Between Her Thighs

Men are truly missing a lot
Being unmindful of her honey pot
Men need to own their wife’s pussy
Be the man of lust for their wife and not a sissy
Spend time with her cunt more than your car
Romance between her legs, stay out of the bar
More than your job you must favor
Give her cunt more energy and labor
More than patriotic responsibilities
Release desires to set her vagina free
Be weak for her cunt and embrace it fully
This will definitely make you more manly
Prefer wet swollen lips instead of the game
Excuses for anything else are purely lame
Not only for money should your heart beat
Let her glistening clit bring you to her feet
Her pussy is yours and yours alone
Let your ownership be clearly shown
Take great care of this gifted treasure
It satisfies and gives complete pleasure
You need to be bold with affection
Spend lingering time and attention
The more you give the better you receive
Extend unselfish foreplay to truly please
Passion will explode when you inspect
Without the rush to quickly inject
Touch, probe, and caress its unique design
Let sight, taste, scent, feel and sounds entwine
Learn the best ways she should be treated
Much time spent ensures pussy is heated
Use variety to bring out the best performance
Don’t be shy but indulge your acquaintance
Guaranteed to change your entire life
It is your matrimonial property so treat her nice

By: Peak84 for my sweet Professor Chocolate.



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8 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Loved this… mainly because most of the married women who are unsatisfied with their sex lives (that I’ve talked to) say it is because their husband is not dedicated to exactly what you just spoke of. Bravo for putting this so poetically.

    • ladygarden says:

      Very nicely written, thank you Peak84. Our pussies are such special gifts to ourselves and to our husband’s it is sad that some husbands turn away from our most special secret treasures to seek other pleasures which can never compare. You put it very well and we thank you…

  2. Mercury7 says:

    Thank you for this admonition to guys. We need to be more tuned in to our wives than we are. I’d like to see more pieces like this written to instruct and challenge men to be better husbands!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Profound! I totally agree with Blondie and Mercury7’s comments. I think we all have room to grow in this regard! I want to be a better husband and less distracted by less important things. God bless you and thanks.

  4. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    There is NO WHERE I would rather be than looking directly at my woman’s power. With the use of my tongue, lips, teeth, saliva, fingers, and my happy moans, I can take her power from her. She melts in my mouth and tells me I can stop in a few hours … maybe.

  5. Cuddles says:

    Love this! Your story, and those hot comments, have my pussy aching for attention. LOTS of attention!

    The story's message is both weighty and passionate, a plea which won't be easily forgotten.

    Thanks Peak84, well done!

    Cuddles xxxx

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