And They Became One Flesh

“And for this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh…”

When this moment came for my husband K and I; we couldn’t believe it was finally here. The anticipation, the excitement and hope, the longing to finally be together as one flesh—as husband and wife—was almost too much to comprehend.  Plus, my husband is so darn cute and manly!

Yes, we were tired from the long day finally behind us, and we made it back to my apartment at a reasonable time. I think our hormones and adrenalin had kicked into overdrive; knowing the adventure my dear K and I would soon be embarking upon.

Giddy as children is how I would describe our first time as Mr. and Mrs. K. I mean, we both knew this special moment was coming while we dated; and I really wanted to be with my new husband in this most special and intimate way; yet to be honest–I was nervous! Me, of all people, nervous about sex, lol.

Certainly no prude, and sadly not a virgin when K took me to our marriage bed (I was somewhat promiscuous before I met him) —I was as nervous as could be. And since K was 5 years older and divorced; I secretly hoped I could measure up to his ex-wife sexually. I think all of us girls who marry divorced men struggle with that. I didn’t want her, or memories of her, to “show me up” in our new marital bed. (K is my first and will be my only husband)

The memory seems like it was just yesterday.

We walked through the door and he locked it; it was a late August day on the west coast. Very hot still even though early evening. A nice gentle breeze was spilling through the open balcony screen door. The moon cast a romantic hue to our bedroom with the soft candlelight. The romantic sound of my favorite Smooth Jazz station was softly flowing through my apartment. The stage was set.

Yet I was frightened for several reasons. First, this was our first time being together as bride and groom. Second, I wanted everything to be just right—perfect. Thirdly, well, shall we say, my husband is a big dude. I mean, he is 6’ 3”, is a fit man over 210 pounds, and wears large shoes (size 12). So what does that tell you, ladies? Yes, I was profiling here. And while we were dating, as we would firmly embrace while kissing goodnight; I frequently felt his manly package down there, so to speak. And being a small girl (except in the boob department) barely 5 feet tall with a small frame; I was hoping I could take fully take him into my tight little pussy without too much trouble.

Oh, the things we girls worry about J

The mood was set with the moonlight and candlelight; the Smooth Jazz, and our two souls yearning to connect in that most special way as God designed and intended. I turned around and looked over my shoulder, preparations were finally complete. And there was my handsome groom smiling at me. Patiently waiting and not rushing things. I wish I could tell you that he approached me as a tiger, pouncing on me, throwing me down to the bed passionately kissing me as we hungrily tore our clothes off each other in pure heat and marital lust (yes we have done that many times since!) yet not this first time. We were like shy virgins discovering each other for the very first time.

Our eyes met as I turned around and seeing his cute sexy smile, I uttered the most romantic phrase I could think of in that moment. “Let’s make love, K.” I laugh looking back at that!  “Really K; you couldn’t think of anything more romantic?” I secretly scolded myself.

K approached me and we embraced in a tight, full on hug. For the first time since I knew him; I thrust my breasts against his hard chest without fear of the affect it would have on him. And he humped me back with his hard penis against my tummy. Oh did it ever feel good and again I secretly hoped I could take him in.

We continued to passionately kiss, and our hands roamed each other’s backs and shoulders. He is so strong I thought he would crush me in his embrace. I literally had trouble breathing at first in his vise-like embrace. That was when I melted. I was enveloped in the strong, protective embrace of my man. My new protector and provider. My hunter and gatherer; the new head of my household. My leader. My husband. I just closed my eyes and drunk in his love and his powerful embrace. His manly scent and the rough yet sexy stubble of his beard really got me going.

He must have sensed the power of his embrace, I mean with all the emotional and now physical sensations running through my tiny body compared to his, I was literally becoming light headed. He gently released me and stepped back a couple of feet. Still smiling and I could see the bulge through his trousers. Man, what tent pole I thought to myself.

As if in a trance, my lungs taking in the fresh air now that they were not crushed against his masculine chest, my instincts took over. Nervous yes, but for some reason, now confident; I knew what to do.

Smiling back, I too stepped backwards and began to undress for my husband the very first time. Still somewhat shy, but confident and excited. His rock-hard embrace a moment ago with his big package pushing its way through my tummy made me very moist and wet. I was ready to consummate this marriage with Mr. K.

I felt in control as the clothes came off and he stood there grinning like a high school boy. He was so cute yet so sexy at the same time. He stood watching and slowly began to rub his manhood though his tight trousers. I could see his chest rising and falling more rapidly as his breathing increased.

