Jacking and Jilling – The Joys of Mutual Masturbation

I often read the results of questionnaires about sexual desires and fantasies. One thing that I notice: The fantasy of all fantasies and the desire of all desires, for many people, is to watch their spouse masturbating.

Most readers might think only the men desire this, but it surprises me how many women say they would love to masturbate for their husbands. The biggest hurdle for them is finding the courage to do it for the first time.  Many write about the joy and sensuality that they experience when they watch their husbands please themselves.  Some even have fantasies about ‘catching’ their husbands and then joining them.

I think of myself as one super-blessed husband because my wife loves to masturbate and also loves having times of ‘jacking and jilling’ with me.  Masturbation is not a secretive thing in our house; we are very open about our desires and needs in this area.

When we were newlyweds, I had to go to another city on a few occasions over a period of three months. When I called her from my hotel room the first night to make sure that she was OK, she asked me to open my suitcase and look in the bag with my shaving supplies. I found that she had put a bottle of coconut oil in the bag. (It is our favorite lubricant for our times of playing.) She told me to go and have a shower, get naked and then call her because she needed to cum and she wanted us to play together.

This became the standard for every trip I took and we enjoyed wild times of masturbating together while on the phone.  I think we enjoyed it so much that we looked forward to those ‘away times’.  With the modern smartphones, it is now possible to watch each other as well.

Last night I was really in the mood for some sex with my wife.  I spent the entire day touching her or grabbing her as she walked past me, kissing her on the neck and other sexy things that conveyed the message, “I want you!”

We were watching some TV during the early part of the evening when she looked at me and asked, “What would you like me to do for you tonight?”

I was ready for this moment and instantaneously said, “I want you to play with your pussy for me. I want to watch you cum over and over.”

She responded casually, as she got up to go for a shower, “Give me 4 things and I will give you a show that will have you dripping like a leaking tap.

  1. Get towels over the seats of our chairs.
  2. Get my LELO Swan vibrator.
  3. Get the coconut oil. And
  4. Lose your clothes. All of them!

“This is not going to be a solo performance. You may watch me, but I also want to see you playing with yourself. It just makes me so hot!”

After a few minutes, she came out of the shower wearing nothing but a very sexy smile on her face. There was no foreplay. The foreplay had taken place during the day and what she said before going to have a shower had us both hot and wet. She sat down very casually and started stroking herself, pretending that I was not even in the room.

I just sat there watching her. I could see from her hand movements that she was starting to experience a lot of pleasure.

She reached for the coconut oil and poured an ample amount on herself. Then she handed me the bottle and told me, “Get that thing oiled up and ready to play for me.”

The fact that I had warmed the oil in the microwave gave it a very sensual feel as it ran down over the head and length of my already sensitive member.

By this time my wife had three fingers inside and was enjoying herself immensely. She needed no instructions from me; she was a master at this game and was in total control. Her attention turned to that sweet little button of hers and, within a minute, she was shaking as she had her first orgasm of the night.

She retrieved the bottle of oil and took her Swan, coating it with copious amounts of coconut oil. I could hear the soft buzz as it disappeared into her sweet spot.

My sexy lover wanted to be in total control this time. She told me exactly what I was supposed to do to excite her.  First, she wanted to see me pouring oil on my penis and balls and to very slowly allow the head to come through my closed fingers as my hand moved up and down the shaft. Then she had me slide down in the chair as far as possible and open my legs as wide as possible. Her eyes were fixed on my hand and there was a darkness to her eyes that was so sexy.

My movements were slow and deliberate. (One of the great advantages of Jacking and Jilling together is that you can pace yourself and keep the game going for as long as you want. If the sensations become too strong, you loosen the grip or just let go for a while and enjoy the view.)

It was clear that she was experiencing sensations that were about to blow her mind. She suddenly grabbed her boob and squeezed it. At that moment, her thighs started shaking and a low groan escaped from her mouth as she started cumming.   My wife is multiorgasmic and can easily have 8 or 10 orgasms during our times of lovemaking. But what happened next was very different.  She just kept on cumming.  She did not stop.  This went on for more than a minute.

I was mesmerized by the scene that was playing out in front of me.  I had to stop my own actions to prevent me from cumming right then.

She fell back in her chair with closed eyes and a smile on her face. As she sighed deeply in satisfaction, the muscles on her tummy were still shaking as she started to relax.

But she was not finished with the game that she had planned.  She told me to swing my chair in such a way that we were facing one another.  Then I had to pull my chair closer so that she could put her feet on my chair’s armrests.  Can you imagine the absolute sensuality of this moment?

I am not going to give any more information about the rest of the evening.  What I will say is that she was in charge and kept me doing things to myself that were super sexy and made me feel extremely loved and pampered.  I was on edge for more than an hour while she had many orgasms, some lasting for more than a minute.

Allow me to end this with a word of advice that I think many MH readers would second:

Play together often.  Invite your spouse to join you in self-pleasure.  If you are not doing it already, get it ON!  It is one of the great joys of being married.


