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Frozen Fever

While our kids were on spring break, to allow some more family time, James and I both took the week off from work. However, things did not go exactly to plan, and we spent most of the break indoors. Three of our kids had started to come down with colds, and by the first day […]

Apple Pie

Flashback to this past Thanksgiving…. 🙂 It was the night before Thanksgiving, and I had pies to bake. As usual the girls wanted to help, which meant we made two of the 6 pies we needed before their bedtime. Kids in bed, I was almost finished, I had the last two in the oven and […]

Two Are Better Than One

The other night my lovely wife and I were laying in our bed after a most delightful romp of sexual fun. I was intent on going for round two and was in the process of warming her up again, nice and slow. We were lying on our sides facing each other, with my face hands […]

The First Time (Part 1)

For a “best sex stories” category, James and I have decided to tell the story of our first time. Part 1 will be from my perspective and Part 2 will be his. But first some quick background on “us.” As most of you know I was the victim of sexual abuse, I was 15 when […]

Steamy Night – Alone With You

(Leah) I hung up the phone with Child 3 and smiled. James and I were going to have a child free house for a steam night together. Child 1 and Child 2 have best friends that are twins and their birthday party/sleepover was that night. Child 4 and Child 5 (our twins) had their birthday […]

Music Man

Not too long ago we got a new girl at my work. A very qualified, intelligent, and creative girl, fresh out of college. Her faults we found out too late, as she has a knack for middle school drama. It started out with small little things, but then she started going after people’s weight. She’s […]

Thank God for Home

I had been gone for a long time. One trip for two weeks, came home for a day and left for another two week business trip. While these trips were a blessing, meant business is doing really well for me, I was one lonely husband. It was almost time to return home the second time, […]

Favorite Married Sex – What’s your…?

“What’s your favorite part of sex,” James asked me the other night, as we snuggled up in bed. “Excuse me,” his question caught me off guard. “You know that thing we do alone with each other, when we get naked, and close, and kiss, and touch. You make my penis become rock hard, and your […]

Making Time – Dessert First

Making Time – It had been a great day. Work was absolutely enjoyable. I had numerous appointments that all went swimmingly and on my drive home all I had was Leah on the brain. I’m not sure if I’ve described Leah on this website, so I will now. She’s 5’4″ with short blonde hair, she […]