Standing at the side of what was now our bed, I was down to my sheer lace sexy black bra and matching panties. Since he once told me he liked black bras and panties, I wore them on for our wedding night since we had already changed out of our wedding garb before returning back to my apartment.

Now was the moment of truth in my mind for several reasons. First, I was about to become naked in front of my new husband for the very first time. And like all of us girls, I was self-conscious of my body. Sure, I tried to stay fit by watching what I ate and hitting the gym several times a week. Yet I am no Cindy Crawford or Kathy Upton (even though I seem to have boobs like hers, lol!)  Still, I wondered if he would find me sexy after seeing me totally vulnerable and naked.

The second fear running through my mind while slowly exposing more of my flesh to him was my…body hair. I am a brunette with very thick shoulder length hair. More troublesome is the amount of body hair where I didn’t want it to be. I read about so many men in our culture preferring the “shaved” and “hairless” look for their women nowadays. Several of my girlfriends shave their pubic hair bald for their husbands. Several even bought products to remove the hair on their arms, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with all this; it just wasn’t me. I prefer trying to keep my figure in line while not going to the extreme of having to shave myself every day.

Again, nothing against my sisters who prefer the hairless look, but that was too much work for me. I mean sure, I’m not going to go out in public with hairy legs or pits, but I’m not going to go through all that bother—and pain—to be hairless either. I am who I am and that’s all that I am!

I slowly turned my back on him and unbuttoned my blouse and tossed it aside, clad only in my bra and panties. I could feel his eyes burning right through me.

“Oh honey, please turn around.”

I stopped stripping and slowly turned around to face him.

He took a step closer yet didn’t touch me, yet.

“Ooooh, look at you.” His eyes took in my torso. I stood still for him as he admired my nearly naked body.

“Oh my Kay, look at you girl. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!  And I adore all that sexy peach fuzz all over your chest and your tummy. And look at that Kay, you have a treasure trail of darker fuzz running down from your navel to your—your public hair. Oh babe, that is really, really hot.”

I smiled and blushed at his compliments but was still a bit uneasy at what was coming next.

As readers of MH know by now, I am a hairy girl down there, have been ever since puberty, which has been problematic–to say the least–over the years. Again, in this culture where women are expected to be hairless, (especially as portrayed in movies and magazines) I am endowed with thick baby down blonde fuzz on my cheeks, forearms, tummy, thighs, even my ass cheeks! Yet for some reason, my calves are pretty smooth and I only have to shave once a week or so. This was a real challenge growing up as girls are the worst. In junior high and high school, several of them would taunt me. In the showers after gym class, they would call me “Ape girl” or “Sasquatch.” Once, they even asked me if I was a hermaphrodite without a penis. Even “Amazon Girl” since my boobs came in at age 14; by the time I hit high school in 10th grade; I was already sporting a full D cup, making me even more of a target in the locker room and showers to my caddy fellow female classmates. So cruel. I couldn’t help it; this was the body I was created with. Bowing to the insults and pressure, I even shaved my pussy once my junior year which turned out to be a disaster. Being inexperienced, I got a bad case of razor burn, and then the stubble and itchiness became nearly unbearable as it grew back. And of course, it grew back even thicker and denser than it was before. I had no clue that would happen.

So, I struggled with all those thoughts as I slowly reached back to unclasp my bra.  K. was still smiling and slowly rubbing his crotch as the last hook was un-done and I slowly, teasingly, pulled down my left strap, then my right. I felt my pulse quicken with nothing securing my full breasts for him now except a little gravity. I slowly turned around with my back to him again while finishing the job and seductively shook my hips for him to the music. When my breasts became free of their restraints, I tossed my bra back over my shoulder to him. A perfect shot, I might add, as he caught it in midair!

“Ok baby, turn around, and let me see those nice breasts of yours please.”

Still somewhat self-conscience about being half naked in front of my new husband for the first time; I slowly turned to face him with my little hands making a feeble attempt to cover them. Cleavage was spilling out from my cupped hands as I tried hiding them.

Taking a deep cleansing breath, our eyes still locked upon each other, I slowly removed my hands and arched by back out even further as I seductively rose my arms up over

my head. I felt the cool air hit my nipples as my full breasts were now on display for my dear husband for the very first time.

The smile left his face, for a split second I thought he was repulsed by their size. I kept smiling yet the thought crossed my mind “Oh no, I thought all men liked big titties!”