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  1. MarriedWithToys
    MarriedWithToys says:

    My wife and I couldn't be bigger proponents of masturbation within a marriage and a wand like the Lelo is the perfect tool to get them there. I bet there's a million more words to that story and sometimes you just have to keep the balance to yourself, I agree. What a fantastic encounter for the both of you.

    The good thing about masturbation is that it is the one sexual act you can have 100% confidence in coming into a marriage. (a goof topic for another time). If you/they can be open enough to share, it is intoxicating to witness someone bring themselves to the single strongest hormonal release they are capable of. Your own natural medicine that never runs out.

  2. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    What a great story ClimaXX, I could so identify and really enjoyed reading it, thank you for sharing your hot mutual marriage masturbation with us ! We were married for 20 years before we started and discovered the immense joys of masturbating together, with and for each other, this wonderful site was the reason we discovered mutual and solo (when I work away from home, which is often), Christian masturbation. My wife made it clear that she loves watching me bring myself to completion. It is now an essential and vital part of our lovemaking. We also incorporate modern technology to be together, share and watch each other. It's so erotic and makes us extremely horny. I'm currently again away from home and I'm already instantly aroused just thinking about the next encounter I want to set up, hopefully soon! Thank you and I hope to read more of your hot stories, God bless you both!

  3. CrazyHappyLoved
    CrazyHappyLoved says:

    I agree. There are certain times of the month when masturbation is our preference (heavy days are the pits!) It's so much more fun to have company than to take care of myself and only tell Rez about it. Though he likes that, too. Most days, the first thing he asks me when he gets home is, "Did you cum today?" I have to admit, I'm less generous. If he masturbates solo, my response is usually, "What? I missed it?"

  4. Dean316
    Dean316 says:

    Really great story Climaxx (said it before and i'll say it again i dig that name). I love masturbating and pleasuring myself knowing its not sinful and in fact something healthy and very intimate with myself. But mutual masturbation (which i cannot experience yet as i'm single) is next level and so sexy to experience. It was pleasing in this story how you and your wife are so positive of masturbation and doing it together as a happy sexually healthy couple brought together by God.

    Stay sexy and horny!

    God bless,

  5. ClimaXX
    ClimaXX says:

    Hang in there Dean316. Your time will come. Allow God to change and prepare you to be the gift that He can give to one of His special daughters that He is preparing for you.

  6. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    Masturbating together is the best. It has actually become our preferred “position” of choice in recent years. (Although we make sure PIV sex is always in the mix.) We often times cum simultaneously. Mmm. So sexy!

  7. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    Just for fun…..I would love to hear some of the favorite quotes that come from the husbands and wifes during these hot and erotic mutual masturbation sessions ? My wife normally urges me on by saying "Make him squirt, make him squirt !", and I reply by saying " Cum for me baby, cum for me". Soooo much fun, thanks again for the horny story ClimaXX !

  8. ClimaXX
    ClimaXX says:

    OneCouple you asked about Favorite Quotes…. we dont so much have Quotes, but we enjoy instructing one another. I would tell her to focus on her clit or tell her to get more fingers inside. When I see she is close to another orgasm, I will say "Cum for me baby! Cum and dont stop. Work it for me!" I love telling her that she may NOT cum before asking permission. But that is quite another story that the thought of it has just given me an erection.


  9. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    Great story! Ben and I love masturbating together. We recently enjoyed a hot session together in our living room. Won't go into any details, but it was orgasmic 😁. Thanks for posting and stay horny always!

  10. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    After a week in which we had not been together much, yesterday my wife and I had a wonderful lovemaking session after we got home from church. We lay naked together in our bed, I gave her a back massage and then proceeded to give her some careful oral pleasure before making her cum using a massage wand and her favorite 9" dildo. She was so spent from the intensity of her orgasm that she could not sit up to suck my cock like she normally does, so I offered to straddle her for easy access. I lubed up my hard cock and she proceeded to stroke me. The angle was not quite right so after a short time I offered to take over for her…and there I was, kneeling over my wife's perfect abs and tits, jacking off for the both of us. I had not cum in about 5 days, so when I came I shot stream after stream of my cum all over her bare belly and tits as she smiled and we gazed into each other's eyes. I had milked every drop from my cock and held nothing back. It was a very close moment, and afterwards she told me that she loved being covered in her lover/husband's cum. She enjoyed it so much that she said she wants to do it again tonight.

  11. Happy Husband
    Happy Husband says:

    Did it again last night. Funny how after 31 years of marriage my wife is starting to enjoy me masturbating my cum all over her naked body. Have to admit it is a great orgasm for me and a really close moment!

  12. Old Lover
    Old Lover says:

    We love to jack-off and jill-off together, each for the other, and solo. Just this morning Anne invited me into the shower and asked to jack-off for her. She gets great pleasure watching me stroke my cock to an ecstatic orgasm.

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