Fire of Desire (L)

I stirred sleepily as I felt Ben’s warm breath on my neck, followed by his gentle kisses that traveled from my neck to my shoulders.

“Mmmmm, baby! What time is it?” I moaned as his hand slipped into my gown and caressed my right breast, sending an erotic shiver through my body.

“Almost 3 am,” Ben whispered softly into my ear, then gently nibbled on the lobe, his hard cock pressing against my bottom.

I turned my head to him and kissed him, our tongues meeting and swirled together. It had been several days since we last made love and his touch felt electric and my pussy moistened.

“I love you!” I whispered, then reached down and ran my fingers over his dick.

“I love you too! Let’s fuck!” he whispered into my ear as he began to pull my gown up to my waist.

“OK, but, baby, I’ve really got to pee first! ” I panted, then we kissed, once more before I eased out of bed and headed for the bathroom,  slipping off my gown as I did.

After a much needed piss, I made my way back to my horny loving husband.  He was laying on his back holding his dick in his hand, the covers pushed down to the end of the bed. He smiled when he saw me.

“Are you playing with your big dick again, mister?  Naughty boy, what am I going to do with you!”  I teased as I crawled back into bed and into his arms.

“Let me show you!” he replied , then kissed me. Our tongues explored each others mouth as we caressed one another.

“Mmmm, baby!” I moaned as his hand found it’s way to my wet cunt. My body responded as he slipped a finger into my wetness. I groaned and worked my hips as he fingered me. My pussy hungered for the attention having been neglected the last several days. I hadn’t even masturbated in almost a week.

“Gina, baby! Your so wet!” Ben said , then flicked his tongue over my right erect tittie nipple causing my body to quiver.

“Ohhhh, Ben! Baby, you make me wet! That feels so good, baby!” I panted, reaching down and grasping his hard on and pumped it a couple times.

We kissed passionately, then he rolled over on top of me.  I spread my legs wide,  then reached for his dick and guided it to my opening. I groaned as I felt his swollen dickhead enter my eager wet cunt.

“Mmmmmph! Ohhhhh baby! Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!” I panted as he slowly slipped his length into me and began thrusting. His cock filling me with each thrust.

“I’m gonna fuck you good baby! Gonna fuck your hot pussy hard baby! You want it baby? Do you want me to fuck you hard?” he groaned as he increased the speed of his thrusting, his balls slapped against my ass as he fucked me, bringing me closer to that sweet release.

“Yessssss! Fuck me hard! Pound your dick into me! Fuck me, fuck my hot pussy! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Baby, I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmminnng! ” I groaned then bit into his shoulder to stifle my scream.  My nails dug into his arms as my body spasmed beneath him.

Ben grunted and groaned as he continued to fuck me, pounding his hard dick into me with powerful thrust.  ” Ohhh Gina! Baby, I’m gonna cum!  Ohhhh, Baby!” He groaned pushing deep inside me as his dick began to throb and empty his balls inside me.

“YES, Baby! YES!” I panted, wrapping my legs around him, holding him inside me. He panted heavily as his body spasmed from his orgasm.

We lay together not saying a word, our breathing the only sound. We kissed and held each other for several minutes,  enjoying our love.

“I gotta go baby, or I’m gonna be late. ” he whispered, then kissed me softly on the lips.

I made a pouty face, then kissed him. I unwrapped my legs from his waist, groaning softly as he pulled out of me. His cock now pretty much flaccid as he got out of bed and headed for the bathroom.

I got up as well, as some of his cum began to leak out of me. I walked to the bathroom and wiped myself with a towel.

Ben peered out the shower curtain and said,  “Baby, Thank you for that! I know it’s early! I love you!”

“Thank you! I think I needed it about as bad as you! I love you too sweetheart,” I said, then headed back to bed. I had a little over an hour and a half before I had to wake Randy for school.

Ben dressed, walked over to the bed and kissed me.