His smile was gone and a new look on his face emerged as he continued to stare at my nakedness. I suddenly felt very self-conscience yet faced my fears and smiled while keeping my chest thrust out, and shoulders back, as I slowly swayed to the music.

“Oh, Kay, you have the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen or imagined. I mean, damn, they are so healthy and well proportioned. Oh honey just look at those. And I never knew girls could have such large round areolas, man your tits are magnificent! Spectacular!”

Maybe not the most romantic phrase my man ever uttered, however, I felt a huge sense of relief and confidence as it was time to complete my unveiling to my man.

Yet this next step would be the ultimate test, stepping out of my panties for him the very first time. Again, self-conscience about my body hair, especially my pubic hair, it was now time for him to see me as I am.

There was a new look on his face as his gazed at my panties. A look of seriousness, of determination and profound discovery. It made me somewhat nervous yet excited at the same time.

Without breaking eye contact, I slowly reached inside my black lace panties easing them down my hips, and gently peeled them off for him. To my amazement, his eyes became as saucers as my panties made their way down my hips, to my thighs, revealing my lush lady garden to my husband for the very first time.

I could really hear him breathing now and he let go a deep breath as my now moist panties worked their way down my weakening legs.

Gracefully, I stepped out of my panties.

There I stood, stark naked before my fully clothed new husband for the very first time. I felt comfortable yet fully vulnerable as his cute brown eyes took me in. He said nothing as his eyes locked upon my now exposed flesh like a laser. Feeling intoxicated by the mood with the candlelight, soft music, and his admiring view of my total nakedness, I slowly turned around for him and for some reason, bent over presenting a full on view of my ass to him. I opened my stance for him a bit and slowly, gently, ran my hand up my hip and onto my right ass cheek before letting my fingers find their way to my now very wet pussy.

I gently inserted 2 fingers making myself feel really good now, before withdrawing them, standing up again, and turning around to face my groom.

Standing before him totally naked, looking him in the eyes, I gently tasted my two pussy juice drenched fingers while he watched. Oh, how I love the taste of my pussy, I really do!

“Oh, Kay, you are so incredibly sexy. You have the cutest smile; such sweet green eyes. Such white teeth, oh girl. I can’t believe I finally get to see you naked, in all your glory, as God created you.”

I was melting right there as my husband continued his own paraphrase of Song of Solomon, right there in our new bedroom on our wedding night.

Beaming now standing before him; I secretly urged him to continue with his praises to his new bride, especially in her vulnerable totally naked state. And my man didn’t disappoint.

“And girl, you have such a sweet deer like neck, I love how feminine yet wiry your arms are. They are so strong honey, nice definition. And your V like figure is so pretty. Powerful yet subtle. And your magnificent tits; holy crap. They are so prominent and so feminine. I love how they look upon your chest and how your ribcage compliments them. How can they be so full yet ride so high, pointing right at me? Man! Mmmmmm, such beautiful tits honey, and I never knew a woman could have such prominent areolas! I love their diameters. And your nipples, so sexy. Is it cold in here or are you glad to see me?” he cracked.

Before I could answer, my sweetheart continued singing his praises to his underserving new bride. Honestly, I didn’t want him to stop. I was intoxicated with his praises.

“Oh baby, your legs are so tone and tan, I love your gymnast legs. They look so powerful and so firm. I can’t wait for you to wrap them around me.”

With that, I blushed and felt the fire ignite deep down inside, like when you turn on the gas to ignite a fireplace. I felt a 5 alarm fire spreading throughout the inner part of my body which would soon have to be extinguished with what I sensed would be my new husband’s more than capable firefighting equipment.

As he kept speaking his sweet love language to his new bride, the peach fuzz on my forearms, tummy and thighs stood end on end. Any my pussy was becoming wetter by the minute.

“I can’t wait to run my tongue over your amazing body Kay, up and down your arms and thighs. And your ass is so sexy! I mean, I never knew women could have so much peach fuzz all over their bodies, especially your ass! That is so damn sexy Kay, very hot. Especially how your peach fuzz reflects the candlelight off your ass cheeks. Very nice indeed.”

Taking the hint, I slowly turned around exposing my ass to him for a second time. This time I grinded to a sexy song playing on the stereo. Oh, how I loved being naked for my new groom, swaying to the music and showing off my nude form to him for the very first time. And what girl doesn’t love hearing their husband’s praise their bodies! I didn’t want him to stop. It was especially turning me on since I was nude and he was fully clothed. And the sincere look of loving marital lust was quickly taking me to the edge of the cliff—and we hadn’t done anything yet! Yes, God wired men and women differently. This was living proof how men are very visual creatures. Just singing praises to my humble nakedness (again, I am no knockout, lol) was driving him wild with desire. All I was doing was smiling back at him and slowly grinding to the music bathed in candlelight. I loved the attention and the praise!

