The Center

I hated these things. Absolutely, unconditionally, thoroughly hated them.

But here I was again.

I walked quickly towards the front door of the hotel ballroom. I took one more peek in a hallway mirror to make sure the tuxedo and bow tie were aligned properly. Somehow, I could never get it completely right.

It was the annual fundraiser gala for the local hospital and I was there. I am not a big fan of social functions.  The people are usually nice; the food is good and the cause worthy. But there is just too much formality to suit me. Too many people. Too much champagne.  Too many tuxedoes.

Walking into the ballroom, there was the live band on my right, auction items on the left and food to the front. I kept walking through the ballroom, saying hello to many, nodding a greeting to others.

I kept wandering through the vast ballroom; not really sure what I would find. I felt out of place and alone. I didn’t seem to fit at these things. Finally, I saw a group of well-dressed people in the far side of the room.  I went over for a closer look. They were having an animated discussion with their focus on the center of the circle.

That’s when I saw her.

She was tall (even without heels), slender and wearing a red strapless gown that accentuated her blonde hair,  blues eyes and the top of her bosom. She was engaged in conversation with five other people and was doing most of the talking. I circled around the group from a distance, enchanted by this woman. Not only was there the physical beauty; it was evident that people were drawn to her because of her personality and her ability to make everyone there feel part of the conversation.

I could have entered the talk for I knew some of the people. But I was enthralled by the dynamics. A couple of times, the woman glanced in my way. The third time when she looked at me; I just grinned at her.

Finally, the woman excused herself from the group and started walking away. I figured this was a good time to “make my move” on this alluring beauty. I mean, what did I have to lose? Might as well try to strike up a conversation with what was the most beautiful woman in the room.

As I walked up to her, she stopped and looked at me. I extended my hand to her and said, “Good evening, Doctor.” The woman arched her eyes and said mockingly, “I am sorry, but do I know you?” I gently placed my arm on her, lightly kissed her cheek and said, “How quickly they forget.”

Her name was Alicia, she was a doctor,  chief of physicians at the local hospital and well respected in the medical profession both locally and nationally. She also was my wife.

“I am glad to see you,” Alicia said as she returned the kiss on the cheek, “but why do you that?”

“Do what?” I grinned, knowing exactly what she was talking about.

“You know, stand there and watch me talk with others like just now,” Alicia said. “You could come in and join the conversation. I have seen you actually talk before. You are quite good at it.”

I laughed. “Thank you, but I remember that is how I first met you when we were in undergraduate school. I showed up at this party and there you were; in the middle of the room holding court. I was in awe of you and didn’t think you would pay any attention to me. You were the smartest, most beautiful, most ravishing woman in the room, just like tonight. I just love to watch you be you.”

Alicia tucked one of her arms into mine. “You didn’t notice it then, but I was watching you watch me that night too. Well, actually, I was watching your cute little butt. I still do.”

I feigned shock. “Here, I thought you married me for my brains.”

The good doctor laughed again. “Nah, it was for your body and your car — and not necessarily in that order.”

Alicia not only was a practicing physician, but also was expected to attend such functions. Tonight, she was going to be one of the speakers, thanking the patrons for their support and their dollars. As we walked together and stopping to greet others, I thought some must have thought we looked odd together. While I am not small, Alicia is about three inches taller than me. Add her heels to that and when I was standing next to her, I was  almost eye-to-eye with her….well, you know.  Not that I ever complained about the view.

We married right after college. I worked and she went to medical school. Our life has followed her career; we went to where her medical residency was and then eventually to this job. I have been able to open my own business, but  I have guy friends who think I have it made — allowing my wife to be the main bread winner.

Yes, I do have a beautiful and loving wife. But she is also one that is devoted to helping others. I have seen her cry after losing a patient to death. I have seen her rejoice when a medical procedure helped a patient recover or when she delivered twins to a couple who thought they would never have children.  It is her compassion that makes her the doctor she is. It is also one of the many reasons I so love her.

As the evening wore on, Alicia sometimes was pulled from me to go visit with donors and to mingle with guests. I have seen this hundreds of times and it never got old watching her to do her thing. It was another successful night. Alicia’s speech was great and everybody was happy.

After the formal event, the band began to play and we  got a chance to dance –slow tunes even. As we swayed together, I smelled her perfume, saw the happiness in her eyes, noticed the movement of her breasts and felt the warm of her hands on my arms. I will admit right here and now that I was not intending for it to happen, but being with her, I became very aroused. Which is hard to hide in tuxedo pants. Alicia’s hip brushed across my firmness and I heard her exclaim softly, “Oh, my!”

With my arms still around her, Alicia pulled back enough so she could give me this amused look. I pretended like nothing happened. “Something wrong, babe?” I asked.

She just smiled. “There seems to be a large growth of some kind in your pants. Have you seen a doctor about that?”

“Not yet. Anybody you would recommend?”

Alicia pushed herself closed to me so she could speak into my ear above the music.

“There is this one doctor I know.  I understand she has a wonderful bedside manner.”

I grinned at her.  “I bet she does.”

As the event began to wind down, we took our leave of the party. As I stood behind Alicia and helped her put on her coat, I quickly swept my hands up and across her breasts when no one was watching. “Nice to see your hand-eye coordination is still good,” she muttered.

We drove slowly home with her hand on my knee and mine on hers. While we anticipated what was ahead, we spent the trip home savoring our time together. When we got home, she went upstairs to the bedroom. I to the kitchen where I poured two glasses of wine.  When I got upstairs, Alicia had turned down the lights and lit two candles, one for each side of the bed.

