Hospital Summer Picnic I

Running a weed eater was not how he had anticipated his day would be spent. Then again, did any day ever go the way it was ‘anticipated?’ All around him he could see the fields turning color, which meant harvest was right around the corner. At the moment his hay fever was driving him nuts, which made him regret that he hadn’t taken his medication in the morning. Still, the sunshine was warm, and the exercise was good.  It was reasonably certain there would be good weather for the picnic tomorrow.

Looking around the pond, he was at least glad he didn’t have to tackle everything alone. There was scarcely time for one person to deal with it all. The following day there would be about 200 people tromping around the place, and there was tons left to do, most of it falling squarely on the shoulders of his Sweetheart.

While he tackled the nasty bits and tall grass, Melissa was making good headway on the shorter grass surrounding the pond, mowing it down with the riding lawnmower. She’d refused to even try it until he mowed the first strips next to the pond, far enough away that she was convinced she wouldn’t ‘fall in.’

In the shallow end of the pond, he watched with amusement as Stan and Marie attempted to set up the volleyball net, Stan on one end and Marie on the other. For added height, Marie sat perched on Tami’s shoulders as she tied the net in place. For her part, Tami appeared to be complaining that it was taking too long. She was probably right, too, as Stan and Marie appeared to be arguing over some doubtlessly small thing.

On the far side of the pond, his eyes zeroed in on his Sweetheart. Even if conscripted into service, he was proud of her. Before it was all said and done, she’d be tired enough to sleep a couple days straight, but at the moment she was examining a clip board with her notes, and surveying the surrounding scene. It wasn’t the first time they’d hosted a function at the pond, but this would certainly be the largest. He’d seen her list earlier, and she was doubtlessly going through it with military-like precision. She also happened to be borrowing a pair of Marie’s ‘daisy-duke’ shorts, and he found it hard to concentrate on what he was supposed to be doing at the moment! He mainly hoped she found time for some fun on the following day rather than worrying through the work of it.

“No, no, no…” Lisa mumbled under her breath. Dropping her clipboard, she ran towards the truck that was backing up on the wrong side of the pond to get him squared away. Just one more detail. He also seemed more interested in staring at her legs than in receiving new instructions, which she would have forgiven any other day, but at the moment it was an irritant. He finally agreed to try it again, and she hoped he didn’t end up in the pond.

Hours later she surveyed the scene once more, pleased with their efforts. Feeling the arms of her husband encircle her from behind, she leaned back against him, suddenly tired. “Looks great, Hon,” he murmured, kissing her ear.

“Now for the food…” she replied.

“Oh, Babe – ”

She smiled wearily at him, and he stopped. He’d encouraged her more than once to just have the meal catered, and at the moment, she was glad she’d taken him up on that. It cost a little more in the budget, but at the moment, she was glad she didn’t have to go back to Marie’s house to spend the night cooking. Besides, as good as Stan was with his grill, he didn’t have nearly enough capacity to feed 200 people. “Only kidding!”

He sighed with relief and gave her a squeeze. “Tired?”


“Hey Lisa – how we looking?”

“I think that takes care of site prep,” Lisa remarked, smiling wearily at Tami. “Are you as tired as I am?”

“Could be,” Tami winked. ‘Probably not – with a guy like that going to bed with me, I’d never get any sleep!’ she didn’t say. “Any chance we could soak in Stan and Marie’s hot tub?”

“I’m sure that could be arranged… that sounds good!”

And about forty-five minutes later, it was just that – good. Lisa’s husband had declined, heading instead to his office to catch up on the day’s happenings while he was working at the pond. This caused a jovial Stan to proclaim himself the ‘rose amongst the thorns.’ Surrounded by four women in the same hot tub, it seemed perfectly ‘reasonable’ to him, though Marie nearly drowned him with water in response, all of which earned her a round of applause from her friends, the other so-called ‘thorns.’ He was immediately conscripted into giving shoulder massages. But if she thought that would be punishment for the ‘great teddy bear’ for a misspoken remark, she was sorely mistaken!

“Hey there,” a friendly voice called about a half hour later.

“Aren’t you a little overdressed?” Marie quipped to her cousin.

“Oh, maybe so,” he replied, looking down at the same grubby jeans he’d worn earlier while weed eating. “Just came to get my Sweety.”

“I guess that’s my cue,” Lisa smiled, rising out of the water, and reaching for his hand.

For a moment, he regretted having headed back to the office in the evening. His lover was sexy without even trying, and he suddenly found his jeans too confining. Trying to distract himself, he remarked, “I see we have one thorn in the middle of all these roses.”

“Now that’s more like it!” Marie laughed, giving Stan a poke. “Listen and learn!”