As I turned around facing him again, my new husband’s eyes focused squarely on the mound between my legs. My moment of truth. As I said, since high school, I have been very self-conscience about my body, definitely my breasts and most definitely the overabundance of peach fuzz and thick dark pubic hair. You ladies can relate to the challenges this poses while going to the beach (being a west coast girl), wearing a swimming suit, even shopping for sexy panties or short shorts around my apartment or with my girlfriends. Thongs are out of the question for me, sadly, as I don’t want my bush overflowing from the sides of the skimpy cloth. Not that I would wear a thong in public anyway.

Unfortunately, while standing before him, old taunts of “Ape Girl” and “Sasquatch” came to mind. Why do we live in the past and dwell on the negatives! He kept staring between my legs with that serious intense gaze as he was before, and I hoped he would not find fault. Self-doubts started to attack my newly found state of marital bliss.

Yet my K. brought me back to the present and took away all my fears.

“Oh sweetheart, your body is magnificent. Such a goddess. And I am amazed at your beautiful, sexy pubic hair. Oh Kay, you have a magnificent bush, I never knew women could be so hairy down there, with all due respect. Oh girl…that is so incredibly sexy, I hope you know that. Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm. And you know what, with all due respect, I think you have more pubic hair and are thicker down there than I am. I love it—I really do girl!”

And with that, I leapt into his arms, tears streaming down my face.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and tightly embraced K with my arms clamped around his shoulders. He quickly pivoted and held me tight, our bodies intimately entwined as he held me off the ground.

“I love you my dear husband with all my heart. Thank you for loving me as I am and for who I am K, I don’t deserve such a kind loving husband,” I tenderly blubbered to him through tears.

And right then and there we said our first married prayer together.

Caught in the moment of pure love and trusting intimacy, there we were in our new bedroom. I was naked wrapped around my sweet husband as he held me in the air tightly pressed to the body as he was still fully clothed. I felt so close to him as only a married couple as together, we thanked God for bringing us together; for the gift of his Son; the compassion of granting us each other has husband and wife, and the heartfelt appreciation that K accepted me and my body as I was; the way He created me to be. No more need to feel self-conscience about me body, no more worry of ever being alone. It felt so soothing and so intimate praying like that while naked, while my husband held me off the ground, our bodies molded together as bride and groom.

After what seemed like a deep passionate kiss that wouldn’t end (I’m not complaining), K slowly walked me to the bed and gently placed me down. He is so strong! And that cute little boy look returned, this time, as he slowly removed his clothes.

It was now my turn to watch—and did I ever!

Not as deliberate as I was, he slowly yet quickly unbuttoned his shirt and lifted his t-shirt over his head. I took in his nice build. Not a football player physique, yet still rather solid. Just the right amount of chest hair. Broad shoulders, nice pecks and arms (especially his triceps) and a flat tummy. Not a six pack yet firm and sexy. Yet he did not have a “pleasure trail” running from his navel down to his crotch like I did (as I soon discovered).

Still smiling and tying to be sexy without overdoing it, K quickly undid his fly and I could see his rather prominent bulge trying to escape from his sexy dark boxers. I was enjoying this eye candy and without noticing, slowly started to touch myself. (so there you have it Gina and Blondie, another case of mutual marital masturbation—right there on our honeymoon!)

As the boxers dropped down his muscular thighs (K is an avid runner and is blessed with nicely toned legs), his manhood popped out of its hiding place and was pointed straight up right at me at eye level as I was sitting on the side of the bed.

What a sexy manly package! I was still touching myself when I gazed upon his erect penis for the first time. Nice, very nice, I thought to myself.

It seemed to be almost throbbing yet he was not stroking it. His head had a purple hue to it and he was nicely cut. His veins were very masculine and I quickly became intrigued about the thought of taking him into my mouth then of course, my pussy.

“Oh K, you have a wonderful package, if I may say so myself. Your penis is so erect, and your balls look very tight. I like that, yes sir, I like that a lot. Ooh, La, La!”

