Thank God for Home

I had been gone for a long time. One trip for two weeks, came home for a day and left for another two week business trip. While these trips were a blessing, meant business is doing really well for me, I was one lonely husband. It was almost time to return home the second time, we had two days left, but God works in mysterious ways and we finished everything early! I was fortunate enough to be able to work my flights around and arrive home early! I contemplated telling Leah, but I thought a nice surprise after being left alone with 5 kids for a month was in order for her.

As most of my flights do, I came into town late. We landed on time, 10 pm, but by the time I got everything and got home it was around 11 or 11:15. I had been extremely horny without my dear wife and had masturbated a number of times to take the edge off, but all of that vanished as I drove home. I smiled remembering this feeling on our wedding day/night. The extreme longing to be with her, to touch her, to kiss her, to hear her, to see her. I couldn’t get home fast enough, and truth be told, I don’t remember most of the drive home (oops…) I just know I was at the airport and then I was pulling into my drive way.

I entered the dark house quietly, amazingly the dogs didn’t go ballistic and bark like nuts. They ran over and sniffed the heck out of me, but no barking. I took off and put away my jacket and shoes and turned to go down the hallway to my bedroom where my everything was. I saw under the crack of the door a low light was on. My breath caught in my throat and the bulge in my pants became bigger. The idea of her being awake, awake and desperately in need of some loving was very exciting. I opened the door and peered in. Leah was awake alright, awake and masturbating. She was lying in the middle of our bed naked, chest heaving from her raspy breaths. Her left hand was pleasuring her clit and vagina. She had a pattern: rub twice around her pussy lips slide up and rub twice around her engorged clit, slide down, repeat. Her right hand/arm had my pillow clutched over her torso (covering her delicious breasts and tummy, but no matter). We had never really masturbated together, I knew she would do it when I was away sometimes, but Leah doesn’t really care for masturbating, her argument being “but you do it so much better.” I could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm, she looked so absolutely sexy and it was all I could do to not pounce her. It was so amazingly erotic to watch my wife pleasure herself, watch her clench my pillow, knowing she was thinking of me. My cock was painfully pressing against my pants and I desperately wanted and needed to get them off, but I was going to finish watching Leah first.

I noticed her pattern had changed, she was now focusing solely on her clit, rubbing harder and faster. I was drinking it all in as her body stiffened and her orgasm overtook her. She shuddered a few times and sank her face into my pillow whispering “James come home.” I saw the tears gathering up in her eyes and I was on that bed in about two seconds pulling her into my lap, “I am home baby, I’m home.” She screamed in shock and surprise, and then smacked me with the pillow for laughing at her.

“James you really scared me, you could have told me you were coming home early.”

“Yes, but then I wouldn’t have gotten a front row seat to the most spectacular show of the year.”

Her pretty little face went through about 6 shades of red from embarrassment, “Oh you saw that.”

“Mhm, and let me tell you baby I liked it, I liked it a lot.” I guided her hand to where my cock was fighting my jeans and began to kiss her neck.

“Mm,” she made a surprised noise, “you really did like it.” She began to rub my cock through my jeans, it hurt so good.

“Mmmmm,” I groaned, “Leah you got to take these damn pants off me, before my cock breaks straining against them.”

“Can’t have that now can we?” She straddled me and brought her delicious mouth to mine, our lips and tongues met in joyous reunion. Her hot mouth was welcoming, wanting, and just perfect. I had missed her so much. She undid my pants and worked them off of me, then she removed my boxers. She crawled back to my lap, stroking my engorged member.

“Feel better lover?”

“Yes I panted,” as I started to explore my wife, rediscover her soft curves and swells. Much to my surprise she grabbed my wandering hands and placed them on her tummy, which was still awfully fine with me. I rubbed and stroked and teased her soft belly. She giggled, “Slow down cowboy, you still have too many clothes on.” She removed my shirt, “Much better she purred.”

“May I go back to…” I started to say before she kissed me, hard and needy. Her hands and lips encouraging me to lay down on my back on the bed. She pulled away from my lips and began to nip at my jaw, neck, and ears. Her hands roamed and stroked my chest, arms, shoulders, face, hair, anything she could reach.

