favorite married sex

Favorite Married Sex – What’s your…?

“What’s your favorite part of sex,” James asked me the other night, as we snuggled up in bed.

“Excuse me,” his question caught me off guard.

“You know that thing we do alone with each other, when we get naked, and close, and kiss, and touch. You make my penis become rock hard, and your sweet pussy is soaked. We make each other moan and squirm in delight and we have those fun things called orgasms.”

“So that’s what that is called! Well now I can honestly say I love sex,” I bantered back.

“Mhmm,” he nuzzled my neck, “and what is your favorite part of it?”

I thought about this for quite awhile, I enjoy all portions (pun intended) of  sex. How does one pick?  “I don’t know, baby. I love everything about sex, I can’t pinpoint something that is definitely better than all the other pleasures of it. Why do you ask?”

“Really, you don’t have a favorite part?”

“Not particularly. I have likes and dislikes, for example I don’t like having my nipples pinched, but I love it when you suck and gently nibble on them. But it’s hard to compare the feelings of foreplay to the feelings of an orgasm, because they both feel so amazing, just in different respects. Why, do you have a favorite part of sex?”

“Well, no, not really…”

“Then why do expect me to, goofball,” I asked giggling.

“I was just curious. Besides what’s so wrong with me asking a question about how to best pleasure you, hmmm,” he began to nibble at my ear.

“Nothing,”  I breathily whispered, leaning further into his affections.

“Sounds like someone is aroused,” he bantered, sliding his hand down my jammie pants to massage my butt, I felt his penis harden, “And that same someone isn’t wearing any panties. Tsk, tsk, tsk naughty girl.” We rolled around so that I was laying on top of him, sucking and nibbling on his ears, jaw, and neck. He continued the ministrations on my ass: massaging, squeezing, kneading. I could feel his penis grow underneath me, we were taking it slow and no one  minded. As much fun as hot, raging, jungle sex is, taking it nice and sweet and slow has its own rewards.

“You know,” I purred swirling my fingers through what little chest hair he had, “there’s some strawberries and whipped cream in the fridge, why don’t you go get them, hmm?”

“Come with me,” he begged with his adorable, so hard to resist puppy face. I, however, had a different naughty plan.

“Mmmm, I’ll meet you out there. I’m going to put on something a little bit more exciting than these old pj’s.” James contemplated this for a moment. I could see the wheels spinning in his head; on one hand he wanted me to be with him, on the flip side he also liked seeing me all dressed up. I felt he needed a little bit of help so I added, “I bought some new sexy wear yesterday, and I was planning on putting that on.”

His eyes opened wide, and I knew he would face the lonesome kitchen to see me dressed up. We kissed a few more times before I got off of him. He started towards the door, while I headed to our bathroom. But not before I gave his tight ass a quick smack. I tried to run away, but he’s much quicker than I, so with one arm crushing me to him, his other fished inside my shirt for one of my breasts. He pulled it out, gave it a rather long, loving suck, and placed it back in my shirt with a quick pat of my ass.

Most of my sexy wear is sets of bras and panties: crotch less, thong, lacy, silky, sheer, you name it, I got it. Lately though, James had really been pushing for me to get a ‘teddy,’ not the bear, the, for lack of better word choice, leotard kind. I had been a bit reluctant to buy one as explaining a forgotten teddy laying on the floor is a lot harder than explaining a bra and panty set to 5 children. But yesterday, I caved. I went to go buy a new robe and ended up trying on a teddy too. (to toot my own horn here, I looked pretty good!) If you get the right style those things push certain parts up and out and other parts in and hidden.

I took off my ugly jammies and panties. I touched my pussy, mmmh! I was so wet! The thought crossed my mind to bring myself close to orgasm and then go out all breathy and stark naked for James. But I decided against it, instead opting to see his reaction to the teddy. I wiggled into the teddy. It was red, James’ favorite color, with black accents around my breasts and thighs. It pushed my breasts up so much I thought they might fall out! The backing was of a corset style, with black satiny ribbon. I almost left our bedroom like that, but as an after thought, I put on my robe, just in case we had any midnight wanderers.

