Hot for Teacher (L)

The professor was lecturing to her class and totally oblivious to him sitting in the back of the room.  She was so smart, he thought to himself.  She was confident, poised, and energetic.  A woman with passion–he loved that.  He wondered what the male students in the class thought of her.  Did they fantasize about her as he does?  Well, they can fantasize all they want.  He’s married to her, and while he loves to fantasize about her, he loves it even more when his fantasies become reality.

He had told her that someday he was going to sneak into her classroom to just to watch her teach.  He has seen her come alive many times in their bedroom, and now he wanted to see her passion demonstrated in a different way.  As she walked to one end of the room while she was talking, she glanced up and saw him.  Her voice caught for the slightest second, and she quickly re-focused as her cheeks burned.  The burn slowly crept down her spine, and within minutes her pussy was tingling.

I can’t believe he’s here, she thought.  She looked at him again, and his eyes were fixated on her.  He lowered his head and smiled with one corner of his mouth.  She nervously bit her lip and looked away.  She somehow managed to finish her lecture and dismiss her students.  As the last student exited the room, he stood up and clapped slowly as he walked toward her.  His smile told her that he was so proud of her.

“Not only do I have a hot, sexy wife, but I definitely have a brilliant wife as well.”

He kissed her on the cheek and she sucked in air.  “What’s wrong?” he said. “Are you flustered about something?”  She looked away and put her head down.  He slowly lifted her chin and pulled her close.  “Is the professor horny for one of her students?” he asked in a deep but quiet voice. She pressed her chest against him and he stepped back.

“My, my, my” he said as he admired her body. “You certainly know how to clean up during the day you dirty thing.”

He knew that she got off on her two selves: the professional, polished professor by day and the slutty, horny wife by night.  As they stood facing each other, she suddenly realized that this was HER classroom.  She pushed him down into one of the desk seats.

Wow. He was used to being the one who takes control, but he knew that when she was teaching she felt very confident, and obviously more assertive.  He looked up at her, from her shiny, black high heels, to her black pin-striped, very tight pencil skirt.  His eyes fixated for a moment on her hips and waist.  The pencil skirt accentuated her hips, as they narrowed to her tiny waist.

Oh, she has such a womanly body.  The definition of an hourglass figure. He then moved his gaze up to her crisp, white shirt, with just a bit of cleavage showing.

“What are you looking at?” she said in a playfully disapproving way.

He sheepishly looked down and mumbled, “Your sexy body, professor.”

She smiled slowly and suddenly started to unbutton her shirt, not taking her eyes or smile off of him.  As she exposed her black lace bra, his breath quickened.  Once she released her tits, he gasped.  He never stopped admiring her dark areolas, which perfectly complimented her olive skin.  She took his hand and placed one of her tits in it.  He squeezed it and rolled her erect nipples in his fingers.

“You know how I feel about students coming in late, don’t you Sean?”

“Yes, professor, I do. I’m so sorry.”

“Well…” she said, “I don’t think you’re sorry enough.”

Suddenly she was on her knees pulling his swollen cock out of his jeans.  She took it in one gulp in her mouth.  He grabbed the desk and leaned his head back.  Her mouth was warm, wet, and tight on his cock.  After sucking it really good for a few minutes, she stood up and said, “I think that you need to earn some extra credit today.”

“What do you have in mind?” he asked, unsure of what was coming next.

She didn’t say a word, but sat down in her chair at the podium and slowly spread her legs.  As her tits were still hanging out of her black lace bra and crisp white shirt, she sucked on her finger as she kept his gaze.  He couldn’t believe what she did next: she slid her finger into her pussy as she pushed aside her black lace thong.  Of course her finger effortlessly slid into her pussy, because it was dripping already.  She softly moaned as she took in one finger first, then two, then three.

“Your first extra credit assignment requires you to suck on my clit.  You will stop when I say stop.”

Without protest, he came to her,  knelt down and took her engorged clit in his mouth.  She started fucking his mouth with her pussy, and came within a few minutes.  With her cum on his lips and chin, she reached down and kissed him.

