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Honeymoon Sex – Pure Bride Becomes a Passionate Wife

Honeymoon Sex -The woman who was to become my wife was undoubtedly one of the purest of college women.  We first met at a large university in the southeastern United States.  I couldn’t imagine or visualize having sex with her before we were married.  More significantly, I could have never imagined that she was as interested in a healthy married sex life as I was to discover on our wedding day.

We were introduced through a group of mutual college friends.  At first I felt no attraction to her, as she was a couple of years ahead of me and about to complete her undergraduate studies.  However, she was fascinated with me, even though I didn’t pick-up on her interest immediately.

Our group of friends spent a lot of free time together and eventually she and I became good friends.  After over a year of increasing interest we decided to get serious about discussing our relationship and the possibility of marriage.  Our lives were drawn together by many different interests but our relationship to Christ was of foremost importance to us as it was with all of our circle of friends.  Both our families were very committed and involved Christians in church leadership.

Until just before I met her, my dating life was active and varied, nothing serious.  I recall that I thought she was too mature for me and seemed somewhat naïve at times.  However, as I got to know her better it was obvious that she was intellectually challenging and had traveled the world with her family, not nearly as naïve as she seemed at first.

As we considered marriage we made a commitment to merely hold hands and give brief hugs as the extent of our touching.  As we found our lives intertwining we discovered our mutual interests to be very strong, including the desire to have children.  Little was said about sexual matters, except during the last few weeks before the wedding.  Those issues were more health related with no discussion about the sex act or other intimate details.  To this point we had never even kissed!

The very first time we kissed was at the altar on our wedding day during the ceremony.  I was given an indicator of what was to come with that kiss.  I had given my share of kisses and had received my share of kisses before I met my future wife.  But I knew that she had never kissed a man on the mouth before our wedding day.

So you can imagine my surprise when we kissed for the first time in front of our family and friends and she passionately kissed me with her tongue probing deep into mouth – she French-kissed me at the altar and held it for a long time!

Up until that time I had few thoughts about our sexual lives which was about to begin.  Well that kiss kicked my imagination into a budding erection right on the spot.  Whew!  I had to settle down a little lest the budding become obvious!

We had a long reception and went to my house afterward, which was on a farm just outside the city, to change clothes and leave on our honeymoon.  She was still in her wedding gown and I helped her get undressed.  For the first time I saw her naked!  She was stunning.

She then helped me get out of my tuxedo.  By the time she had taken off my tie, cummerbund, shirt, and then pants I was standing at a full erection.  She pulled my shorts off and stared in amazement at a very full and large penis pointing up toward her face.  She later said she couldn’t believe she could take all of me inside of her.

At that very moment we would have taken time to have intercourse for the first time but family and friends were due to arrive soon to see us off.  We got dressed in time to welcome everyone before driving away.

We had reservations at a resort not too far away for our first night before heading to our final destination.  As soon as I turned on to the interstate my wife reached over and unzipped my pants and reached in to take hold of me.  I had an instant erection to the say the least.

She played around with me and then when we were alone on the interstate she gave me another first kiss and nearly caused me to run off the road in excitement.  Within minutes she pulled up her light and airy summer dress, pulled down her panties and pulled my hand over to play in her beautiful garden.  By the time we arrived at the resort check-in I was so stimulated that it was difficult to get my erection to go down enough not to cause embarrassment at check-in.

As soon as we closed the door on our “honeymoon sex” suite my wife went absolutely wild with passion.  She asked me to take her clothes off again and unlike the first time, only a couple of hours previously, I let my hands play all over her firm body.  While I had been careful to lift her summer dress over her head and gently remove her bra and panties she, on the other hand, went at blinding speed to strip me naked again.

I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing.  She was ready and hot.  The tension of waiting to have sex or even our first kiss until our wedding day had been building sexually without either of us being aware of such powerful passion. We fairly exploded with each other.