I came into the kitchen to find my sexy husband intently choosing a bottle of wine.

“What is the house special for wine tonight,” I asked. I saw the corners of James’ mouth twitch as he turned to look at me. The moment he saw the robe his smile vanished.

“That’s not very sexy,” he pouted.

“I thought you always told me that as long as I was wearing it, it was sexy.” I couldn’t wait to see his reaction when this old thing was off.

“Of course darling, but you said something new. That’s not new.”

“You are correct my dear. You see, with 5 children we are prone to having some midnight wanderers,” I sauntered over to him, “and what I’m wearing is so ultra sexy that if a child of ours saw me in it, they’d be scarred for life. So hurry up with that wine selection so you can see.”

“Do I get a sneak preview,” he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Of course,” I opened the top of my robe, revealing my cleavage pouring out of its confines. His sharp intake of breath and glazed eyes were the exact reaction I was going for. He pulled me close and started to slip his hands inside of the robe when…

“Mommy, what time is it,” asked the voice of child #3. James and I quickly separated, and I tied that robe up tight.

“Its very late darling, what are you doing up?”

“I had to go to the bathroom and I heard you and daddy talking so I thought it was morning.”

“No, dear, it’s not. Go back to bed.”

“Will you tuck me in?” Oh the question I did not want him to ask.

“Ye,s honey.” James gave me a pleading look. “I won’t be long, I promise.” I kissed his neck and he pinched my ass as I went upstairs. “You all ready to go back to bed?”

“Yes!” I tucked him in, kissed him, and prayed I could get back to the boy’s father without much further delay.

“Okay, sweetheart, goodnight. I love you very much.”

“Love you too, Mommy.” Amazingly nothing else was wanted and he rolled over, falling asleep instantly. I tiptoed down the stairs, to avoid waking other children, once on the first floor, I scurried to my poor waiting husband.

Upon reaching the bedroom I closed the door behind me and locked it for good measure. James had taken the liberty during my absence to light a few candles, pour the wine,  and turn on our slow and sweet lovemaking playlist (which is really all of George Strait’s love songs, that man can sing).

I went over and laid languorously on our bed. James had a smile playing on his lips as he gave me my wine, placed the strawberries on the bed, and snuggled up to me.  We kissed long and slow and tender. The kind that makes your heart melt. I reached over for a strawberry and fed it to my lover. What a tease he is! He sucked on the berry, removing all the chocolate (taking his time about it too) then he slowly nibbled and ate it. We kissed and I could taste the chocolate berry goodness on his lips. He grabbed another berry to give to me. We laid there like that for quite some time. Kissing, sipping, and feeding each other.

Finally James said,”I can’t take it anymore.  I need to see what you have on.” He removed berries and wine from the bed and reached for my robe ties.

“Not so fast, mister.” He pouted, “Lay down. Good. Now close your eyes.” He grumbled but complied with my bidding. I got out of the bed, cast my robe off to the side and leaned seductively against my dresser. “Open your eyes love. Do you like it?”

His reaction was priceless. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head, his mouth was gaping, and he could barely speak two coherent words.

“You, look…wow, just…you’re so…sexy, hot, beautiful…I can’t. Holy cow, Leah… come here.” The deep primal lust in his deep voice was making my pussy drenched with excitement. I sauntered over to him, climbed in bed, and straddled him. His hands set to roaming about my curves. “Oh baby, you look so fantastic. Please wear this everyday. Or at least every time we argue because I will get so distracted and the argument will only last 2 minutes at most.”

I was relishing in his hands and his words. I started to hump his belly. “Don’t you think you’ll get bored with me wearing it everyday.”

