Slow Burning Foreplay


My wife and I were exhausted; We had just gotten back from a several day long trip with extended family. We arrived at our house and began to get more comfortable. I stripped down to my boxer briefs as she also began to undress. She took her pants and shirt off with little ceremony, allowing me a good look at her butt in an adorable pair of underwear, and her breasts spilling over her bra. I don’t think she was aware of it, but I was waiting expectantly as she reached behind her to unhook her bra; I was not disappointed.

Her breasts were freed as her bra fell to the floor, and I felt my brain go numb for a second at the sight of her. I flopped down on my side of the bed and watched her dig through her closet to grab a tank top. She had to stretch upward to grab the shirt, which caused her breasts to bounce softly. I discreetly reached down to grab myself through my boxers at the sight of her jutting tits. She caught me staring and pulled the shirt on quickly, smiling knowingly at me. I watched the material stretch around her magnificent chest, and I felt very blessed.

Laying down, she snuggled up against me and we talked for a while, decompressing after our long trip. We were spooning and my arms wrapped around her, cupping her breasts. This wasn’t a sexual thing for her, but more of a comfort. I obviously enjoyed the feeling of her, but I also just really needed to hold her and feel us connect emotionally. We stayed like this for a while, enjoying our alone time.

The air was chilly, so we pulled the covers up and she rolled over to face me. I put my hand on her hip, feeling naked skin since her shirt had ridden up. Our eyes met, and I kissed her: first on the forehead, then her nose, and finally her lips. They parted, and I felt her tongue lick my lips. Slipping my tongue into her mouth, I relished the taste of her and the feeling of her wet tongue playing with mine. As we kissed, my hand slipped down, and I felt the lacy edge of her panties. Stopping for a moment, I imagined her firm ass in the thin material. I am usually very content with her lounging about in just a shirt and panties, but right then I wanted more.


I slipped my fingers inside her panties, feeling her warm skin, and pulled them down on one side. She didn’t seem to mind and rolled onto her back so that I could finish pulling them down. I slid them along her smooth thighs, past her knees, and finally she helped by kicking them off. She snuggled back up next to me and our mouths met again. I wrapped my arm around her and rested my hand right above the her round, naked bottom. Nuzzling each other, we kissed and I looked into her eyes again. I could feel her soft breasts against my chest through her shirt.

“Why did you take my panties off?” She asked softly.

I thought for a moment.

“Because I want you exposed and open to me,” I explained, “Roll over on your other side.”

My wife rolled over, and I felt her naked ass push against my crotch. I put my arms around her and pulled her close.  Holding her with one hand, I let the other roam over her body. I traced my fingers down her arm, over her hip, and then grabbed her ass firmly. She began to move her hips rhythmically and I felt her rub the length of me gently. Cupping both of her breasts now, I began to squeeze and massage them at the same time. I felt their weight and let my finger tips gently glide across her shirt, feeling the delicate buds of her nipples through the shirt. Teasing the buds until they became hard little peaks, I saw her mouth open slightly and knew she was ready to be played with.

As I kept up my soft teasing, I felt her hand searching for the waistband of my boxers and finally slip down to rest beside my dick. I was expecting her to grab me right then, but she left her hand there, lazily stroking my inner thigh, and making sure she didn’t touch my growing hardness. My wife is a master at handling me, and I try to let her know that often. We stayed like this for a long time: my fingers softly outlining her nipples, and her hand stroking my thigh, barely grazing my balls. I began to feel my head buzz from the playing, and felt like I was dreaming.


When I write about my sexual adventures with my wife, I get incredible turned on.  So while we continued to tease each other, I moved close to her ear and whispered, “I’m going to write about this.”

She loves when I fantasize about her in general, so when she heard my intention to spend time recounting every detail, she became more excited, gyrating her hips against me and grabbing at the hands that slowly ravished her tits.

“I’m really excited…” she whispered breathily. I could tell she must be dripping wet by the look on her face.

I felt the tingling in my crotch turn to a coppery warmth when her delicate fingers finally grabbed my aching balls firmly, starting to caress them. She looked up at me with lust filled eyes, and reached down with her other hand. I saw her legs move under the comforter, and knew her hand was exploring her own warmth. She breathed out heavily, and I knew what to expect. She brought her hand back up and I looked hungrily at the slippery juice coating her finger.

“This is for you,” she said, offering me her finger, “but then I’m going to get some more for me to taste, if that’s alright,” she finished huskily.

“Of course,” I replied, pulling her hand to me and taking her finger into my mouth.

I sucked gently on her finger, savoring the light taste of her. Wanting more, I swirled my tongue across the tip of her finger, licking up every last drop. I moaned at the taste of my horny wife, and she looked at me with satisfaction filling her face; she loves how I lust over her.

I released her hand and she promptly dipped her hand under the blanket again. I knew she was going to repeat the same process: spreading her lips and pushing her finger deep into her pussy, coating it in her clear, creamy wetness. She pulled her hand back up impatiently, immediately slipping her finger it into her own mouth. She closed her eyes and I watched her, my cock aching, as she sucked her own cream from her finger, obviously enjoying the way she tasted.

“Do you like the way you taste?” I asked, kissing her innocently on the cheek, as her glistening finger withdrew from her mouth.

“Yes,” she replied.


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8 replies
  1. Conner M says:

    Well written story! Very romantic and erotic too! Looking forward to the continuation. Very sexy description of the Mrs. tasting her own pussy cream. Rachel does the same thing, An important part of our foreplay is giving each other little tastes of ourselves. She dips and serves to me and I return the favor with my pre-cum. Love it!

  2. Old Lover says:

    Delicious, sensuous foreplay! Brings back wonderful memories of my Anne doing the very same thing. It's been awhile. Perhaps it's time again to work it into our foreplay. Looking forward to your next installment of Slow Buring Foreplay!

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