She had an orgasm that caused her entire body to shake uncontrollably.  I didn’t know quite what to do so I paused, which was good for me, but she literally growled for me to keep going.  Finally, I could stand it no longer and started what seemed like an unbelievably long time of ejaculating inside of my wife of just a few hours. Our honeymoon sex was off to a passionate start.

We lay exhausted after our honeymoon sex experience.  I drifted off to sleep.  She woke me up by holding me and stroking me to another erection.  She said she wanted me again.  We extended our stay in the honeymoon suite for another day before leaving for our final destination in the Smokey Mountains National Park.

We have only ever had intercourse with each other and have found it a joy to continuously discover new ways of sexual expression.  Sex has never become either monotonous or jaded for us.  The woman who appeared so naive BEFORE the wedding was anything but AFTER the wedding.  I was expecting a healthy sex life but could never had anticipated such a passionate one.

The freedom we experienced then and still do to this very day comes from having no regrets and from having the blessing of God to enjoy one another to the fullest.  From the first night until now, as I write this letter. our romance has only gotten stronger and our sexual expression more satisfying and vibrant.


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honeymoon sex

By: Cliff


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7 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    Honeymoon sex should be about experiencing that indescribably beautiful connection between two passionate lovers – take your time, appreciate your lover and make it about *them*, not you. This isn’t the time to attempt to impress with performance, it’s a time to have unhurried, patient, selfless communion with each other, fusing both bodies and souls to each other in loving oneness.

  2. pigweed says:

    the honeymoon should include lots touching before any clothes are removed especially while driving to first night destination. Be gentle be slow but let your passion especially the brides be the guide.

  3. emilyjohnson1234 says:

    In high school i struggled with the importance of saving sex until marriage. It was always taught to me and I had a purity ring to “show” my commitment to saving myself but if it ever came down to it (which it never did) I don’t know if I could have trusted myself to not have sex with someone if i was in the mood or just wanted to get my first time “over with.”The Lord however spared me and never put me in the situation of choosing to have sex or not. In college my friend group changed as i attended a Christian college with mostly virgins or people that were now committed to saving themselves for marriage. Even then though i felt a sense of rebellion and that it wouldn’t be worth it or didn’t really matter. I guess you could say i’m sort of a rebel 🙂 After coming across this blog and reading literally EVERY single one of these stories on honeymoon sex and how awesome it is I have sincerely committed to saving myself for marriage! Not out of fear of getting pregnant or being emotionally hurt but because all of the stories of first time honeymoon sex sound FREAKING AWESOME!!! They honestly make me a little horny and wanting to get married so I can have sex. These stories have made it clear that sex is awesome in the way God created it and I can’t wait for my wedding night!!

  4. somegirl says:

    I can understand what emilyjohnson1234 meant when she said its hard to wait and also after reading these she wants to get married,I also feel the same but I found that with these stories its so romantic at the honeymoon,and I never was going to do it before but after reading these stories it motivated me

    • Blondie says:

      That’s so wonderful to hear, somegirl. It is very hard to wait and I don’t pretend like I didn’t struggle with temptation as my husband and I were really in love and passionate about each other even before we got married. I think the most important thing is to value your sexuality and your desire for a committed monogamous relationship, the way God intends. 🙂

  5. JazzdBoutH&N says:

    My wife’s first story will publish sometime tonight. She was a virgin when we married. I wasn’t. I could beat myself up about that but there’s no reason for it. I do regret it but it’s part of my history.

    When I think back on our wedding night, and I do often, I love the innocence in her face and know that she is mine and always has been. She used to resent that I had some experience but also knows that I am hers now and I belong to no other.

    I have advised all my kids to wait. 3 of them haven’t and I have one grandchild that is adopted to a good loving family because my daughter wasn’t married and wanted her kid to have a loving home with a father and mother.

    Waiting is the best plan. Too much emphasis is placed on “sexual compatibility” before marriage. If you love a person to the moon and back, you’ll be compatible.

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