He smiled back as he slowly started to stroke himself. Our first experience of marital mutual masturbation, and it was very erotic. Him standing there naked, slowly stroking himself with his big dick pointed right at me like a loaded gun; and me at the edge of the bed, legs open and fingering myself. Oh, this moment was so special and so romantic. He looked so sexy standing there naked in the candlelight, stroking his big healthy cock with a gentle look of love in his eyes staring right back at me. And those strong legs of his holding him up; his manly torso and flexing arms as he stroked himself. Yum-yum! Who said girls are not visual too???

And then it hit me, K was right. Somewhat embarrassed as we watched each other intimately touch ourselves, I realized I did have more pubic hair that my husband did! In fact, I had a pleasure trail running down my belly button down to my pubic hair and he didn’t. Was that weird? I thought all guys had those too. Nor did he have peach fuzz all over like I do. His flat tummy was nearly hairless, as were his manly balls, as was his cute tight little ass. I had more body hair (at least more thick blonde peach fuzz on my tummy, chest and ass cheeks) than did my sexy new husband! Oh well, as long as he didn’t mind, I would no longer mind or feel awkward about it.

As if on instinct, I don’t know what triggered it, but I dropped to my knees to taste my husband for the first time. I was immediately rewarded with my first taste of his pre-cum. What a delicacy!

I devoured his cock like it was my last meal. The feel of his member in my mouth was so manly and so sexy. I could feel him throbbing as I tasted him for the very first time. I gently bit him with my teeth yet he didn’t flinch.

Having previously talked with some girlfriends about what men like (where you were back then Marriage Heat!) I quickly replicated what they said to do.  Looking K in the eyes, I took turns slowly running my tongue up and down his shaft as I squeezed his balls with my hand. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back apparently enjoying the sensation of my mouth and little hand on his genitals.

Taking turns licking his long shaft up and down and licking his balls before returning to his shaft, then squeezing  his hairless balls some more; I tasted more of his pre-cum. Oh how I love that sweet taste of this. So sexy, so slippery on my tongue and so masculine.

At this, I knew it was time to take my first try at deep throating my man. Having read up on it and especially after consulting with my married girlfriends, I knew what to do. (for the past several weeks, I had actually practiced—in the privacy of my apartment lol—deep throating bananas and what I guessed would be 7-8 inch cucumbers!)  They would gag me at first, but after a week, I got pretty good at it and was able to relax my jaw and throat to take them all the way down without too much trouble. As we ladies know, one of the tricks is to relax your throat and make sure his penis is nice and wet.

After one more luxurious slow long lick down from his balls up to the tip of his sexy round head; I took a subtle deep breath, closed my eyes and slowly inhaled my man. Ever so slowly, I eased him into my mouth, deeper and deeper. His penis filled my entire mouth in no time; yet there was more to go. Hopefully the practice of the past several weeks would soon pay off as THIS was the real thing.

With several more inches of his hot long cock to go, I took him further into my mouth as he approached the back of my throat. There was a momentary hint of a gag reflex—yet my previous practice enabled me to quickly overcome it. My husband’s dick went further down my throat until my mouth and lips were at his base and I could feel his soft pubic hair brushing my lips. I held him there as my hands found his cute little ass and firmly grasped his cheeks as I buried my nails into his warm firm flesh.

Holding him there to the hilt, I marveled how I was able to do this without gagging. He tasted so good and I never experienced anything like this before. I could feel him start to throb and sensed he was about to shoot his loud right then and there.

Slowly, I withdrew and let him plop out of my mouth.

“Ok Kay, how did you do that? That is so amazing and feels to good honey. Do it again please, nice and slow. I don’t want to explode yet.”

Smiling to myself, (so glad the earlier practice that month indeed paid off) I slowly devoured my husband’s throbbing penis again. Slowly down my throat to his pubes and out again. He moaned with pleasure with each swallow. Gaining more confidence each time he impaled my throat; I held his cock a little longer down each time to the hilt before releasing him.  So hot and so salty; soooo good.

A distinct smacking sound occurred each time I released him, reminding me of licking and sucking a Popsicle or lollipop as I let him plop out of my mouth.

Intimately observing the affect I was having on my dear husband, a sense of confidence overtook me with my newly discovered expertise at deep throat felatio. Going down on him for the umpteenth time, my index finger slowly found its way to his tight little asshole. These were the same fingers I was touching myself with a few moments ago. I tasted them again enjoying the juices of my pussy on them. However, now I wanted to see what my finger felt like in his asshole—and the affect it would have on my man.

