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Morning Sex – Morning Yoga

Morning Sex – For almost a year now, my wife and I have been on a serious health kick. I had lost 60 pounds, and was down to my ideal weight and she down 30. Every morning we would get up and do our workout separately, then I would shower and leave for work. It was a normal routine.

Today I walked out after my shower but I forgot my iPad on the nightstand. I turned around and drove back home and opened our door. That is when I saw her: my wife was doing her Yoga.

Her white shirt was skin tight and she had beads of sweat on her forehead and her tight yoga pants accentuated her perfect butt. I surveyed her body language and realized she didn’t know I was there at all. I watched her back arch, I saw her bare feet (which turn me on so much) now straight in the air. I witnessed her pretzel her body from one position to another. As I saw this I realized my cock had grown hard in my pants. Finally she was in the downward dog, her butt sticking straight in the air…welcoming me, inviting me, and silently begging me to touch her.

I started to stroke my cock as I watched her and it was only a few strokes till I shot the warm gooey liquid in my boxers. I continued to watch as I removed my shirt; she was now lying in child pose. I came around in front of her, and I placed my hands on her and helped her lay on her back.

She was startled and said, “Why are you….”

I didn’t let her finish her words; I started to kiss her greedily, my tongue slowly but forcefully dancing with hers. As I kissed her neck she arched her swan like neck giving me full access. I slid her yoga pants and panties down all at one time. I looked at her long willowy legs and my dick became fully erect again.

I saw the chestnut colored hair between her legs glistening not with sweat but with the overflow of her now burning lust! I started at the arch of her foot and kissed my way to her big toe sucking it playfully. I kissed her calves and behind her knee listening to her giggle as I ran my kisses into her inner thigh. I teased and kissed my way into her panty line. Finally I ran my hands between her legs and I opened her lips slightly aI rolled my tongue over her now severely swollen clit. I kissed and licked at her until her back was arched and her legs were draped over my shoulders.

I could feel her fingers gripping at my hair. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy as I quickened the pace of my licking and sucking of her clit. Her hips rose off the yoga mat as I went harder and faster eating her expertly. I felt her start to gyrate and wiggle as her hips shook she started to cum pulling me into her.

She moaned and cried out as she came over and over again. She got on top of me and pulled my dick out of my pants. She slowly lowered her perfect mouth onto my very stiff cock. She bobbed her head up and down few times and she swirled her tongue around my member. I started rock my hips back and forth.

I said, “Monica, I am CLOSE!”

She ignored me and I said it again urgently, “Baby…I am about to cum”

She looked up at me, raised off my body, and said, “So cum Joshua”

She slid the length of my dick back into her mouth. My body convulsed and I started to extinguish myself into her waiting and willing mouth. She and I both collapsed on the floor.

She enjoyed what we now call “hot Yoga” and I was late to work.

morning sex

By: lululemon athletica

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  1. sofine8123 says:

    I love my wife and I like to write about it. I actually let her read the story, she was a little red faced. Losing weight can be fun, especially when your exercise ends with a BANG 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    i didn’t save myself for mairrage. i would have liked to give myself to my husband but then i would be even more hooked on him than i am now (divorcing). everytime i am with him i think he’s comparing me to the many women he’s been with before me. i would rather a man with a smaller rap sheet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My husband likes it when I do yoga in the nude. One time before heeding off to work, he masturbated on me while I was doing my routine. I pretended I did not notice, but I was so hot. I masturbated the moment he left using his love cream. Needless to say I was ready for him when he got home.

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