Getting Wet

I was alone in my bedroom for the first time in months, and I was getting very horny for my husband. I

looked over to the left and saw my TV remote. I thought, “Oh! I can use this to masturbate!” and so I ran over and grabbed it. I ran back to my bed and pulled off my shorts. I started to caress my breasts and rub my clitoris. My fingers ran down towards my vagina. I open my lips and ran my finger into my wet pussy. “Oohhhh my god!” I pulled my finger out and got my TV remote. I tightened my legs and began rubbing the remote against my pantys. I lifted my legs up and went deeper, orgasiming til I collapsed. My forehead was dripping with sweat when I finished.

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  1. Happy-Spouse says:

    My wife loves her toys & she gets so excited when she uses them. Her pussy is so wet every time she uses her toys & she cums so many times & I get excited watching her.

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