Candy Cane Kisses & More

Even though Christmas has passed, my husband and I have continued with our Christmas break.  In fact, he was so turned on by my little nightly surprises, he planned a few of his own.  The evenings of lovemaking during our time off was absolutely breathtaking.  It was like honeymooning all over again.  The last holiday evening we spent together was a real shocker for him.  I had made up a little “honey-do” list and sent him shopping for some last minute goodies for our holiday dinner.  While he was gone, I finished up with the housework and then slid into a hot, silky bubble bath.

After enjoying a few relaxing moments, I began to bathe and shave, paying special attention to my vaginal area, carefully trimming and grooming.  After my bath, as I was drying off, I began to apply body lotion, his favorite scent.  I had done a fine job of shaving and everything was soft and silky.  I began getting excited with anticipation of what our evening would bring.  Gently rubbing lotion on my body, I massaged some oil over my vaginal area, then applied the “ultra” warming gel, which gives you quite a tingle.  I could feel myself getting aroused and waited anxiously for his return.

I dressed carefully in a two piece nightie and panties.  They had candy cane designs on them, where the white was supposed to be, the fabric is transparent.  I also put on his big flannel robe, which covered everything up.  Once I was satisfied with my appearance, I went into the living room to set the mood.  I turned off all of the lights, turned on the Christmas tree lights, closed all of the draperies, lit several candles and spread a silk comforter down in front of our tree.  I gathered up all of the throw pillows as well.  Expecting my love to return shortly, I popped in a movie, positioned myself of the comforter and relaxed.

Finally he came in, toting packages and grocery bags.  Come to find out, he had done a little shopping himself while he was out.  I giggled to myself as I heard him wrestle with the packages and groceries, all the time quietly singing to himself.  After he finished in the kitchen, he came in the living room carrying a box of candy canes.  He started to say, “I bought these for the tree,” but when he saw me waiting for him, his jaw dropped and a wide grin appeared.  (Mind you, I was still wearing the flannel robe) He tossed the box of “mini” canes to me and said, “while you’re down there, how ’bout hanging these on the tree?”

He then disappeared into the bathroom.  I heard the shower running and figured I would “take care” of the candy canes for him before he was finished.  I did hang some of them on the tree, but before doing so, I used a few to “hang on me.”  I took one and slowly slid it in my vagina, then hooked a couple on my panties, one on each strap of my nightie, over my breasts, the rest on the tree.  I carefully covered myself again with his robe.
He soon joined me, freshly shaved and smelling very sexy. He had on my favorite silk boxers.  At first, he just kissed me and snuggled with me in the pillows.

Quickly losing interest in the movie, I took his hand and slowly guided it inside of the bulky bathrobe to my breast. My nipples were hard with anticipation and my shaved, silky muff was getting very warm and slippery, (the warming gel and candy cane make a great combo!) He pushed the robe from my shoulders and began kissing my neck, throat, and breasts.  He nibbled at the candy cane briefly, then with a piece of it in his mouth, he began to suck my breast. Wow, what a sensation! By this time, I was thoroughly aroused and pressed my muff into his boxers, sliding my leg over his thigh.

As he continued kissing my body, I felt his hand trail down toward my panties.  He gently but firmly tugged at them until the slid down.  His fingers began to explore my vagina, quickly finding the candy cane, warm, wet and slippery.  Soon I felt his hot tongue, licking my vulva, my swollen wet lips, and heard him sucking on the candy cane I had placed there for him.  I slid my hand inside his boxers and soon freed his throbbing penis. I took a piece of candy cane into my mouth and then slowly took him into my mouth, working the cane and my tongue around, teasing, tasting, letting this man know how very much I wanted to please him as he pleased me. Taking our time, lying beneath the glimmering lights of the Christmas tree, we enjoyed each other orally as well as probing fingers here and there for what seemed like hours. I began to moan softly and press myself into his face as he continued to suck my clitoris along with that candy cane. He could tell I was nearing orgasm because of the way I was sucking on him, pushing him deep into my throat, slowly at first, then deeper and faster.

