Hot Pregnancy Dream

This was before I had a belly really “showing” and I wrote it down in my journal, but never actually texted or told my Hon this hot pregnancy dream. As I got it ready to submit, I’m wishing I had! I may just tell him tonight.

I dreamt about you, Hon.

You came home and half growled, “I want candy, Honey!”

Before I knew what was happening, you sat M in front of the TV then swept me to the bedroom and promptly closed the door.

You then kissed-pushed me onto my back on the bed. You caressed my entire body with your firm sweet lips and strong warm hands. They teased everywhere before grabbing and kissing my boobies as you know drives me absolutely crazy! I moan and you continue distracting me by playing with my breasts with your mouth while sliding your hands down my body to hold my legs up, slip off my panties, and push my legs wide apart. You massage my plump lower cheeks then slyly slide your magical fingers in and out while kissing and sucking on my boobies.

I’m enjoying watching your powerful masculine body roam all over me, but my moans get louder as the pleasure increases and I can’t keep my eyes open as you fill me with hot pleasure.

Suddenly I can feel you all huge and hard slide inside me and I gasp in ecstasy.

I bring my hand around and grab your sexy butt with a big squeeze. I feel you slapping against me as you start pounding harder, feeling my whole body jar in the most wonderful way and I close my eyes & moan deeply again. I can’t think straight. I can’t try to pleasure you. All I can do is feel you moving deep inside me, feel you pumping in and out of me, faster and faster…and it’s so good.

It makes me want you so bad, and I’m twitching in spasms and you know I want you. You roll me over onto my tummy, and pull me up on my knees, beginning to ram me from behind. I push back on you with my bottom, squeezing you, touching you with my hand between my legs because I can’t reach that sexy butt of yours. I feel your legs slap against mine as you pound me harder and harder. You bring your hands around my sides, and take hold of my boobies and massage them and use them to pull me back down harder on you. I feel the heated tingles run through my whole body as my legs go weak. I start to lose it.

“it’s s-s-SO HOT,” I moan.

You push my head down on the blanket, and you pound even harder as you let go deep inside me. You push me all the way down into the pillow and really go to town. Suddenly, quite sadly, I wake up SO wet & practically panting because I wanted it to be real so bad! Guess you know what I want when you get home now 😉



Did you find during your pregnancy you had a lot of hot pregnancy dreams? Tell us about it!

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3 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    pregnancy dreams can get really smoking hot. I had quite a few about my husband when I was pregnant. Often led to something more. I think your Hon will really love it, HoneyGirl! You should definitely tell him about it. 😉

  2. HoneyGirl says:

    Thank you for your sweet words & encouragement, Blondie & Lovinghusband! We had a different spur of the moment sexy kind of fun last night that I just may have to write about 🙂

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