The Dream – A Fictional Story

Boughs of green foliage formed a canopy above.  There was just a hint of a cool breeze.  Bright flowers revealed their fragrant petals below.  As she looked ahead into a clearing, sunbeams streamed in and she was drawn to their warmth.  Ambling forward within this surrealistic scene, she reached a meadow of rich low flora.  Her eyes could barely take in the beauty of her surroundings.  She suddenly felt the presence of someone else.  Her attention drifted upward and forward thirty feet or so.

There he stood, a tanned, broad-chested, perfect male specimen.  He wore only tan loose fitting drawstring shorts.  His hair was golden brown and flowing down around his ears and neck.  Lean muscles contracted from his biceps down to his six-pack abs to his chiseled calves as he slowly walked towards her.  A mischievous grin grew on his face, divulging his intentions.  Her heart fluttered as she recognized that she was the object of his desire.  His stare was intense, yet gentle, and shivers ran across her skin.  She had never looked into such deep pools of blue.  It seemed like an eternity waiting for this gorgeous man to reach her.

Until then she was oblivious to her own appearance.  She broke eye contact for a moment to notice the sheer white dress that hung on her figure.  It was slit up the sides of her legs to reveal most of her thighs.  Thin brocade trimmed the short sleeves and plunging neckline, which exposed ample cleavage.  She felt no hair brushing across her neck or shoulders and realized it was wound up on top of her head.  A large gold pendant hung from her necklace, resting just between her breasts.  Again she looked up.
He was there, within her reach.  She drew in a quick breath, hints of musky cologne entering her nostrils and sending warmth though her.  As he stretched his fingers towards her face, she resisted the impulse to close her eyes.  She didn’t want to miss a thing.  Lightly he stroked her hair and face.  He pulled her to him, softly brushing his lips against her forehead, exhaling audibly.  Her arms found his body and hugged tightly, not wanting to let go.  She felt the hardness of his manhood pressed against her stomach.  As his lips pressed firmly against hers, she couldn’t help closing her eyes and responding fervently.  First his kisses gently teased then went deeper and deeper intertwining his tongue passionately with hers.  She was breathing harder now, mind awhirl with burning emotion.  Instinctively she jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, still fiercely kissing him.  He lowered her down to the soft floor of green.  She longed for the feel of their naked bodies together.  As if he could read her mind, his strong hands tenderly slid the dress off her shoulders, licking a path down to her waiting nipples.  She groaned with delight as he swirled his tongue around them.  Her legs were spread apart in anticipation, her hands groped inside his pants, her pelvis tilting up and down.  When he felt her loving touch on his erect penis, he rolled over, putting her on top.  She stood straddling him to finish removing her dress, leaving her naked.  Sliding back down, she untied the drawstring of his shorts to give oral attention to his rigid shaft.  When he could take no more, she removed his shorts entirely and sat down on top of him, gliding his penis completely into her moist vagina.  She rode him hard, like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco.  Sweat glistened on their bodies.  Groans and cries increased in intensity until climax was imminent.

“Honey, are you okay?”  A voice sounded faintly in her mind.

“Wha…what?”  A woman suddenly sat up in bed, sweat beading on her naked body.  She looked around the dark room realizing where she was.

“I said, are you okay?”

“Yes, darling,” she replied to her husband.  “I was dreaming about you.”

“Was it good?” he whispered.

“Oh, you have no idea – but I’ll tell you about it if you’re not ready to go back to sleep.”  And so she did.

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