He pulled himself away from me, but held my buttocks tightly as he continued to munch and lick.  I removed the top part of my nightie and began to rub my breasts, rolling the nipples, squeezing them as they began to harden and stand erect, begging for more. By this time, I felt his fingers deep inside of me and I knew I couldn’t hang on much longer. I began to rock my pelvic back and forth; all the while he was holding me to make sure he accomplished what he had planned.  As he continued to thrust his fingers deep within me and suck my clitoris, I knew I couldn’t wait much longer.  My moaning grew louder, which aroused him all the more, I was bucking my hips hard into his face, thrusting myself skyward, harder and faster, feeling the hot rush of an explosive orgasm shake my entire body, my vagina contracting wildly.

My love continued on licking me, sucking me, slowly, gently, but still had his fingers deep within me. I was breathless and my body glistened with sweat, but he showed me no mercy.  Grabbing some of the throw pillows, he slid them under my bottom, raising it into the air, arched toward his face.  He knelt down and began licking me again, I was moaning and pulling at him, I wanted to feel his rock hard penis deep inside of me.  He gently but firmly held me at the waist as he continued to work with his mouth until I came again…. this time, more of a continuous ebb and flow of shorter orgasms.

My breasts were glistening with sweat, my body shining from the lotion and oil I had applied after my bath. I was exhausted, but extremely satisfied.  Knowing that I needed a time out, my love climbed up and lay down beside me, stroking my body gently. I was finally able to reach his pleasure pole once again and a shiver of excitement enveloped my body as I began to work him slowly with my hand.  Gently but firmly I pushed him to his back, pulled his boxers off and began sucking and licking him with an unfetished hunger.  His penis was so hard and big; I could barely hold him with one hand. As I sucked his penis, I made my way down to his balls and licked and tickled them, all the while gently pumping with my hand.  I could feel his precum oozing down onto my fingers.

I could also feel my passion begin to awaken once again. Keeping myself out of his reach, I once again covered his penis with my mouth, taking him all the way in me, and began to suck and lick him…I could feel his body tensing, his hips began to rise and fall with the rhythm of my mouth and his precum oozing down my throat.  I had intended to bring him to orgasm as he had me, but when I thought he couldn’t hold on any longer, he gently pushe me back and withdrew himself from my dripping mouth.

He then pulled me to my knees, knelt behind me and as I positioned myself, I could feel him thrust his rock hard penis deep inside of me. Slowly he pushed himself in and out of me from behind, pushing deeper and deeper with each thrust. I could feel myself getting hotter with each movement.  I knew I would need a little more support before we finished this fantastic evening.  I whispered for him to stop for a moment as I crawled over and gathered up the remaining pillows.  I placed them in front of me, then still on my knees with my love behind me, I lowered the top portion of my body onto the pillows.

Once again, he entered me, slowly, carefully, as I let out a gasp when he was fully inside. Grasping my buttocks with his hands he continued to slide himself in and out of me, and I could tell he was enjoying the sight he was viewing. My clitoris was swollen and throbbing and I began pushing myself back onto him…as we fell into rhythm with each other. My fingers found my clitoris and began to caress it.  Noticing this, he soon had joined with his fingers, gently pushing mine out of the way. I began to moan softly as my passion grew, thrusting a little harder against him. I could feel his penis rubbing against my G-spot, (this is the most awesome position for that!) I soon found I needed both hands to secure myself as my love begin to thrust harder and faster into me.

My excitement was mounting with his, faster, harder, and soon I heard him moan and gasp, as I felt his hot ejaculation deep inside of me. That set me off, and I was bucking like a stallion against him as I came again, letting out a scream of sheer passion.  He held me to him until my orgasm subsided, milking every last ounce of energy from my body, stroking my clitoris as it continued to throb. We collapsed on the silky comforter, soaked with a combination of perspiration and our love juices.

I lay there whimpering and shivering as waves of the orgasm continued to slowly pass through my body.  In the 18 years we’ve been together, I can’t recall having such an earth shattering experience. Soon I noticed he had drifted off to sleep.  I crept to the bathroom to clean up, then gathered a warm wash cloth and towel, went back to my beloved and proceeded to sponge him off.  I knew it would be a futile attempt to awaken him to move into our bedroom so I gathered up our favorite snuggle blanket and lie beside him, I remember thanking the Lord for such a marvelous blessing.  If you happen to have any candy canes left from Christmas….enjoy!  God Bless!

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