An Unexpected Detour (L)

The saying goes that spontaneity is the spice of life. I believe this to be true, especially when it comes to sex. Now I will admit that time and just life in general can and more often than not, get in the way.

My dear husband Ben is probably the most spontaneous person I know. He makes sure there is plenty of spice in our marriage. I just never know what he might come up with to surprise me. It is one of the many reasons why I fell in love and married my handsome “crazy” man. The fact that he is a fantastic fuck is just icing on the cake!

This story is about one such incident…

It was on a Saturday evening and Ben took me out on a date. Dinner and a movie was the plan, then a moonlite walk by the lake. What movie and where we ate didn’t matter to me as long as I was with him. Unfortunately, we don’t get too many date nights for various reasons. But we do try! When they do happen, it is special and romantic.

Ben and I left the house around 7:00. Ben looked so handsome in his dark blue long sleeved button up shirt and Wrangler jeans that fit him oh so well. I wore a turquoise cotton dress that came just above the knee and matching heels. It wasn’t low cut per-say but with the bra I was wearing, showed a bit of cleavage.

The movie started at nine, so we went to eat at this wonderful new Italian restaurant.  It was busy but the service was prompt and the food was awesome. I love Italian food!

We ate and enjoyed a Margarita before leaving for the theater.  We arrived at the theater a little before nine and purchased the tickets. After buying our drinks and a medium bag of popcorn, we settled into our seats in the darkened theater.

“No trying to cop a feel, mister! ” I whispered jokingly as he placed his hand upon my knee.

“That goes for you too, darlin’ ” he replied as I slowly ran my hand up his inner thigh, stopping just short of being naughty. We both chuckled softly.

We held hands throughout and I rested my head on his shoulder. His cologne smelled oh so good!  “I love you,” I whispered softly into his ear.

“I love you too,” he replied quietly, then kissed me tenderly on my lips.

The movie ended around 11:15 and we walked to the car still holding hands. We got into the car and I sat next to him. We kissed, our tongues played together in a soft sensuous kiss that heated my desire for him. I could feel myself becoming quite moist.

We drove down by the lake and took a midnight stroll along the levy. It was so nice and peaceful, not to mention really romantic. I just loved it and I love him so much.

We left the lake a little before 1 am then headed for home. Or so I thought! I laid my head on his shoulder as he drove, just enjoying being with my loving husband.

Suddenly he exited off the highway and pulled into the parking lot of a local hotel.  “Baby, what are we stopping here for?” I asked.

He said nothing as he pulled up to the office and parked. He said nothing, just smiled as he got out of the car and walked in. I was confused, then excited as the thought occurred to me, that the only reason he would be stopping at a motel this close to home would be… My heart beat a little faster for I knew we were there to fuck!

He walked out of the office and got back in the car, still not saying a word. We drove to the backside of the building and parked.

“Come on, get out!” he said, finally breaking his silence. We got out of the car and walked to room 433. He used the key to open the door, then we walked in. It was a clean yet small room with a queen sized bed, tv, bedside table and a phone. The bathroom had a shower, a sink and a toilet.

After securing the door, he walked over and took me in his arms and kissed me passionately. My body tingled and my legs felt a little weak.

“My, what has gotten into you?” I panted breaking our kiss. My heart was about to break out of my chest and my cunt was getting very moist. No, make that very wet!

He led me over to the bed and had me sit on the side of the bed. He smiled and said, “Why don’t you just lay back.”

I laid back onto the bed propping myself on my elbows and waited for whatever it was he had in mind. Whatever it was I was fairly certain I was gonna love it!  He smiled as he lifted my legs one at a time and slipped my heels off. He kissed each foot and sensuously sucked on my toes.

“Mmmmmm baby!” I moaned. The sensation of him loving my feet and sucking my toes was so unbelievably erotic it made me squirm.

Holding my right leg he began kissing it, working his way up. I gasped as he hit that spot right behind the knee. He was driving me insane with desire and he knew it. He smiled as he continued pushing my dress up my body until my white thong panty covered crotch was exposed.

Ben softly kissed my inner thighs just inches from my covered wet cunt. My hips slowly humped at the air in anticipation. He ran his hand over the damp fabric that covered my sweet hairy pussy, causing a groan to escape my lips.

“Feels damp, baby! You must really be wet, whatcha say we take these off!” he said, then kissed my inner thighs once more.

“YES, Please! ” I replied my horniness showing in my breathy raspy voice.

He hooked his fingers into the sides of my thong and ever so slowly began to pull downward until my bush and swollen lips of my cunt was fully exposed. He continued pulling my thong down until he finally had it off.

