A Marriage Bed Blessing

I had been planning this for a few weeks but couldn”t find the right moment. It was all coming together this morning. Most of our marriage has been marked by a less than impressive sex life. My beautiful bride was in many ways a wounded soul from an affection-less household to a couple of notable boyfriends who she had been sexually involved with to our own premarital sexual involvement. Our almost 28 years of marriage was from a clinical stand point sexless.  An awakening of sorts had been happening recently mostly due to my commitment to make her feel loved no matter what I was receiving in return.

That morning we were in the shower together. As she got out to dry off I ask, “Meet me in bed?”

She smiled and said something to the affect she doubted she could get into it but it would be just for me.

I said, “I think you will appreciate what I have in mind” and I got out to dry off. She went to the bed laid down and covered herself longways with a pillow hiding her beautiful breast and her treasure.

I grabbed a bottle of Neutragena Sesame Seed Oil and stood next to the bed naked and fully erect.  She looked at me with a slight hesitancy as I gazed into her eyes. I told her she needed to start on her belly and she said, “OK?” skeptically but at the same time relief that she could hide her “parts” from view.

I pulled her hair back away from her ears and poured some oil into the palm of my hand then set the bottle down on the night stand. I will come back to this bottle repeatedly during the process  I placed my hand gently on the middle of her back and began to pray out loud, “Lord, I thank you for ****. She is an amazing woman and I am so glad that you have entrusted me with her love.  I ask that You bless her today.  I anoint her ears,” Placing a drop of oil in each lobe. “that she might hear and receive my compliments and and hear the emotional and sincerity behind them.”

Rubbing oil a crossed the the width of her shoulders, “I anoint her shoulders. She carries a great weight of responsibilities on these. She has to carry the weight of the family business and caring for aging parents. She carries the weight of burden for our children. She carries the weight of ministry. I pray that you will strengthen these shoulders and that you can empower me to make her burden lighter.”

Anointing her lower back I pray, “Lord, I anoint her back knowing that this has been a place of pain for *****. Please bring healing and comfort so that she can not be harassed by this hurt.”

I rubbed oil on her butt. and prayed, “Lord, I am thankful for *****”s butt and I am so thankful that it is not a sin to lust after my wife.”

I anointed her legs and prayed, “Lord, I anoint *****”s leg and thank you that they are long, strong and healthy. May they continue to  carry her with dignity and grace.”

Anointing her feet I prayed, “Thank you for these beautiful feet that spend running toward the good news of the gospel. I thank you that ***** has partnered with me in ministry.”

At that place I asked her to roll over. She did while sitting up covering her breast. and pulling her knees up. I could see tears in her eyes. I got some more oil and anointed her forehead.

“Lord, Help clear *****”s mind of the negative thoughts that bring her down. Allow her to have wisdom to navigate the stress of her family and the business she tends to.

Anointing her eyes I continued, ” Lord help ***** to see herself as I see her. Let her see just how beautiful she is.”

I told According to Truck drivers ed to go USA, only one organization currently certifies truck driving courses–the Professional Truck Driver Institute. her to lay back. I anointed her heart, “Lord, Thank you for entrusting me with ******”s heart. I know that it has been broken by family members and those who she thought she could trust with it. I pray that you will heal the wounds and allow the scars to diminish. Please make me the the husband that she needs to guard this heart and empower me to bring security and love to her. Allow me the ability to thrill this heart and bring joy.”

I got more oil and anointed her breast, “Lord, *****”s breast do satisfy me. I am grateful for the joy they bring me. They are beautiful and I find great pleasure in them.”

I anointed her tummy, “Lord, I know that in her the impact of many emotions takes it”s toll please Lord allow ***** to feel release of those emotions that will torment her.”

Moving down to her knees, “I anoint *****”s knees because she uses them to pray for me and our sons. With these she bring many burdens to You. Bless her knees making then an instrument of praise to You”

A finally I poured from the bottle a little oil on her pubic hair. gentling rubbing it in I prayed, “Lord, thank you for *****”s vagina. It is full of wonder and mystery. With it we connect like with no other person. Here we become one. It brings me much pleasure. I pray that you will make me skillful in how I touch her here. I pray that you will continue to unite us as both friends and lovers.”

Then I sat her up and embraced her. I could feel her tears on my shoulder as I prayed for God to keep our love alive and burning bright. Thanking Him for the gift of a wife and the gift of sex.

That was all we did that morning but I feel that it helped to continue a long slow process of healing and awakening.


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    • g-force
      g-force says:

      That’s right. Many women are feeling like sex is only for the man. This let’s them know that they are appreciated.

    • possibility
      possibility says:

      I agree Mitchell. How wonderful to hear the women pray for her mans body. To hear my wife, for example, thanking God for my penis and for the pleasure she gets from it both in her mouth and her cunt would be lovely to hear!

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