Virgin Honeymoon: Part 2

We were both virgins when we married and we had dreamed of spending our honeymoon making love. Doing ‘normal missionary intercourse’ whenever we felt like it. But our wedding night haste meant that now Annie was too sore to have sex.

Back in our suite, we both took off our clothes. We had agreed long ago that when we were married we should get used to being naked together. I put my arms around her, my erection was pressed against her midriff and her breasts were squeezed against my chest.

Our friends all claimed to have had hot sex on their honeymoons, but we knew the most important thing for us was that we live for each other and in harmony with God’s will for us.

We lay on the big bed and kissed. I slid down and nuzzled her breasts, everything we did was a first-time-ever for both of us. Sucking on her nipples was exciting but I was having to shut out the thought that the previous time I did that it was my mother’s breasts.

That thought was quickly lost as I moved down. I kissed her tummy and she pulled her legs up to her shoulders, willing me to go lower. She was more flexible than I expected.

When I touched the tip of my tongue on her labia and gently parted them it was another first for both of us. My heart was thumping. I had never, in my whole life, been this excited about anything. To my surprise, I loved her taste. She was ever so slightly musky, and I felt a spasm in my penis. I was feeling highly aroused as I moved up to her clitoris.

She put her hand down to show me how she liked her clit stroked. I tried it with my tongue. She was fondling her breasts, breathing heavily, and arching up toward me. She climaxed quietly, but her whole body jerked with her contractions. At that point, I felt I loved her so much that I seemed to feel her orgasm through my own body and I couldn’t help cumming too.

Some of my globs of semen landed on her tummy; I was just as surprised as she was.  I could see she was puzzled and didn’t understand how it happened. Neither of us commented on it.  We planned to rest for a while then explore some more but the next thing we knew we were waking in the morning.


We had gone to sleep naked and, waking first, I put my head under the sheet to look. Her tits and the shape of her hips were beautiful and I was feeling very loving.

After breakfast, we went for a hike. We needed to walk off some of our energy. The trail was steep in places, more challenging than we expected, but I needed a good workout. We wouldn’t be getting much other exercise.

Annie was in front and I was enjoying watching her bum. It was making me very horny. Although we maintained a good pace it took us about an hour.

However, there was some dissension when the going got tough. I was having to put up with comments about the ways that other people got exercise on their honeymoon and how she had been looking forward to getting some attention. I reminded her that it had taken two to stuff it up. She was quiet for a bit.  Then, “Nevertheless, a good looking at it would be nice!”

It was good to get back, shower, and be naked. We stood looking at ourselves in a big mirror and she showed off her breasts. She was aroused and her tits were pointy. I gently felt the wetness between her legs and used her lube to moisten her nipples.

She lay on the bed and showed me how to circle and press them. I practiced with my fingers and tongue and then I moved down and licked her vagina again. The taste of her gave me the same thrill as before and I kept feeling and licking her until she came. The intensity of her orgasm was amazing.

At lunch, over coffee, she smiled and said, “It feels lots nicer when you are touching me there than when I am fingering myself. And it is so lovely being licked.”  “I enjoy it too. Even the taste,” I replied.  She said, “Interesting. Maybe that’s why you started squirting cum when I was having an orgasm yesterday. I didn’t know that could happen like that.”

Back in our room, we stripped off to try it again. She spread for me and I tasted her. I just took my time using my tongue and lips on her clit and labia. When it made her cum, I gave her a break and we just lay together for a rest.

After a while, she commented that my penis seemed to be stiff most of the time.  Squeezing it she realized that it was stiff all the way back between my legs. Then, after feeling around for a while she said, “You are tense. I will give you a relaxing rub.”

It was a new experience having someone else touching my penis, I had been playing with it from when my balls had first started to develop and been rubbing it to have orgasms from even before I could produce cum.

It was obvious as she worked on my erection that she had never handled one before, but I could feel the love in her fingers. When my stuff squirted up in the air she said, “That was fun, can I do it again. I want to feel what it is like when I aim at my tits.”  I laughed, “Later, babe. You can practice your aim as much as you like. We were having a rest, remember.”


It was the third morning that we woke up in the same bed. I was getting used to the delicious feeling of having her there. We decided to go for a run. Arriving back sweaty, we both stripped to have a shower.  When she bent over I looked at her firm bum cheeks and moist labia squeezed between her legs. A sudden surge of arousal went through me and I was instantly stiff. I had caught this clean-limbed vixen and I had an almost irresistible urge to mount and breed her. Pushing her onto the bed, I spread her legs wide, and said, “Are you still too tender? I desperately need to be inside you.”

End of part 2.

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3 replies
  1. HV450 says:

    Thanks. It is obvious that we really didn’t know how to do it. I have since discovered that even the book ‘The Sex Factor in Marriage’ by Helena Wright, published in 1930 had better information for newlyweds than we had! Wright says, “Gentle, continuous stretching is all that is necessary. There is no reason why the husband should not stretch the hymen with his fingers so gradually that his bride feels no pain at all.” Her 90-year-old advice still seems to be very sensible to us, with the wisdom of hindsight.
    But does anyone reading this think that this advice would still be helpful in newlywed foreplay for a virgin bride? How practical would it be to stretch her hymen until she can be penetrated comfortably, even if it required several times over a couple of days? And would the tongue be a better way of to start if her opening was too small?

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Loving this series! Sadly, I can't advise on the hymen question. I'd just be guessing. Hope someone will chime in with sage advise! My daughters will need it one day. Actually, I guess my son will, too.

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