Slowly, gingerly as I took K’s manly penis slowly down the back of my throat, my finger made its way into his tight little hole. It felt so warm and moist, reminding me of my own pussy. As my finger gently worked its way deeper inside of him, he started to shift his weight and was no longer standing still. He began to slowly rise to his tippy-toes as my finger worked its way up his tight warm anus.

“Oooohhhhhhhh…..sweetheart…..that feels soooo…..good……mmmmmmmmm, I have never experienced……this…….before,” my husband moaned on his tiptoes with his eyes closed. It was such a reward and confidence builder seeing the pleasures I was gifting to him.

I kept slowly easing him down my throat while working my finger further up his anus. I was past the second knuckle when I felt him flex his massive thighs and his hips started to grind, accidently forcing his throbbing cock further down my throat. As if on instinct, my jaw opened even wider to inhale him.

My finger found his prostrate, what a feat!  Couldn’t believe I was able to do that or that he would let me. It seemed to bring him to an entirely new dimension.

“Oh damn Kay, Stop or else I am going to explode all over, I can’t help it. Feeeeeeels so woooonderful babe. Oh man!”

On reflex I quickly withdrew letting his engorged dick loudly plop out of my mouth; I stood up, ran my finger across my peach fuzz covered ass cheek, and reached up to kiss my husband. I could feel his man meat involuntarily twitching against my tummy.

“Please K; let’s consummate our marriage right now. Make love to me my husband. Make love to me.”

And with that, he gently forced me backwards to the bed onto my back. Smiling at him and at his fully erect now throbbing dick, I slowly parted my legs for him, exposing my hidden secret world to my husband for the very first time. He gasped and stared at me before joining me on the bed.

“Oh my sweet wife, look at that pussy. Mmmmmm, so wet, and so hairy. Man Kay, you have a lot more pubic hair than I do girl. That is soooooooo sexy babe! I love your bush.”

He will never know how good those words made me feel that evening on our weeding night. Years of verbal abuse and taunts were now gone forever. My husband truly adored me and my God-given body for what it is. Overly large breasts; peach fuzz all over my tummy, ass cheeks and forearms; jaws; excessive pubic hair and all—yet to my dear husband K, I was (and remain in 2014) his sexy little goddess.

Tears of joy overtook me again, this time, as K entered me for the first time. Yes, his penis felt so good deeply working its way into my pussy; yet it was so special and so appreciated at this moment. Our lovemaking was gentle and intimate, so honest.

We held hands as we made love; looking each other deeply in the eyes and smiling to one another. He was so gentle despite his strength. His power arms and chest felt so nice to the touch. And his manly cock, despite stretching me for sure, felt so good, my earlier fears he would hurt me were unfounded.

His chest was pancaking my breasts (as much as that is possible, lol) and it was a little hard to breathe, yet I didn’t care. We were now one. I am his and he is mine. We were finally one flesh as we were created to be. Man and wife; husband and bride. “Soul; meets soul on lover’s lips.”

“Oh my husband, my husband, I love you so much. Thank you for marrying me and for making love to me. You feel soooo wonderful inside my pussy dear. So wonderful my love.”

“Kay, my sweet Kay; I love you so much. Thank you for being my bride and for letting me make love to you sweetheart. My penis feels so wonderful inside your wet, hairy pussy. So wet, so, hairy my love. What a treasure you are to me. I want to be inside of your forever my dear bride.”

His sweet words pushed me over the edge and my first orgasm with K took over my body.

“Mmmmmmph, mmmmphhhh, I am cuming K! I am cumming! Don’t stop babe, don’t stop, your dick feels soooooo good. Fuck me harder my husband, fuck me harder!”

I was panting with each powerful thrust of his meaty manhood buried deep inside me.

“Feels……good K, so good! I……am……C U M M I N G! Oh…Oh…Oh…my husband! Yes-Yes-Yes! Aaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!”

I literally yelled out as this orgasm overtook me and secretly hoped our neighbors didn’t hear me. I never had an orgasm like that ever!

As this amazing climax finally died down and my breathing returned to somewhat normal (with my sexy new husband on top pounding me) I think watching his wife in the throes of her first orgasm pushed him over the cliff.

“Oh, Kay, you are so…so…beautiful! I love you soooooo much. That was wonderful! I love watching you cum girl!” Yet….I….can’t wait…..oh…you feel so tight and so hot….here I come babe, here I come. Mmmmphhhh, mmmmphhhh, mmmmphhhh,” my husband grunted as his faced squished up and he closed his eyes.

It was so intimate yet honest. Oh how I love my man.