“I think I will keep these for later use!” he said with a grin,then put the damp crotch to his nose and inhaled my scent before stuffing them in his back pocket. “Spread your legs! Let me see that hot pussy of yours baby!” he said as he removed his shirt, the muscles in his chest rippling with every move.

“You are so bad!” I said as I spread my legs wide, exposing myself fully for his viewing pleasure.

He laid between my legs, his face just inches away as he ran his fingers through my thick bush. He traced his fingers lightly over my pussy lips, then back up to my bush slightly grazing my clit causing my hips to thrust upwards.

“Mmmmmm, Ohhh baby yesss! ” I groaned as I felt him kiss my pussy lips, then began to flick his tongue over them. He gently spread my pussy lips with his fingers as he continued to eat me out. My man sure loves eating pussy and is awesome at it.

Feels sooooo good baby! Eat my pussy!  Don’t you dare stop, lover!” I said, my breathing grew heavy as I ran my fingers through his hair, holding his head in place.  “Yessss! Oh, baby, oh, baby! M-My clit, YES please! SUCK IT! YOUR GONNA MAKE ME C-C-CUM! I-I’M C-C-CUUUMMMMMINNNGG! OHHHHHH, AHHHHHRGH!” I cried as my orgasm shook my body, taking my breath as my thighs clamped around his head.

I was panting heavily as my orgasm began to subside, my thighs loosened from their grip on his head. But my baby wasn’t through with his meal as he once again began to tongue my dripping cunt, lapping up my juices.

“B-Baby! Baby, p-please! I-I c-can’t t-take, OHHHHH!  OHHHHHHH – AWWWWW FUUUUCCK B-BAAAABBY!” I squealed as I began to cum again. My body lurched and thrashed in it’s seizure of ecstasy.

I lay their gasping, my quivering thighs released and fell open as my body twitched slightly from orgasmic aftershocks. My dress bunched up around my midsection in total disarray.

Ben lifted his face from my quivering wet cunt and smiled. His mouth glistening from my juices as he came up to me and kissed me deeply and passionately, giving me a taste of what he had enjoyed between my legs.

“I love you” he said as he again kissed my lips.

“I love you too!” I panted softly in reply.

My dear husband then rose from the bed and gazed upon my dis-shoveled, partially nude form as he began to unbuckle his belt. I watched as he unfastened his jeans, then slowly unzipped them. It was like he was doing a bit of a strip tease for me. As I watched I removed the dress and my bra from my body and now lay totally nude before him.

I gazed upon him lovingly and YES lustily as he slowly pulled his jeans down to his ankles, then stepped out of them. He stood before me in his gray boxers, his dick protruding obscenely from the slit in a semi hard state.

I ran my hand over my wet pussy as I watched him slip his boxers down to his ankles. He smiled as he watched me touch myself, then took his dick in his hand a pumped it a couple times until it was fully erect.

He got into bed and hovered over me as we looked into each others eyes. “I want you to put it in for me! Show me you want me to fuck you, baby!” he said.

“You know I do, baby!” I panted as I reached and grasped his hard cock with my hand and guided it to my hungry pussy hole.  “Mmmph! Ben, baby!” I groaned as I felt his dickhead slip between my pussy lips and enter me, stretching me as he slowly pushed his length into me.

“Your pussy feels so good and tight! Feels so good around my dick!” he said as he slowly began thrusting.

“Baby, your dick feels soooo good! So fucking big and hard! Fuck my tight pussy baby, fuck it good! Mmmmph, OH yesss! “ I panted into his ear as I worked my hips to meet his in a perfect rythm.

He maintained a steady stroke as we fucked, his pubic bone bumped and rubbed so deliciously against my clitoris pushing me closer to another sweet orgasmic release. The erotic squishy sound of our sex bumping together, mixing with our moans of pleasure filled the room.

“Baby,don’t stop! Soooo gooood! Harder baby! Give it to me harder! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me!” I cried, thrusting my hips up at him harder.

We looked into each others eyes as he began increasing the speed and intensity of his thrusting , pumping his big dick into me so deliciously.  His meaty balls bounced on my ass in rythm to each thrust.

I closed my eyes and threw my arms over my head and grabbed the covers with both hands, my orgasm began to swell inside me. 

“Yessss, that’s it! Mmmph, OH I love you so much! I’m gonna cum, Fuck me! Oh-h-h so good! Good! DON’T STOP! Ohhh I’m C-C-CUMMMMINNG! I’m cumming all over YOUR BIG DICK! AWWWARRRRGH!” I cried locking my legs around his waist as I spasmed beneath him.