“A weed is more like it,” her cousin continued. For his part, Stan grinned good-naturedly and kept his mouth shut, lest he lose another one of his ‘roses.’

Drying herself off and wrapping up in a fluffy white robe, Lisa found her husband’s hand. “I-I’m ready Love, I – ”

“Ready for what?!” Marie hooted, giving her best friend a verbal jab.

“I think I’ll sleep for a day,” Lisa giggled, ignoring the innuendo. Making their exit before Marie could pop off with anything else colorful, they made their way back into the house.

“What a cute couple,” Tami murmured. “I’d give anything to have a guy look at me like that. Are they for real?”

“Lisa is a doll,” Marie said matter-of-factly. “My cousin is a stinker, but he does follow her around with his tongue hanging out most of the time.”

“Back when he was a CPA in town, he didn’t even need a tie when he went to work, his tongue was hanging out so far,” Stan drawled.

“We kind of ‘worry’ about her taste in men, but otherwise…”

“What?” Tami laughed. “But… I thought you were the one that introduced them to – ”

“Oh yeah. Forgot about that,” Marie fibbed.

“I think someone’s pulling my leg.” Yep – the baloney meter was registering on ‘high.’


Inside the house, and oblivious to the blarney of their friends, Lisa and her husband enjoyed the spacious shower in Stan and Marie’s master bedroom. It wasn’t often they could use a walk-in, tiled shower where they could both enjoy the warmth of the water without getting in one another’s way, so it was a treat. The bigger treat to them both was to simply be together, naked and unashamed. He could see the weariness in her pretty face, but she was obviously happy over what they’d gotten accomplished during the day. She also had a white dab of soapy suds on her cheek, which was maddeningly sexy for some reason, as was the sight of soapy suds that ran with the water down over her lovely curves. For his own part, he looked delicious, rock hard and pointing towards the sky. She’d long grown accustomed to seeing him ‘hard’ whenever she was in close proximity, whether clothed or unclothed. It made them both laugh, particularly as it was flat-out something he couldn’t help… or so he said!


“All right, you two… I think me and this big lug over here should go hit the hay.” Standing up, Marie made quite a picture trying to tug Stan to his feet.

Stan finally winked at the two remaining occupants of the hot tub and stood up. Briefly exchanging the ‘look’ with his lover, he knew what was in store for him once they got within the four walls of their bedroom… if he behaved himself. “G’night Tami, Melissa,” he chuckled. They stepped out of the water together, and when she attempted to slip her hand into his, he gently smacked her bikini-clad bum.

“Ouch! Hey – you…”

Tami and Melissa watched them until they disappeared into the house, Marie in pursuit to repay the ‘compliment’ to her behind. “Are they always like this?” Tami asked.

“Pretty much,” Melissa giggled. “I think it’s kind of cute.”

“Your boss is SO hot,” Tami exhaled. “What’s he like to work for?”

Melissa felt her cheeks turning red, though she wouldn’t have been able to explain why. She sort of agreed with Tami’s brash assessment, though different adjectives came to mind. “Um… he’s pretty cool. He’s very kind and nice and…”

“Kind and nice?!”

“Uh… yeah. Pretty much, I guess.” Maybe that did sound kind of dull, but she was only telling the truth. Was he supposed to be something different if he was ‘hot?’ “Pretty mundane stuff, I guess… I do the books and he looks them over.”

“I think I’d be looking him over,” Tami murmured.


Slipping in between cool sheets, he scooted next to his lover’s soft, naked form. “Sweetheart?”

“Hmm…?” A tired Lisa called. Instantly he stopped. Whoops! Maybe not tonight? Not hearing a response, she knew what he wanted. “I-it’s okay, love… I’m just… just bushed is all.”

Feeling him gently palm a hand over her femininity, she heard him whisper, “You’ve never had a ‘bush’… and I love it!”

She giggled in spite of feeling tired and turned on her side, feeling a beautiful, rock-hard penis resting in the cleft of her bum. “Want to come in?”

“It’s okay…” he whispered. “Then you’d just need to get up anyway… maybe I can go find something…”


Chuckling softly he left her for a moment, clawing at his pajamas to put something on. Surely the owners of this fine house would have something to help in this ‘emergency?’


Slipping across the hallway, he gently knocked on Stan and Marie’s bedroom door. He wasn’t sure just what kind of a reception he’d get from his saucy cousin, but after all, an emergency was an emergency – surely she could appreciate that!

“Yes?” he heard from inside.

“Marie – it’s me.”

“It’s all right – come in.”