As he finished spilling his seed deep into me for the first time, we tightly clung to each other for the longest time. We could feel our hearts mutually racing. Our chests were bathed in sweat; his semen was leaking from my sated pussy onto the sheets as he stroked the peach fuzz on my face. He was so powerful and strong, yet so gentle and patient.

At last he felt out with his now flaccid penis nestled comfortably upon my fluffy soft mound. We were one flesh, kindred spirits, and soul mates. Spent lovers, basking in the warm afterglow of consummating our marriage and making passionate love together for the very first time.

I felt so safe, so secure, and so precious lying there naked in his arms. He finally lifted himself off of me so we could recline together side by side facing each other naked for the very first time. So trusting and so honest.

“I love you K.”

I love you more, Kay.”

“No you don’t”

“Yes, I do!”

We gingerly kissed each other goodnight. And with that, my sweet dear husband gently laid his head upon my sensitive plump breast, and feel asleep like a baby.

And so did I…








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    Wow Kay! The passion of your wedding night was awesome! I’m so glad that you and your husband are content with each other’s bodies. I like your philosophy about hairy pussies. My wife keeps her neatly trimmed – it makes it better for me drinking her down – but she is somewhat hairy, too – and I love it! Your mutual masturbation on that night was quite something – especially for a first night! I love it when my wife plays with my asshole, too. I can’t wait – my wife and I still have about 3 hours until we suck, lick, and fuck to our heart’s content. Your story has added to the motivation – as I was made hard by the beautiful passion of your story.

    I’m so rejoice with you and K that you have such a fulfilling marriage – we’ve have been blessed with the same. We have much to rejoice in – in not being alone!!!! God bless you…fellow west coaster!

    • ladygarden says:

      Thank you Lovinghusband, great as always hearing from you! So glad knowing I am not the only gal out here sporting a hairy snatch, lol! Yep, I keep mine neatly trimmed too yet not too much. K likes me “native.” Its good to read your dear wife is blessed with a hairy pussy too.

      I always thought your posts and ours share a commonality and now we have it!. Both of us sport hairy pussies which you and K adore; you both like your assholes manipulated, we all enjoy oral sex and mutual masturbation; and we crave the spiritual and physical connection of fucking our spouses to our heart’s content. What gifting! lol.

      Yes we have much to be thankful for and appreciative of. Lord bless you both and thank you for your faithful posts–fellow west coaster! 😀

  2. hornyGG says:

    Ladygarden, my dear sweet Kay and K. After reading this I must say I am at a loss for words right now

    Let me say that I can relate in so many ways to this wonderful story. High school was a nightmare for me as well. Because I was quiet and shy and the fact I was a Tennessee country girl, I was teased and called “hillbilly girl” and “Ellie Mae” . This really hurt my opinion of myself and my self confidence. Still sometimes when Ben and I are at social functions those insecurities resurrect their ugly heads.

    I too have a very full bush. I have never shaved it, though I do trim a little for maintenance purposes. Ben loves my bush saying he ” likes a little grass on his playground. My daughters have often tried to convince me to ” clean up” ( they both shave). I even asked Ben once if he might like me to shave. He told me very bluntly NO!

    Also, being a virgin when we married I was scared to death because I had never been naked in front of a man. I was terrified that he wouldn’t find my body attractive or arousing. Unlike you, I had what I considered at the time to have small titties. They were not really that bad ( rather nice really ) I just always wanted larger tits because. that’s what guys like. Right!

    Also, Ben is also a really big guy and real manly good looks. Very toned and muscular ( more now than then). Now, let me say that I am not a “size” freak. I would have still married and been just as madly in love with him regardless of the size of his dick. That being said, I will tell you that he is very nicely hung. The first time I saw it on our honeymoon in that small motel room, it looked huge to me.

    The first that ran through my head to be honest was, ” he will split me into with that thing” I was scared to death! But my dear husband was gentle,.tender and loving. He eased my fears and soon all I wanted was more of him, more of his dick!

    I so Loved this story! The honesty, the sensitivity, the eroticism and most of all the passion and love you two shared and obviously still share deeply.

    I didn’t know exactly what I was gonna say about this story, because to be honest, I was speechless. It truly was inspiring to me ( Ben hasn’t read it yet. But will). Don’t think that I am saying this because I consider you two as friends. I say this straight from my heart. YES it had made me wet and YES I will Jill off once I get off here because all your stories tend to have an adverse effect on me ( Ben as well! He has jacked off to my reading your stories to him.Though he May never admit it. Lol.)