“You will stop now” she said hoarsely in his ear as she stood up.

“You know what, Sean?” she said as she paced slowly around the room, half undressed.  “What?” he said, not able to move.

“I will excuse your tardiness if you can demonstrate that you have mastered the skill of fucking my pussy hard.  Do you think that you have mastered that skill, Sean?”

“Yes!” he quickly said.

“I’m going to lean over this desk, raise my ass in the air, and spread my pussy lips” she told him.  She did this within a few inches of him, and he took in her thick ass and swollen mound of pussy with his eyes.  As he plunged into her, he knew that he would be exploding in her tight pussy within seconds.  He was fucking his wife, in her classroom, while she was wearing stiletto heels, a tight skirt, and black thong underwear.  He silently thanked God for this blessing, and in this moment, he realized that he was experiencing unexplainable pleasure and love.  He gladly gave his cock to her, and she gladly accepted it.  He heard the wetness of her pussy against his cock, and could feel her cum running down his cock to his balls.

“You’re working so hard at earning that extra credit, aren’t you my favorite pupil?” she said.

He grunted “yes, professor, I will always want to try for extra credit.”  It was about this time that he looked up and saw that they were facing a mirror in the back of the classroom.  He saw her bent over the desk, tits bouncing as he pounded her hard, and watched her face as she came hard as he began to cum.

“Oh no, oh no….I’m going to cum in the professor’s pussy!”  He violently thrust himself deeper inside her and spilled himself into her.  She felt his cum fill the walls of her pussy as it gave way to spasms.

After they finished enjoying each other, she tidily began re-dressing herself.  Her demeanor suddenly changed, and she was officially the Professor again-professional, polite, and firm.  “I would say, Sean, that you earned every extra credit point.  Now, if you’re late again, you will have to try to earn more extra credit.”  He smiled, as he saw the twinkle in her eye.  That was his wife.  At the end of the day, she is his wife, not the professor.  She abruptly threw her arms around him, kissed him on the cheek, and said, “I have another class starting in 10 minutes, so I have to get ready.”

He hugged her for a long time, smelling her lavender-scented hair and taking in her warmth as they embraced.  “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too!” she cheerfully replied.  With that, he began to walk out of the room as a few students started filing in.  The look that they shared with one another as he was leaving conveyed the same thought “we made it just in time!”

He watched her as her students filed in, watching as she returned to the intelligent, passionate teacher that he admired so much.  He would always be in awe of the many sides of her; and especially in awe of the fact that he gets to experience all of them.

Bebe Gray Suit

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10 replies
  1. Blondie says:

    Really good one! I thoroughly enjoyed editing this one. Sounds like fun and now I am looking around for my husband… hmmm… I love me a sexy role-play encounter. I do sometimes feel like I lead a double life myself when it comes to my husband and I’s sexual play and the usually mundane everyday. haha

  2. Gina G. says:

    HOT! Loved this story spicyitalian. Got me really wet and horny for my husband. Too bad he is out of town! Oh well, had a nice little orgasm regardless. lol ! Thanks for posting and God bless you and your husband. Stay horny!

  3. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    Wow! What a mind blower! I really enjoyed this story, considering I taught school as well for 8 years! My husband & I have experienced something like this, as well! Now reading your story about it brings back an old memory & has really gotten me good & ready for lovemaking w/him! Thanks for sharing this. May God bless you guys greatly!

  4. Taryn says:

    I love this story. We’ve never tried this scenario, I guess because it seemed odd of it were young student and teacher. This puts a different spin on it. Love it. Going to set this up with my hubby for sure. Just need to find an abandoned classroom 🙂

  5. Mr.Lover says:

    One time I was late for class and my teacher was ahead me and being the gentleman that I am, I held the door open for her to let her go in first.

    She said, "I know what you are trying to do, but I will not mark you late."

    I can tell you that I was definately checking out her legs and ass, that's for sure!

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