“That’s it cum baby! Such a hot pussy! “ Ben groaned as he continued to pound my throbbing pussy.

“Mmmmph! Y-you MMMMPH… Love this pussy don’t– MMMMPH– Y-you, baby? I WANT Y-YOU TO C-CUM FOR ME! Shoot your sweet cum deep inside me, baby! I-I need it, baby! GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE ME YOUR SWEET CREAM!” I panted.

Ben grunted and groaned as he continued to fuck me hard and fast. We were both sweating at this point. He got up on his knees and held my legs open with his hands as he pumped his dick into me.

“You want it, Baby? I’m gonna give it to you! I’M GONNA FLOOD YOUR HOT CUNT WITH MY CUM! I’m going to shoot! Oh fuck, Gina, baby, I’m Gonna cum deep inside you! ARRRRRRRGH! ” Ben bellowed as he exploded inside me. His body tensed and shook as his dick pulsed and empty his balls in five to six spurts.

“Bring it to me! I wanna taste you, baby!” I panted. He pulled out and I quickly sat up and took his pussy coated, cum leaking cock into my mouth.

His body twitched and he groaned deeply as I sucked his dick, savoring the last drop of his love cream. He then collapsed on the bed beside me. I leaned over and kissed him deeply, giving him a slight taste of his own sweet nectar.

We rested in each others arms for a bit, then showered and headed for home. I sat next to him, resting my head on his shoulder.  It is true spontaneity is the spice of life or at least to a great fuck!

I love you Ben!

God bless and keep it horny!


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24 replies
    • hornyGG says:

      Thanks Blondie, so glad you liked the story. It definitely was fun! Btw, Rainy Day Passion is missing from my archives. Just a little FYI. So glad to have you back in the mix! God bless and keep it horny!

    • Blondie says:

      Okay! 🙂 I will change it to your name as soon as possible. Lol I have been so busy lately it just isn’t fair. I want to keep up with everyone on here and I’ve been quite distracted from editing because of a lot going on in my personal life. Just so you know there are almost always 9,000 to 10,000 visitors a day here now! Crazy stuff! You, Ben, and all the other writers are reaching a lot of people through your love for each other.

    • hornyGG says:

      WOW! Not a problem girl, just happened to notice one was missing. No big hurry! I know how life can be, trust me. Been kinda busy myself, but in a really good way! Lol. If you have seen my latest comments you probably know! God bless and you know the rest!

    • hornyGG says:

      Hey Blondie, I sent Part one of my story up. It is a long one so I went back and split it up into two parts. I hope you like it! I am feeling much better now.

  1. Madeline 27 says:

    Loved it that was a really erotic thing ben did. I’m a really big fan of you and ben even though I said it b4 I think its incredible the u and ben have been together for 30 years and can still have sex regularly #inspiring

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much madeline27! I am honored by your sweet comment. So glad you liked my story.

      Yeah, I am so blessed to be married to this man for 30 years. Wow, I still can’t believe it has been that long! It seems like only yesterday! Alot of great sex over the years. I am so blessed that he remains as passionate about me as I am about him. I so love fucking him!

      I hope you have a happy and blessed New Year my dear. God bless you and keep it horny!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much lovinghusband! I am so glad you enjoyed the story and thank you oh so much for your continued support of my stories.

      Yeah, it was a wonderful play date. It is those times that keep a marriage hot and so fulfilling. I just never know what he May come up with next. My pussy is moist just thinking about it!

      God bless you sir, Happy New Year to you and your lovely wife and keep it horny.

  2. ladygarden says:

    What a wonderful adventure Gina; we loved it! So much so, as per our custom, as I was reading it to K as we mutually masturbated nude on our bed–he went to far and shot all over the screen of my laptop! Anyone know if Sam’s or Costco sells Computer Screen Semen Remover? 😀

    What an amazing man you have–and today is the day you get to see the fruits of last Friday’s labor–we can’t wait to hear all about it sexy dear.

    BTW honey, a heartfelt thanks for your warm loving comments about our recent story. I’ll respond again later in further detail–but please know how much your kind sentiments really touched me. You mean a lot to us and it feels like we have known each other for years. Thank you for your love, encouragement, feedback and your amazing adventures.

    Have a fantastic time presenting everything to him you amazing Proverbs 31 gal. Sending you our love, xoxo!

    • hornyGG says:

      Thank you so much Kay and K! As always I am so glad you two ENJOYED the story. I am honored it made your dear K. cum so hard ( hopefully you too! Lol.)
      Although I am sure your sexy voice and hot body laying nude next to him as you finger your sweet pussy was the main reason for his explosion.