“I love you, baby! I will see you later this evening,” he whispered.

“I love you too! Don’t forget I got that baby shower to go to at the church tonight,” I told him.

It was for a woman in our ladies Bible study group. Her name was Gail and she was expecting her fourth child. I was drafted as one of the hostesses. Lucky me!

Ben grinned and said, ” OH, okay! Guess I will see you once you get home then. Bye baby!”

“Bye, love you! Be careful! ”

I lay in bed, the sheets felt good to my naked skin, my body still tingling from our lovemaking. I couldn’t help but smile at the love that I felt for that man of mine. I have said it many times before, but I am the luckiest, happiest woman alive. At least I believe so.

Unable to go back to sleep, I turned on my bedside table and retrieved my laptop and began to browse the internet. I logged on to MH and read a few stories, including one or two of my own. I soon became quite aroused.

I logged off and shut off the laptop, placing it on the side table. Glancing at the clock, I still had a good twenty minutes before I had to get up. I smiled and decided to engage in a little self love.

I traced my fingers lightly over my nipples which were already becoming erect. I moaned softly as I gently tweaked them. I put a finger into my mouth and wet it, then ran it over my taut little buds moistening them. I then lifted each breast and softly blew on them. The sensation felt oh so nice. I lightly ran my hand over my abdomen under the covers to my mound, running my fingers through my pubic hair.

I moved the covers off my body and spread my legs, lightly running my hands over my inner thighs, then back up to my tits and squeezed them. I ran my right hand back down between my legs and over my cunt. I was so wet! I closed my eyes and moaned as I slipped a finger inside me, then another thrusting them into me.

“Fuck!” I panted, my breathing becoming heavier as I fingered myself. I moved my hips in rythmn to my finger fucking.  I took my other hand which was holding one of my breasts and placed it under me tickling my asshole with a finger as I fingered my pussy with my other.

I removed my fingers from my pussy and began manipulating my clitoris. I soon could feel my orgasm building inside me as I continued to jill myself off.   Ohhhh, I’m cumming! Ohhhhhh!  I panted,  placing a pillow over my face to stifle my scream as I came.  My body spasmed and my ass lifted off the bed as I experienced that sweet release.

I lay there enjoying the feeling of my organic high for a few minutes until my alarm went off for me to get up. I slipped on my gown and robe, then headed for the kitchen.  I fixed some pancakes then went and got Randy up. He didn’t want to wake up, so I had to threaten him with “his life” before he finally emerged.

After getting him off to school, I ate a bite then showered.  I slipped on a pair of raggedy blue Jean cut offs and a t-shirt ( no bra). I picked up around the house and put some clothes on to wash.Hey girl,  what you up to? ” she said when I answered.

It was around 10 or so when Cynthia called.

“Hey girl,  what you up to? ” she said when I answered.

“Nothing much, just doing a little house cleaning. What are you up to?” I replied.

“Yeah, I need to do a little of that myself! Just delaying the inevitable I guess.” She said with a laugh.

“I take it your off today! ”

“I took off today! I was up late last night unable to sleep. ” she said.

“I have those nights once in a while. Truly frustrating! Are you coming to the shower tonight?

“I don’t know,  Rick mentioned something about maybe going out tonight. Clint is supposedly going to stay at Rick’s parents house tonight. You know how that goes! ” she replied.

“Sounds nice. Somebody gonna get some tonight! ” I said with a chuckle.

Cynthia laughed and said,  ” I’m sure it’s what he is thinking! He got some last night though. Actually the last couple nights!  He’s been a real horny toad here lately. ”

” Ben woke me up at 3 this morning wanting some.  It had been a few days so I didn’t complain. ” I replied as I walked out and sat by the pool.

” Girl, I’d kill Rick if he awakened me that early for sex! He’d better take a cold shower or hump his fist one! I’m not a morning person to begin with! ” Cynthia laughed.   ” Look the reason I called is to see if you wanted to run to Wal Mart with me. I got a couple things I need to return. ”

” Sure! What time?” I replied.

