Cheerleading Fantasy

As we prepared for our 10th reunion, I  went through some of my old stuff.  I had been on a diet recently and felt so excited to find out I could fit in my cheerleader outfit!  I planned to surprise my husband when he got home, so I sent the kids to mom, put on the uniform, and fixed him a great dinner.

“Wow, you look very sexy in that,” he said when he came in from work and saw me in the outfit.

We ate and talked about old times in school.  He played basketball in high school, and he told me how he used to watch me in that cheerleading uniform, and it would drive him crazy.

“Oh, by the way,” he said, “I have been asked to be on the planning committee for the reunion, and I need to go check out the gym. Want to play out one of my fantasies there? It will just be the two of us.”

“Okay,” I said, “but you will have to get that old basketball outfit out to make it more authentic.”

So, he found the outfit, and off we headed to the gym. We walked in, turned the lights on, and started talking about where we would put what at the reunion.

Then I told him, “Enough of that; time to start the game.”

With that, my husband grabbed a ball, and I started cheering him on.  We were getting into it.  My husband kept telling me how sexy I looked as he dribbled the ball and shot baskets.  I blew the whistle I had brought and yelled, “Time out!”  So, he ran over, and we got in a “small huddle.” I told him that he looked so sexy in those shorts and that I was getting very excited watching him run up and down the court.

He said, “Do you know how hard it is for me to stay focused on this game when I see you in that sexy cheerleader outfit with the short skirt?”

He started kissing me and eased his hands under my shirt, rubbing my nipples until they got very hard.  I was extremely horny, feeling myself getting very wet.

“You know what I have always wanted to do?” he whispered in my ear.


“I have wanted to make love to you with that outfit on, especially that short little skirt. I want to get you up on one of those bleachers with your legs spread, your panties off, and to lick your pussy until you come.  Then I want to turn you around and screw you from behind with that cute little skirt just flipped up.”

It took no convincing me that this was a great plan, so off my panties went. I climbed up to one of the higher bleachers so he could get to me easier. He proceeded to lick my juicy wet vagina, swirling his tongue on my clitoris until I came in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.

Then it was time for part two of the fantasy. I turned around, and he lifted my skirt to plunge his hard-on into me. He told me how hot I looked with the cheerleader skirt and bobby socks on and with my hair done up in a ponytail, just like in high school. While he went in and out of me, he reached his hand forward and rubbed my clitoris.

I came in another earth-shattering orgasm as he exploded inside of me.

Wow, we need to make more fantasies come true.

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