An Evening At Home

My wife and I have enjoyed two and a half years of marriage together, and being both in our twenties and still fairly new to each other physically, we take great delight in exploring each other’s bodies and being intimate together in the ways God intended. One of my favorite ways to keep our marriage exciting is to text my wife during the day, if I am longing to be with her and she replies with her feelings and describes what she needs.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at my desk after my lunch break and my phone went, so I flipped it open and looked at the text from my wife. It read ‘Hi honey. I wanted to let you know that I really need you right now, I’ve been thinking about you all day. I’m so hot and bothered and ready for you, please get home soon xxx’ I felt so warm inside, not only because of her increadibly sexy message but also because I know that I’m so special to her, as she is to me, and that I’m the only one who can fulfill her desires in the way that she needs. I’m so blessed to have her – she knows exactly what I need and I love being close to her and feeling her beautiful body, knowing that it’s just for me and that in exactly the same way I am only for her, to love her and fill her passion.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her for the rest of the afternoon, and sitting on the tube going home, all I could think about was to be away from the harsh sounds and lights, to hold her in my arms and just be alone with her, breathing in her delicious unique scent and then to make love to her with all the passion in my body.

When I got in she’d left a trail of clothes leading up the stairs, into our bedroom, with a little sign at the start saying ‘follow me’. As I walked up the stairs I became more and more excited, imagining her stripping off, thinking of me arriving home, to come to her. I took off my jacket and drapped it over the banister along with my tie and kicked of my shoes and socks when I reached the hallway at the top. I lay my shirt on a chair near the bedroom door.

I gently opened the door and walked into our room, which she had light with little clusters of candles around the room, giving off a soft glow. She walked over to me, her eyes beautifully reflecting the candlelight and softly said ‘Hi baby’. She was naked apart from a flowing silk, cream dressingown that hung from her shoulders, finishing halfway down her thigh. ‘I love you’ I whispered as she came close to me and I put my arms around her waist, to hold her close to my bare chest and bent my head and tilted her chin upwards with my finger to kiss her beautiful mouth. As we kissed, she moved closer to me, her smooth, bare legs brushing against the material of my trousers, and her tight stomach moving against my erection. She held my face still in her hands and put her lips a millimeter away from mine before running the tip of her tongue along my bottom lip in a way that made me shudder. ‘I love you too’ she said with a slight smile on her face that she gets when she knows she has really got me going.

We moved over to the bed and she slipped her arms out of her gown and let it drop to the floor as I walked over and layed her down, holding myself over her with our foreheads touching as I pressed my body against hers. I could feel every part of our bodies touching, her erect nipples brushing against my chest, my stomach muscles pressing against her stomach and her warmth, further down. She began rocking her hips against me, letting out little moans of desire, clinging to my shoulders.

I shifted my weight over to the side a bit and ran my hand down the side of her neck, over her breasts, down her torso to her pussy, where I let my hand rest for a few seconds. Then I traced my middle finger over the outside of her pussy lips, making them slippery first to heighten the sensation, while I gently sucked and bit her ear lobe. Then I slid my finger inside her, causing her to gasp in pleasure as I stroked her. At the same time I ran the tip of my tongue down her neck, to her breast and sucked her nipple while she parted her legs and bucked her hips under my caresses. I made my thumb slippery with her wetness and gently ran it in circles over her clit whilst sliding another finger into her and rhythmically moving them in and out. Her breathing became faster and she looked into my eyes as I gently increased the speed and pressure of my hand. I love to watch her face as I bring her to the edge of orgasm, delighting in the pleasure I can give to her. As she came she cried out and I could feel the muscles in her pussy spasming around my fingers as the waves of her orgasm washed over her.

I kissed her passionately as she started to unzip my trousers and run her hand over the outline of my swollen erection, in my boxers. I slowly moved my fingers in and out of her as she did this, though taking care not to brush her now super sensitive clit as I did, to prolong her excitement. We briefly parted so I could take my trousers off and then she put her hand into my boxers and started stroking up and down my shaft.

I ripped off my boxers to allow better access and lay back on the bed as she knelt beside me and began to work my member up and down, up and down. She dipped her fingers inside herself and then used her wetness to lubricate me so she could slide her hand up and down more easily. She bent forwards and as she squeezed and stroked my shaft, she made a quick little series of licks with the tip of her tongue on the head of my erection, causing me to tense and thrust with pleasure. Then she took me into her mouth and swirled her tongue round, over and underneath causing a low moan to escape from my lips as she sucked and played with me. She began pumping the base of my shaft at the same time, making sensations so intense I had to stop her after a minute!

Then she straddled my hips, my erection still tingling from the pleasure she had given me, and began rubbing the tip of my shaft between her legs, over her clit and resting on her warm wetness. I effortlessly flipped her over so she was no longer on top of me and watched her lie back, opening her legs, ready for me.

I held myself over her and rubbed the tip of my shaft against her pussy. Then I slowly slid the first inch of myself into her and began thrusting agonizingly gently back and forth. Gradually I filled her with my length, feeling every millimeter of her hot, wet, tight pussy. Driven by pleasure and love for her, I began moving in and out, increasing my speed and our mutual need for relief. She moaned with pleasure and ran her fingernails down my back and shoulders as I thrust with all my strength and desire into her. Just as I reached the edge of my orgasm she moved her hands down and held my hips and buttocks completely still, waiting for me to regain my control.

Then she pushed me onto my back and straddled me once again. She slid down onto my shaft, facing me and then tilted herself slightly forwards and began to ride me. As she moved up and down, she sucked her middle finger and then started rubbing it across her clit, building herself to an explosive orgasm around my member. She carried on riding me and I began to thrust my hips upwards to match her rhythm, her pussy milking and squeezing me as her orgasm faded.

I turned her onto her side and penetrated her from behind, holding her tight against me as I thrust impossibly fast again and again. As I held her breast in one hand she began grinding against me with a sense of desperation. She started tightening the walls of her pussy,and I moved the arm I had draped over her side so I could play with her clit as she did this. She squirmed and gyrated against me and as as she did so I felt a tightening in my groin and a rushing heat as I exploded into her with a moan of release, my hot fluid filling her pussy, as we lay still and panting in each others arms, exhausted from our pleasures.

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