      Ben believe it or not gets a little embarrassed if I happen to mention about him jacking off to a story. He says contributors don’t want to read about it in the comments ( he is so cute when he blushes! His ears turn beet red). Personally I think it’s hot knowing one of my stories made someone want to pleasure themselves.

      Anyway, Yeah it does seem like we have known you two for years. Ben and I always get excited when we see a new story from you two and truly cherish our online friendship. As I do all our horny online friends here at MH.

      Ben and I also feel a special connection with you two. We read and talk about your stories alot, and YES masturbate to them as well. Often they inspire Ben and I to fuck before we even finish a story.

      Anyway dear, God bless you two and keep it wet, horny and hard! Lol.

    • hornyGG says:

      OH, ladygarden! ( So love that name!) Thanks for mentioning the photos. I am so excited and can’t wait to see them.

      Shelly called me earlier this morning and told me they all turned out beautifully. The anticipation actually has me feeling a bit horny. How wired is that! Kinda relate it to masturbating in front of a mirror ( Fun!) Lol.

      Cannot wait to see Ben’s reaction. Shelly is gonna help me get the album ready. I am gonna take your advice and add some horny little comments to go along with the pictures.

      Thinking about presenting it to him while wearing a white laced Teddy with garters, white fishnet stockings and matching crotcless panties. Maybe have my hair in pig-tails. What do you think?

      Anyway, should be an interesting evening. Cynthia is taking Randy and her son to a movie so Ben and I can be alone. She is even talking about doing one for her hubby!

      I will most definitely tell all about it! I’m really wet right now just talking about it. Gonna go jill off! Chat later dear.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      HornyGG, let Ben know that your adding the details of him ‘jacking off’ with you as he hears the story – is (in my opinion) wonderful. No need to be embarrassed! You have the joy of watching him – and as you have made it clear, it revs you up even more – and where does that lead you both? I’m not surprised that you both don’t finish the stories!! Have a great night tonight with the presentation of the album.

  3. ladygarden says:

    Hey Gina great ideas there; and so excited hearing Shelly said they turned out beautifully. As if there would be any doubt!

    Oh yes by all means; you should definitely present your album to him while wearing that white laced Teddy with garters, white fishnet stockings and matching crotchless panties. And K said Ben will really dig your hair in cute pig-tails. Now he wants me to replicate your outfit! (with your permission of course) LOL.

    It makes me moist as I’m writing this picturing in my mind that you are probably leafing through your album with him right now; that his dick is rock hard; you are probably almost naked and on the very verge of having your dear pussy being eaten out and then pounded relentlessly soon thereafter. We can’t wait to hear all about it dear friend!

    BTW your comments were so kind and warm hearted. Thank you Gina. Yes, high school can be torture and cruel. Yet in both of our cases, there WAS and IS life after high school. What a blessing being so unconditionally loved by our Creator and our spouses.

    I bet your have beautiful breasts and Ben now doubt is in love with them; so never feel self conscience if they are not “large enough” or “pert enough” to the world’s standards. I know, we gals struggle about our weight, hips, butts and tummies. Perhaps my boobs are larger than many women but on the downside, they are probabky droopier too thanks to Mother Nature. So often times, I secretly wish they were s

  4. ladygarden says:

    I was trying to write wishing they were smaller. Regardless, have a wonderful steamy night sharing your album and your hot body with Ben. You both are so blessed and fun to hear from. Goodnite your hot crazy lovers! 😀

  5. ladygarden says:

    Hey Blondie we hope all is well in your personal life. And 9,000-10,000 daily viewers is amazing. Did you ever think MH would grow this big when you guys launched it? Yea God!

    Hang in there and thank you for your balancing act. We will get our story to you soon and please take your time getting around to it.

    We appreciate you and Josh! 😀

    • Blondie says:

      Thanks, ladygarden (aka Kay and K :)) I appreciate you on here. I had no idea it would become such a big thing! It just started with an idea to change the stigma on Christian married sex and to provide a wholesome monogamous worldview for those who wants ideas, encouragement, and marriage ignition without the porn or secular erotic. God is good and I thank you again for your support toward what we stand for here 🙂 God bless you two!

    • hornyGG says:

      Wow! Thank you so much Mrs.T. I am so glad you enjoyed my story. It makes me smile know my story helped to spark some hot passion between you and your husband. God bless you both and keep it horny dear!

      P.S. I agree with Strawberry. Tell us about it! Horny minds would love to know! Lol.

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