“Not a chance,” he panted, “what’s the backside look like?” I turned, sat back down and he moaned. “Aside from being stark naked, this is the sexiest thing you’ve ever worn.”

“I guess so,” I stroked his penis through his underwear, he moaned. Turning back around I knelt down by his manhood, which was straining against the confines of his boxers. Slowly, teasingly I removed them, unleashing his meaty love tool. It sprang out at full attention delighted to be free at last. James sat up and pulled me into his lap. He started kissing and sucking my ample cleavage as he undid the back. After a small struggle, we removed it from my person, he yanked me back into his lap, and began feasting on my breasts while his big, strong hands roamed what was all his. They massaged, grabbed, kneaded, rubbed, devoured every inch of my body.

My own hands found their way, one to his fabulous ass and the other to one of his hotspots. The more I worked his spot the more delicious the devouring of my breasts became. My pussy was on fire, his throbbing cock was right up against my soft tummy and I could feel his pre-cum. I needed him inside me bad.

“Leah,” he panted, “baby, I need your pussy now.”

“Touch me there first, James, you’ve ignored her all night.”

“Do you like your pussy being fingered?”

“Yes, baby, yes. Do it!” He slipped two fingers in me, they glided in no problem at all, we both moaned.

“Leah you’re so freaking wet.”

“I’m only wet because you turn me on so fucking much. Oh, James. If you don’t stop I’m going to cum!!”

“Good,” he growled, “Cum for me, right on my fingers. Make my dick jealous.” I couldn’t hold back anymore. I buried my face into his neck to muffle my pleasurable sounds as waves of orgasm shook my body. “I need to be inside of you now! I can’t wait another minute!”

I positioned myself and we rammed together in the beautiful manner that God intended for a man and woman. We both moaned and I bounced up and down on him.

“Yes, Leah. You are so sexy, ride me cowgirl!”

“James! Mmmph, you’re so hard and huge! I love you’re big cock. Oh oh! I’m going to cum again! James!!”

“That’s right, cum with me. You are so hot and wet and tight! Oh, Leah. Yes, yes!!”

My walls tightened around him as we came together: shuddering, panting, clinging to each other. As our orgasmic highs slipped down, I said a prayer of thanksgiving to God for my amazing, loving husband. James slipped out and away from me. I pouted, but I knew the food and the candles needed to be taken care of. He came back and we melted into each other’s embrace.

“I love you so much, my precious Leah.”

“Love you more,” was all I was able to whisper before slipping off into blissful post orgasmic sleep.

Favorite Married Sex

Editors note: Favorite married sex is a challenge to pick. Elvis123 has illustrated that what is your favorite married sex one day is not necessarily the same the next day. This story points out the the best part is the “married.”   Keep the stories coming about favorite married sex…it all good.

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6 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    Awesome story elvis123! Like you I love all aspects of sex. I love the closeness and the pure intimacy of it. I love the site of my husband’s nude body ( he sleeps nude so that is a given) and his beautiful cock as it grows to it’s full excited state.

    It turns me on so knowing I am the reason behi

  2. Gina G. says:

    Sorry accidentally hit submit. Behind his excitement. Our excitement then culminating in our love making and the SWEET release of our orgasms. Thanks so much for the post!

    Be blessed!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you elvis123. I really relate to the idea that it is difficult to pick the one best thing. The whole experience of being loved and loving – with the one you can be totally vulnerable with is so rewarding and enjoyable. I like the way you write – and appreciate the sensitivities with the children. Our door lock works well! Lastly, like you, we are very aware of our thankfulness to God. I look forward to your next entry…

  4. Blondie says:

    Great story, elvis123! I have to say one of my favorite things about sex with my husband is how it seems to take me to a place with no worries or stress because I can just be transparent and myself with my husband. Not only does it feel good but there is something really powerful about the bond that happens between us each time. It’s different every time too, for some reason it doesn’t get old. lol

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