“Here’s to you, Doctor,” as I handed her the glass. “You are beautiful, lovely, smart, charming, gracious and —”

“Don’t forget ravishing,” she said taking a sip of her wine.

“Right. Ravishing.” I added.

I kissed her. Then I got undressed as she watched with wine glass in hand. I went slowly — shoes,socks jacket, tie, shirt and pants. Wearing only boxer shorts, and with my penis  starting to peak out of them, I hung my clothes in the closet. I then walked to the bed, pulled back the covers and laid down, facing Alicia.

“I do so like that cute little tush,” she said, putting down her wine glass.

Alicia began to strip as I observed. First came off the high heels. Then came the evening gown. She gracefully stepped out of the dress and hung it up in the closet. As she did, she looked back over her shoulder at me and wiggled her lovely butt.

Then came the stockings that stretched to her upper thigh. Alicia put her right leg on a chair so I could get a view. She rolled the stocking down from thigh to foot, taking it off and dropping with a flourish. She did the same thing with her left leg stocking. Then Alicia, wearing black bra and panties, turned to the dresser mirror. She saw me in the mirror watching her and smiled.

As I watched, I absentmindedly began to stroke my penis which was now upright and sticking through my boxer shorts. As Alicia reached up to unhook her bra, she turned and wagged her index finger.

“Don’t be doing that to yourself,” she said in a mock anger tone.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because that is my job tonight,” smiled Alicia turning back to the mirror. With her watching me watching her, Alicia unhook bra, dropping her arms so I could see her firm breasts. Then she slipped out of black panties, allowing me to see her beautiful love triangle covered by jet black hair.

As I  removed my boxers, Alicia came to the bed and dropped down on her stomach, close to me. She reached up to my face and we exchanged a series of deep, passionate kisses. I pulled her closely to me with my left hand, lightly pinching the nipple of her left breast with my right hand.

When we finished, Alicia looked me and said, “That is for being there tonight. I know you only do it for me. I could not have the career I have without your support. And frankly, I wouldn’t want the career without you.”

I pulled her close to me and cupped her face in my hands. “I have never grown tired of being your number one fan.”

Alicia kissed me again and then she slid down the bed where she repositioned herself between my legs, lying on her stomach with her legs bent at the knees. She carefully took my erection in her hand and began to kiss, suck and lick my penis from the bottom to the top and back. She also massaged my balls.

As she did her work, Alicia kept talking. “Do we remember the first year we were married and I was in med school?” she said between ice cream-like licks. “I had that really difficult anatomy course and I would come home each night and practice on you. I learned about bones, tendons and all parts of the body by finding them on your body. I got an A thanks to you.”

I managed a low groan as her touch sent fire through my body. “Always happy to do my part for the medical profession,” I moaned between gasps. “As I remember, you also showed remarkable proficiency in studying particular parts of the male anatomy too.”

“And I still do,” giggled Anita as she used her tongue to sweep early drops of love off my penis.

“I love you in all ways,” I whispered as I moved her back up to me. I began to use my hands to slowly massage her back, running my fingers up and down her spine.  I heard her sigh in contentment.

With my arms around her, I rolled Alicia on her back and began to nibble my way down her body. I sucked and kissed her ear lobes, neck, and her nipples, eventually ending at her love triangle. I used my finger to part her pubic hair and then kissed her entrance, running my tongue up and down her slit. It didn’t take long for her juices to start flowing.

I pulled away from her love spot and sat straight up on the bed with my legs extended. I helped Alicia up from the bed and into the same sitting position facing me. With her legs spread and on either side of me, Alicia moved onto my lap and downward on top of my penis. Alicia moaned softly as she slid all the way down to the base of my lap

“Sliding down you never gets old,” she whispered in my ear.

“I have always been fond of the feeling too,” I whispered back.

With our arms wrapped around each other, but loose enough to allow for movement, we began to move together up and down; my penis thrusting into her opening; her opening wrapping itself around my penis. At times, we slowed down to watch me repeatedly enter her. That only increased our passion.

Alicia stopped and leaned backwards, supporting herself with her hands and arms. With me still in her, I was able to run my fingers up and down her slit and nub. As her moisture dripped on my penis, I rubbed some of the wetness onto her breasts and nipples, making them even more erect. I pulled Alicia back into a sitting position, kissing each breast and then kissing her.

“Hang on tight,” said Alicia as she positioned herself back on top of me. Alicia began to move up and down my shaft. She started slowly, rising to almost the tip of my penis and then back down again. Faster and faster she moved up and down. I heard the noise of her thighs slapping my groin as she moved downward. She reached back with one hand to massage my balls.

I focused on my beloved as I squeezed her lower back. I watched her entire body move in unison as she traveled up and down. Alicia began to bite her lip as she increased the rate.  I used my tongue to lick her breasts as they moved.

As our breathing quicken, I could feel Alicia’s opening tighten around me. She started to moan, her eyes closing as her body arched backwards. Alicia was struggling to reach ecstasy.  “It is OK, my love,” I whispered in her ear. “Let go and I will catch you.”

Alicia stopped moving, her body tighten, her head dropped and her fingers dug into my back.  She began to moan as the long orgasm wave hit and I could feel more of her wetness seep down my penis. I kept thrusting upward, feeling my own moment grow near. I buried my head into the valley of her breasts and cried out as I released my love into her.

We were sweating and exhausted as we came to our senses. Alicia slowly pushed me back onto the bed as I remained in her. She put her head on my chest as I stroked her hair.

As I laid there with there with my best friend and lover in my arms, I thought of the first time I had seen her and again earlier that night. Always in the center.

“Thank you,” I said, “for being the center of my life.”





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