my wife joined the yoga and jogging pants fad. I can’t speak for every man but they are so incredibly sexy. That’s the one thing my wife knows will get me Everytime. Thanks for sharing! Congrats to your hubby! God bless

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