    Thank you so much for sharing this time of your life! Your and K’s stories are a true blessing and inspiration to Ben and I. Thank you my dear, God bless you two, stay horny for one another and loves to you both! XxOo!

  3. Blondie says:

    This was such an honest and interesting story, Kay and K! (not to mention erotic) I really liked how you spoke of your delight in K. accepting you and everything about you and finding you beautiful. We women are way too hard on ourselves about our appearances sometimes. God bless you, and thank you for sharing your wedding night story here, ladygarden.

    Ps. I have a great sex story to share from our busy week of attending a friend’s wedding that we were in the party of! I’m sorry if I missed out on any of the chatting going on, (will have to look through comments and catch up lol) I’ve been so extremely busy.

    • ladygarden says:

      Dearest Blondie thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Yes we gals are too hard on ourselves for not measuring up by the world’s insane standards.

      I know it may sound weird; looking back at our posts since October, K noticed I write about having a “hairy pussy” and big tits frequently. He thinks its because after so many years of being tormented by my peers for having “way too much pubic hair” and being busty since puberty–writing about it now in the context of MH stories is continued therapy and celebration. Plus, he finds my bobbies and ladygarden to be very sexy so I am not complaining. Thank you for your clinical evaluation Dr. K. LOL.

      But seriously, welcome back Blondie and so sorry you have been swamped. Catch your breath and enjoy yourself. Our next story is nearly halfway completed. Can’t wait for you to read and edit.

      Goodnight friend!

  4. hornyGG says:

    Welcome back Blondie! Hope the wedding went off without a hitch. Can’t wait to read your new story!

    Did my photo shoot! Pictures will be ready tomorrow! Can’t wait to see them! Will have a story about it coming up soon about it. I can’t wait for Ben to finally see them and see ( hopefully feel) his reaction. Get moist thinking about it!

    Thanks for your advice about the candlelight idea, we did several that way. I highly recommend you do one for your Josh. God bless you my friend and keep it horny

  5. hornyGG says:

    Hey ladygarden! This is Ben. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for inspiring my dear Gina to make me this wonderful photo album. I was literally speechless when she gave it to me and I opened it to such wonderful photos of my lovely wife.

    And the way she was dressed when she gave it to me, well let me just say my dick got hard in no time flat!

    The sex following was simply mind blowing. We practically fucked all night long! I simply couldn’t get enough of her sweet pussy. I ate her pussy and tongued her asshole. She sucked my dick and tongued my nuts. Of course I pumped her hard. OH btw great story as usual. Had her read it to me while I jacked off. She took me into her mouth just as I was about to shoot. My balls ache a bit as I came a total of four times. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times she got off!

    Anyway, thank you very much. Hope I didn’t go too far with this comment.
    Gina will probably sleep in today for some reason! Lol. Gotta go to work, God bless.

  6. ladygarden says:

    WOW Mr. Ben Thank You Sir! What a fun way to wake up this morning by reading your post! No, you did not go too far at all, lol. I loved it.

    So happy your loved dear Gina’s amazing surprise; she was so looking forward to going through with it and presenting it to you. Did you like the cowgirl ensemble? And her amazing “spread and show” shots bathed in soft candlelight? We can’t wait to read all about it.

    Sounds like you both enjoyed it very much; I mean you both were rewarded with multiple orgasms and you had the pleasure of screwing your beloved’s brains out, lol. Plus, you were able to shoot four of your loads into her mouth and tongue her asshole. Hey, so now, you wont have to masturbate to her sexy nude images on your cell phone anymore!

    Thanks for taking the time to write and for your encouragement. You both are a treasure to this site and we’re so glad you loved your new album and that you “christened” it properly last night. Yes, poor Gina will be sleeping in today-_and we hope you can concentrate on your work sir :-D.

    Lord bless you both…

  7. hornyGG says:

    Kay and K! Doing that photo album was a great idea, he Loved it! We have fucked eight times in last two days! We haven’t done anything like that since early in our marriage! He has become a horny beast and I love it! I am sore but I love it!

    He leaves for Houston around 6am this morning ( taking the album with him. Surprise! Probably come home with new callouses on his right hand! Lol.) maybe I will be ably to actually go to sleep at night.

    Boy the story I’m gonna tell! Lol. I see where he commented on here and told you a bunch already. If this keeps up I May not be able to walk! Lol.

    Well, going back to bed. Probably will sleep till noon or so again. Any suggestions on how to help a sore pussy? Lol.

    God bless! Keep it wet and him hard!

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