” Give me about an hour. I gotta shower and get dressed. ” Cynthia answered.

“Okay, sounds good!  See ya then!”


Cynthia arrived to pick me up around 11:30. We went to Walmart and a few other places before grabbing a bite to eat and heading home a little before 3.  We got to her house and I helped her unload. I joined her in a couple drinks before finally heading home a little before 4.

Randy had just gotten off the bus when Cynthia dropped me at my house.

“I am going to a baby shower tonight.  Your dad should be home around 7:30 or so. He is going to pick ya’ll up something to eat on his way home. Fix you a sandwich or something , then get on your homework, ” I told him, then headed to my bedroom to pick an outfit for the shower.

I left the house a little after 6, wanting to get there early to make sure everything was set up. I also wanted to discuss a few things with my pastor concerning an upcoming church function.

The shower was supposed to start around 7:30, but didn’t actually get going till after 8.  I was a bit surprised at the turnout as 24 women showed up for it. We barely had enough punch and finger foods to go around.  Gail was thrilled and received a ton of stuff.

It was after 10 before it came to an end. Connie, Linda and myself stayed and cleaned. It was just after midnight when I finally made it home.  I looked forward to a nice warm bath and crawling into bed with my husband.

I set my purse down on the kitchen table then poured myself a glass of wine. I walked to our bedroom, to my surprise Ben wasn’t in bed or the bathroom.  I went to Randy’s room and checked on him. He was sleeping peacefully.

I walked out the back toward the pool and found Ben in the pool. He was nude.

“Hey sugar! How was the shower? ” he asked with a smile when he saw me.

” It went well. She got alot of nice things. What are you doing still awake?” I  took a sip of wine.

“Thought I’d wait up for ya. Why don’t you come in and join me, the water feels great! ” he replied.

I was tired and really wanted to go to bed, however a cool dip did sound nice.

“Think I will!” I said, then began to undress. Once I was nude, I jumped in. He was right, the water did feel great. I swam over to him and kissed him.

“I love you Ben! I’m glad you waited up!” I said putting my arms around his neck.

“I love you too baby! ” Ben said then kissed me. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and moaned softly as we kissed.

I could feel his dick becoming hard as he held me close, as he pulled us to the shallow end.

“Nice! ” I giggled, reaching my hand down and grasped his member and gave it a few strokes.

We kissed again as we got to where we could stand. He lifted me, holding me up, his hands holding the back of my thighs as I wrapped my legs around him. He thrusted up, his dick penetrating me.

“OH, Baby! ” I gasped, then kissed him passionately.

He groaned as he thrust himself up into me again, then again.

“I love you Gina baby!” he groaned as we fucked in the pool.

“I love you too! YES, baby, fuck me! ” I panted into his ear, then buried my face into his neck.

It felt so good being held by him. He is so strong, so hard as he pumped himself into me bringing me closer to climax. The heat of our passion and the coolness of the pool water seemed to complement each other nicely.

“I’m cumming baby! OH baby I’m cumming! ” I panted then bit into his shoulder to muffle my scream.

Ben groaned and thrust deep, his cock throbbed and spew his seed deep into me as we came together.

The day ended the same as it began!  With a fire of desire!

God bless and stay horny!

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20 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    Kinda makes the ordinary days seem not so ordinary! That’s what is so great about marital sex. That is what our love and passion brings.

    Ben and I make a point to never go to bed angry and to always make time for each other. And it doesn’t have to be just to screw. Sitting and talking, holding hands, a gentle kiss once in a while. It’s the little things that truly matter. When you know the words I Love You, actually comes from the heart.

    Always pray together, Keep God and his word the glue and anchor in your marriage. The problems and obstacles you come across, will not seem that big of a deal.

    God Bless you and your family! As always, stay horny!