“Do you want to know what I was thinking about while I was masturbating?” I racked my brain trying to figure out if she had ever used that word before, much more interested in what she had been thinking about I moved on.

“Yes,” I growled, “What was my lonely, sexy bride thinking about as she pleasured herself?”

“Well I’m not going to tell you,” I made a pouty face, she giggled and kissed my pouted bottom lip, “but I will show you.” My arousal already sky high, rose another level or 6. Leah went back to her work, but now she was at my chest, licking and sucking on my nipples. I whimpered, “I want to touch you.”

“What’s stopping you?”

“Sassy girl,” I smacked her perfect butt. It took her by surprise and she bit on my shoulder and little hard, but I was so turned on it only added to the experience. My hands set to roaming and touching her. Her lovely breasts, simply hanging there as she kissed my neck, were begging to be touched, squeezed, and felt. Her perfect globes felt heavenly in my hands and I worked her nipples, stroking, squeezing, loving her up. Leah was whimpering and it was easy to tell when something felt extra good as her nibbles would become more of a bite.

She sat up, straddling me around my stomach, slowly humping me there. I could feel her hot juices as she worked against me. I was rubbing and teasing her thighs. She looked so sexy, and all of a sudden I noticed she was on top, AND the lights were on.

“I like the view baby,” one of my hands wormed its way up to her tummy (the place she’s most self conscious about, and subsequently the reason she doesn’t like to be on top with the lights on) give it some loving. She smiled her sexy smile, leaned down for a slow kiss, and then back up.

“I’m glad, because this is what I was fantasizing about as I masturbated.”

“You being on top?”

“Specifically with the lights on. You always ask for it and I really never want to because of my belly. But as I lay in bed missing you so badly tonight, thinking of a nice fantasy to make me hot, I realized that that was a perfect idea and I was being silly for never letting go enough to have the lights on. I mean you pay an awful lot of attention to my tummy so I figured what the hell. And here you are, home and we both get to live out a fantasy.”

“I do love your tummy, its so soft and sexy. Baby I think it’s about time I told you. I have a fetish with your tummy.” She giggled and then slipped herself on to my hot, waiting, throbbing cock. We both let out simultaneous moans and said “You’re so wet/hard.” Leah was still breathing a bit hard, I smiled.

“Did you have an orgasm babycakes?”

“Mmmph, just about. You are so hard, I can feel you pulsate in me.”

“That because you turn me on hot stuff. I’m getting two fantasies fulfilled, I saw you masturbate and you’re on top with the lights on. I’m one hell of a lucky man.” She whimpered, and began to ride me. She looked so damn hot up there. She started slow at first, but then frantically. It only took a few thrusts before we were both cumming, and cumming hard.

“You are so sexy up there, I love looking at you like this I want more.” Leah complied we calmed down and she began to ride me again, it took a bit longer this time, but we both still came as hard as last time. Shuddering and panting, Leah eased herself off of my and onto my chest. We began to kiss, long and slow and very passionate. My cock came back to life and I knew what needed to be done next. We shifted so Leah was lying on her back and I was above her. I suckled on her breasts, long and slow taking my time. I kissed down and around and all over her delicious tummy, down to her thighs, calves, and feet, then back up again. I worked her most sensitive spots, the little crevice by her thigh and hip, the side of her neck, and her very secret spot on her tummy. Whilst attending to her very special spot, I slipped a few fingers down by her pussy. She was soaked, on fire, so much wet heat. I knew she was ready for this. You see Leah can achieve multiple orgasms, but she needs to be very very aroused to do so, and tonight she was. Oh man was she ever. The most we’ve gotten her to is two but tonight I was going for three.

I entered her, and she almost came then, I knew three would be no problem. I leaned down to work on her neck as I thrust in and out of her. She clutched at my shoulders, legs wrapped around me, pulling me as close to her as possible. She almost finished whispering “I’ve missed you,” but was cut off by her first orgasm. I didn’t let up, I kept thrusting and I could feel her building up another, she bit my shoulder as she cried. That was two. My thrusting became more erratic as I began to seek a release for myself and a third orgasm for her. Her breathy pants in my ear, the way she was clutching me with all she had urged me on and her on, and she came again. Three. Thrusting into her hard now, my own orgasm building up, I noticed for a fourth time her breathing had changed. ‘My God,’ I thought to myself, ‘she’s going to cum again.’ I really started to ram and whispered into her ear “Come on baby, that’s it Leah. Give in, give in, you want that fourth one. I want you to have that fourth one. I’m so close baby. Cum with me, cum with me.”