Stepping inside, he was immediately greeted by what appeared to be hundreds of flickering candles. He could hear the shower fan and knew where his best friend, Stan, was at the moment. His pretty cousin was still in the process of lighting the last few candles, evidently preparing for a special night. “You all right over there?” she asked, turning to him and blowing on her lighter to cool it down. Glancing at his waist, she could see immediately that things were not ‘all right,’ and laughed at him. “I think she’s in the other room,” she giggled.

“I know what room she’s in,” he hissed. Right. As if he didn’t know where he was? The pajamas covered, but they didn’t hide the fact that he wanted to quickly return to the other room.

“Need written instructions?” she teased, needling him further.

“Stop it!” he chuckled. “No, I need a condom. You have one in here?”

“Just call me the store down by the corner, eh? When am I going to stop rescuing you from every – ”

“You’ll never be done,” he interrupted. “Now do you have one or not?”

She thought for a moment. “Well, I have some left from New Year’s eve… remember those?”

He wouldn’t forget those anytime soon, and they’d been a hoot. It was probably the first and last time he’d ever again see a condom that looked like a candy cane. It also called to mind some special memories from New Years, but at the moment he was too preoccupied to dwell on those. “That will work!” His Sweetheart wouldn’t know the difference anyway.

Having mercy on her childhood best friend, she turned to rummage in her nightstand until she found what she was looking for. Glancing again at his waist, she teased, “Let’s see… need about ten of them, do you?”

“Just one,” he said meekly, feeling heat rise into his cheeks.

“Here you go,” she grinned, holding one out to him, then withdrawing her hand multiple times until he finally managed to get it from her. “Go get her, tiger,” she winked.

“Thanks,” he said simply, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. “You’re a life saver.”

Marie watched him beat a hasty retreat from their room and smiled wistfully, glad again that she’d done ‘at least one thing right’ in life by introducing her cousin to Lisa. When it came right down to it, Lisa was the only one she trusted to leave him off to.

“Hey Babe,” she heard a voice rumble behind her. “Who was that?”

“Hmph… get a load of this!” Smiling, she turned to her husband, who’d emerged from the shower blissfully naked. “Ooh… nice!” Letting her robe drop to the floor, she grinned mischievously to watch him harden almost instantly. A man was SO predictable… but then again, who could fault him? She loved the body God had placed her in, loved that it turned her husband on, and loved the ‘enormity’ of what she soon hoped to ride long into the night.


Slipping back into the warmth of their bed, he snuggled close to Lisa and whispered, “I got it.” She stirred slightly, but didn’t respond. For a moment he wondered if he should continue, a part of him hating to disturb her. Then again… she would remember in the morning… and if he didn’t, she’d ask why. He grinned stupidly and slipped out of his pajamas. Wondering again for the umpteenth time why he was so blessed, he tore open the condom and began unrolling it onto his manhood. Chuckling to see its ‘candy cane’ pattern, he remembered again the previous Christmas holiday, and the mischievous energy of Marie who seemed always on the lookout for new outlandish things.

Slipping behind his sweet lover once more, he found her still on her side, breathing evenly. “Oh, my sweet lover,” he whispered softly. Making sure his hands were warm, he reached around her and softly touched her tummy, letting his hands tenderly move their way between her legs. She stirred slightly, and seemed to nuzzle closer to him as his fingers tiptoed through soft tendrils of pubic hair to the whispery softness of her femininity. The beauty of her body never ceased to amaze him, as he tenderly drew a finger through her baby soft cleft and the moist warmth beneath.

The hunger deep within overtook him as he sighed softly, his hand moving to gently lift her thigh. Hearing her softly sigh, he felt her scoot her bum against him as he attempted to find her with his manhood. Finally slipping him between her soft legs, he rested a moment, then pressed him into her soft cleft, gently slipping back and forth for a moment, and then inside the sweet embrace of her body.

“Oh… my… Lisa,” he whispered softly. It felt so incredibly good, there were nearly tears in his eyes. His heart filled with inexpressible joy, and he hugged her to him. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear.

“Love you, too,” she returned, before slipping back into dreamland.

He prolonged the sweet agony as long as he could, loving the feel of his body pulsating within hers, and the soft press of her bum on his abdomen. Moving ever so gently to keep from disturbing her, his heart pounding like a drummer in his chest, he embraced her with possessive tenderness as she led him to quite another dreamland, ecstasy washing through him with sweet nurture to his soul.

After taking care of his ‘candy cane,’ he slipped in beside her once more, hugging her to him. “Thank you,” he whispered, even though he knew she wouldn’t hear him. He was proud of her, and hoped the following day went well with all her coworkers from the hospital. And once more, as he slipped off to rest, he again counted his blessings!

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