    • Gina G. says:

      Your welcome! Thanks for the nice comment.

      Now enjoy one another tonight!

      God Bless and stay horny!

    • Gina G. says:

      Thanks for your comment. Some like it, Some don’t! It is how our sex life rolls.

      God Bless and stay horny!

    • Gina G. says:

      Ha! I don’t actually bite him ( well maybe just a little ) so there are no lasting marks. He does have some scratches on his back that left a mark! Lol!

      God Bless and stay horny!

  2. SultrySoulful says:

    I don’t want to stir arguments with other readers. But I like how your use of candid sexual vernacular makes your stories more sexy. Having a special vocabulary for the bedroom makes the encounters more vivid. Also, using so-called dirty language also can heighten your vulnerability as a woman. I like it that you can refer to your feminine charms, for example, as your cunt, or to his fully engorged manhood as a cock. I like it when a woman as faithful and wholesome as yourself, fully committed to God and to husband, is unafraid to be a fully sexual creature. It’s like the Almighty gazing down upon Adam and Eve in their innocence only to declare them good. I don’t believe that kind of boldness–such self-acceptance– can do is displeasing to God, and I know men like me enjoy it as a woman trusts enough to let go and give herself over to desire. We know that that desire is a gift from God. Frankly, I am happy that you are not holding back. It makes you standing there in your nakedness even more powerful. God bless you, your husband, your marriage, your family, and your flaming passion, unashamed.

    • Gina G. says:

      SultrySoulful, Thank you so much for the sweet comment! So glad you enjoy my stories.

      God Bless you and yours! Stay horny!

  3. Gina G. says:

    Hey, just wanted to mention that I always inform my dear friend Cynthia anytime I mention her or our conversations in my stories.

    Cynthia is purhaps my biggest supporter, other than Ben of course. I love her dearly. She has been an Angel to me and stood by me during the good and not so good times.

    She enjoys MH , although she is not yet a registered member. She looks at it when she visits. She is planning to register and considering submitting some of her own bedroom stories ( Once she gets the nerve ).

    God Bless you Cynthia and your sweet family. I love you and I Thank you!

  4. rocket says:

    Beautiful and hot story. The “dirty words” (I don’t find it dirty though as these things within a Christian marriage are holy) makes it all the better. Congrats. God Bless.

  5. mikbru says:

    I know married sex can be rated xxx to the outside world. I don’t think the language has to be that way, though . I am not perfect and swear from time to time for which I will be held accountable. I think that perfect sex shouldn’t include words that would make it less than perfect. If I spoke that way while making love to my wife, she would stop and scold me.

  6. hornyGG says:

    Mikbru, thank you for the comment. However the language used in my stories, is the language my husband and I use when having sex. We do not use such language outside the bedroom or in anger. We realize some do not agree with the language, and that is their right including yours and I respect that. Thanks again for the comment. God bless you and yours and stay horny!

  7. smitten says:

    Hot story. Sometimes feeling tired only takes a little time of calmness, loving and cuddling, to get the juices flowing again . . . and then you are not as tired as you thought!

  8. jouxpane says:

    I liked reading about your day and how you interact with your friends and family. You’re a true social butterfly. Great writing style. Being new to MH I’ve enjoyed your contributions and am looking forward to reading others. I am not usually the one to initiate sex with my wife, but after reading this story I practically jumped her bones as she was falling asleep. Fortunately she took the advancement well. She’s a sweetheart.

  9. Ashleigh says:

    Wow! Reading this during baby’s naptime before hubs gets home…and wow am I wet!!! I love how close you and hubs seem and how you communicate! Your writing is truly amazing. Love the solo part of the story too 🙂 I may or may not have joined in at that part hehe can’t wait for hubs later! Thanks girl!

  10. JAM777 says:

    What's animalistic doggy style? It's on the pole…

    Also, great story Mrs. G! It made me painfully horny to think of having sex with my future wife in the pool!!!

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