She screamed, bit my shoulder hard, dug her nails into my back as a huge orgasm overtook her. Mine flooded her pussy with my juices as I yelled her name into the pillow. It seemed her body would never recover from the orgasms. She kept shuddering and whimpering for a good ten minutes. I adjusted us so we were on our sides, so I wouldn’t crush her. Slowly she let her nails relax from digging into me, and she let her teeth go from my shoulder. As she did so, she wiped away she saliva. And made a small surprised noise.

“What’s the matter baby?”

“Oh sweetheart, I’m sorry. I drew blood.” I laughed and wiggled down to her mouth for a kiss.

“I don’t care baby, or should I say Miss Fantastic Four?”

She blushed, “They were wonderful darling. You have no idea how good I feel right now. Every inch of body tingles with sexual satisfaction.”

“Good,” I kissed her again, “That was the plan. I missed you so much while I was away, but if I can get you to have four orgasms in a row maybe I should be gone more often?”

“NO! I mean, no you should stay home now, for a long, long, long, long time.” I laughed again and we kissed some more.

“You know what you should do?”


“Since I have Monday off because of this trip, you should take Monday off from work and the kids will be at school all day and then we can see if we can get you to five.” I waggled my eyebrows and she laughed.

“I can’t take vacation time with that short of notice.”

“Call in sick.”

“Oh,” she laughed “and what would I tell them I’m sick with?”

“There’s got to be some fancy medical term for lack of sex. Use that.”

She giggled, “I’ll look it up.”

“Good, and if you don’t find it make something up.”

“James Andrew, are you suggesting I lie?” Said she with mock indigence.

“No, I’m suggesting you call in sick to work on Monday so you can spend the whole day in bed being sexually satisfied by your husband who hasn’t been home for a month. And if you can’t find the medical term for ‘not enough sex’ which you really are very sick from, you just use something else.”

She laughed, “Would I not also be satisfying you sexually?”

“Of course you would. Now may I ask you a question, about your masturbation while I was gone?” Her face flushed a bit but she nodded, “How many times did you masturbate? Because I know you don’t really like doing that.”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe six times or so? It still was no where near as good as you or this, but I needed to relieve some tension. I was getting very snappy and mean sometimes with out you to pleasure me and I to pleasure you back.”

“See love, you are sick.”

“Did you? Masturbate that is?”

“Yep, more than what you did, but yes I did. Thinking of you every time.” She gave me a soft smile and kiss.

“Did you really enjoy watching me…you know…”

“Yes Leah, I did. I really really did. It was very sexy, very erotic. I’ve fantasized about watching you masturbate. Do you…do you think we could do it together sometime? Put on a little show for each other?”

She took a deep breath, and I held mine, “Yes…maybe we should try it on Monday?”

My face lit up and I kissed her hard, “Baby it doesn’t have to be Monday. Whenever you are ready for it we shall!” She shook her head and laughed as we kissed a bit more. “You know,” I murmured, “I absolutely melted seeing you there all naked and sexy. Pleasuring yourself.”

“Well darling not EVERYTHING on you melted.” she stroked my cock, which was beginning to come to life again, “In fact I’d say some portions of you became very, very, hard.” She gave it a squeeze, “Once more?” She challenged me with her eyes and hands on my penis. I gave a fake exasperated sigh, rolling her over and entering her, “Oh woman the things I do for you.”

“Last I checked you were doing me.” We made love slowly and wonderfully. After finishing I gathered her in my arms, kissing and we drifted off to wonderful sleep. Each reunited in the arms of their lover.

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  1. Lovinghusband says:

    elvis123 – I really enjoyed this. You did such a great job telling us what it was like for you to find her in the room masturbating. Very hot! What a thrill to come home to! I your Monday goes well!! God bless you and your marriage!

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